Just Because I Felt Like It


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mountainshade1 plays the Goth family.

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Just Because I Felt Like It

  1. 1. Just because I felt like it!
  2. 2. Just because I felt like it I went in to the Goth household to play out the ”Cassandra gets left at the alter” senario. I am presently playing on my dad’s computer and I know he will remove all the sims2 files when I go back home so I have nothing to loose. So; will Don say ”Yes” or ”No”?
  3. 3. ” Uuhh Cassie, I don’t think the ring will fit me.”
  4. 4. ” Woah! No, I’m not ready for this, let go of me!”
  5. 5. ” But Don honey, you know how badly I want to get married and have babies.” ”That is the trouble Cass, I will never roll the want for a baby.”
  6. 6. One would have to have a heart of stone to not feel sorry for Cassandra here, and there must be many a simmer around who would love to zombiefy Don right now.
  7. 7. And so Cassandra heads for her aspirational failure while old Mortimmer aquires the bad memory.
  8. 8. Alexander: ”You’re a funny kind of person…”
  9. 9. ”… I think I want to be like you when I grow up.”
  10. 10. Don: ”I’d love to help you become like me when you grow up.” Alexander: *person-person plus-plus* Cassandra: *eats her own dress*
  11. 11. Don: ”First you have to start wearing pink dresses.” Mortimmer: *looks sad*
  12. 12. Alexander: ”Aww man, you’re crazy! No way am I going to wear pink dresses.”
  13. 13. Don: ”I don’t want hear you talking bad about my pink dresses, no I can’t hear you – lalalalallalalala la la la laa!!” Mortimmer: ”Now I am very glad you never became my son-in-law; you’re crazy!”
  14. 14. Don: ”No-no old man, that’s the crazy one.” Mortimmer: ”She is my daughter Don, and I love her.”
  15. 15. Mortimmer: ”By the way Don, did you know you have something on your jacket?” Cassandra: ”Thank you Mr. Profezzor, I feel much better now.”
  16. 16. Mortimmer: ”Hahaha! Got your nose!” Cassandra: ”I feel as good as new, ready to tackle life’s ups and downs.”
  17. 17. And then Cassandra went in to cheer herself up playing piano very badly as she hasn’t any creativity skill points yet.
  18. 18. I am definitly going to do something nice for Cassandra at some point, in my own game, she deserves to get a good life.
  19. 19. Mortimmer on the other hand, will get a girlfriend in his own age bracket, and here we see him giving a lucky lady a makeover to see if he can get some bolts for her.
  20. 20. I’m trying not to piddle myself with excitement.
  21. 21. Mortimmer: ”How do you like it darling?”
  22. 22. At this point my dad’s computer decided to throw an impressive graphical hissy fit. Superbly surreal if you ask me. The Goth house looks truly sinister now.
  23. 23. The whole neighbourhood was boxed in by this mad cordroy/Matrix mix.
  24. 24. And talking ”The Matrix”, have a look at this mean ghost that roams the Goth graveyard. Yeah – Mr. Smith, I presume? Much!
  25. 25. Finishing off this little silly slideshow with this picture of Boots the leader of the pack, being as un-scary as a wolf can be. Happy simming everyone.