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Occupational Identity and Satisfaction

Occupational Identity and Satisfaction

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  • 1. Occupational Identity and Satisfaction Component One: Practical Task
  • 2. I am a Being a student is my main occupation that I engage in. By studying, I will gain the skills necessary towards becoming an Occupational Therapist. Own Image
  • 3. I am a I have been snowboarding for a few years now. For me, it brings about a sense of ‘belonging’ through ‘doing’ and ‘being’. Own Image
  • 4. I am a This is an occupation I ‘do’ on a daily basis. Not only do I maintain my own living space, but also others too. It can be satisfying – when it is not my own mess. Image retrieved from:
  • 5. I am an I am a casual employee at Civic. I love movies and working at Civic gives me a sense of belonging. Image retrieved from:
  • 6. Own Image I am a I cook or bake as a form of relaxation. It is time in which I can clear my mind and experiment with new creations. This is an occupation that I find mostly satisfying, so long as I keep it from being repetitive.
  • 7. I am a Own Image Being a friend is important to me. My friends and I are always there for one another. It plays a big part in my identity.
  • 8. I am a This picture was taken in August of 2010 when I went to Samoa. Traveling is a big part of my occupational identity as it is something that I was raised to aim towards achieving. I am the first in my family to travel to Samoa. Own Image
  • 9. Own Image I am a Being raised in Auckland, beaches were of easy access to my family. In summer we would often to the beach each evening as it was only a ten minute drive. I still love going to the beach, even though it now takes a good hour or more.
  • 10. I am a Own Image Photography makes up part of my occupational identity. I enjoy taking photos and capturing a moment in time. It is a good way to meet new friends and explore new places.
  • 11. I am an Own Image Being an aunty is a big part of my life. My nephew means the world to me and every spare moment I get I visit him so we can play and have fun times.