Everest bse camp trek


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Everest bse camp trek

  1. 1. We are an independent ultimate outdoor adventure team, based in Nepal, who explore andexperience the unspoiled flora, fauna and landscapes of the towering Himalayas as well as thetreasures of myth and legend of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. Mountain Mart Treks offers asplendid alternative solution for adventure, fun, research, and eco tourism to these South Asiancountries. Let us guide you on the journey of a lifetime.Who owns Mountain Mart Treks (MMT)?MMT has been a leading trekking agency since 2009, led by two naturalist mountain leaders:Dolakh Thapa and Prem Panta. We are both Nepal Government registered trekking andmountaineering guides and have been leading eco mountain treks since 1991. Our two decadesof experience, plus client feedback and advice inspired us to establish MMT to affiliate outdooradventures together. Our webpage testimonial icon is evidence of our professionalism.Why select Mountain Mart Treks to be your travel partner?MMT is a Nepal-based local travel company specializing in nature, culture, adventure andresearch. Our management as well as all guides and other employees have hands on experienceon the in trekking, managing base camp services, climbing and mountaineering services, guiding,organizing and managing individual and group trekking and expeditions. Our more than twodecades of mountain experiences, whatever be your goal and whatever your condition, make ithappen. We assure our customers of a high quality services, ultimate satisfaction, security andsafety. We never stop exploring new unspoilt destinations and pioneering new routes.Honesty and simplicity are vital slogans of MMT. Our fully equipped and insured guides andSherpas will never tire to make your holiday one of your most memorable, remarkable andvaluable experiences.More than 20 years of route experiencesOur trekking team has more than 20 years route experiences in remote adventure, peak climbing,expeditions, culture and nature research, whatever your condition we will help you to achieveyour final goal. We believe in adventure beyond the fun. We are more specialized in unbeatenand unspoiled nature finder trekking operator.Guests firstWe have a genetic social culture print “Guest is God.” MMT’s management and trekking crewsoriginated from our rural regions so, culture and social custom forms our identification. Eachclient’s self-satisfaction is our business key and MMT’s approach to its international brand.Individual trip design and fixed departures We have extensive logistical experience in both individual and group tour operations. We makealways flexible trip departure as per client requirement and convenience to trekking, highadventure passes, climbing and mountaineering, cultural tours, white water rafting and manymore.True value for your holiday
  2. 2. Traveling is an investment and we assure the best value for your money. Our prices are alwayscompetitive and contain no hidden costs. “Integrity of Agreement” is one of our slogan(s) whichwill make your holiday most memorable and remarkable. We aim to build relationships fromguest to friend. Your satisfaction is our potential business; colleagues and relatives are futurecustomers. Rather just slogansComfort & safetySafety and trip comfort are priorities of the company inclusively to both clients and trekkingcrews. Our trekking leaders are pharmacy trained and have considerable knowledge on AMS(Acute Mountain Sickness) from different training workshops conducted by HRA (HimalayanRescue Association). We believe health is wealth: Guides and porters are fully insured andsufficient trekking gear is supplied by MMT. Emergency First Aid Kits are carried by trekleaders for health support for clients and trekking staff. We are constantly in communicationwith our trek leaders about weather issues which might influence trips. Team leaders alwayscarry a satellite phone and emergency rescues are available 24 hours a day.Stress Free TravelMMT and our tour leaders constantly share information with our clients. All meals,accommodation and transportation are smoothly arranged by the company. Clients can take iteasy sit back, relax, feel the holiday recreation and enjoy each moment as you wish to.Fixed prices without hidden costsOur prices are extremely competitive and our service will touch your feelings. We have a goodbusiness relationship with domestic and international airlines, hotels and resorts and are the soleagents for several treks and tours. We guarantee fair prices and top class unexpected Services.Weoffer a transparent travel service and no hidden costs will hit our clients during their trip.Flexible trips, group size and departuresMMT will organize treks for groups with specific interests and will adjust itineraries for groupswith age-specific requirements. Group sizes can range from a single trekker up to a maximum of10 people.Extensive range of travel serviceMMT offers a one stop travel solution and is proud to inform our valued clients that all types oftravel service, including international air bookings, visa services for India, Tibet, Bhutan, andChina are on offer. Apart from trekking, we are the sole agents for mountain climbingexpeditions, white water rafting, wildlife safaris, cultural tours, bird watching tours as well asbudget and group tours to Tibet and Bhutan.World class ServicesAll our guides are highly trained and qualified for trekking and mountaineering. Every guide hasbeen trained and obtained a license from Nepal Government. They are trained and skilled inmountain sickness (first Aid) treatment. They are also knowledgeable about local cultures andcustoms, flora and fauna which will add value and interest to your experience. Our professional
  3. 3. and experienced guides take care of the myriad trip details, to make sure everything runssmoothly and everyone has fun.Easy and flexible payment modesWe accept major credit cards such as Visa card1, MasterCard and American Express. Paymentcan be transferred from your bank directly to our account holder bank. Pay pal is another easymode of payment that can be accepted.Financial protectionWe are a fully bonded trek operator authorized by the Nepal Government, Tourism and CivilAviation Department, Nepal Tourism Board, Industry Department, Company RegistrationOffice, Nepal National Bank and the Taxation Office. We are also active members of severalprestigious regulating bodies.Details of Mountain Mart Trek registration and licenses issued by Government of Nepal for tripoperation: Nepal Ministry of Industry, Office of Company Register, Reg No: 78280/067/068 Nepal Ministry of Tourism, Department of Tourism, Reg No: 1376 Nepal Department of Small Cottage and Industries, Reg No: 11703/714 Nepal Ministry of Finance, Department of Tax, PAN No: 600255927 Central Bank Of Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank, Department of Foreign Currency Exchange, Authorization No: 1215/01/2068 Trekking agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) Nepal Mountaineering Association of Nepal (NMA)Staff careOur outdoor staffs are fully insured and well equipped. MMT offers attractive salary packages toguides, porters and other trekking staffs. We also pay sustainable salaries/wages during lowseason when no work is available. Our porters may carry a maximum mass of 30 kilograms.Responsible tourismWe sincerely practice for responsible tourism and work to minimize our impact on nature, localsocieties and cultures and be environmentally friendly. We actively promote eco tourism andrecently joined a clean-up campaign in the Makalu Region in association with the KathmanduEducation Environmental Project (KEEP).Walking and helpingWe believe in “give and take,” and are directly affiliated to social work reforms in remotevillages where we trek. We point your helping hands towards places where there is no education,health care (healthcare) or clean drinking water. We send 5% of our total profit from your treksto support your trekking region. You can inspect the progress of our charity work while on yourtrek.