Wisekey SA Corporate Presentation 2011, Wisekey Italy Srl


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WISeKey is a digital information security, authentication, and identity management company, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with regional subsidiaries around the world. Established in 1999, WISeKey offers advanced e-security solutions for public sector organizations, enterprises and consumers. More info on www.wisekey.com

Wisekey Italy will operate in Italy, San Marino and The City of Vatican State on behalf of the Holding Wisekey SA.

K-Team Consulting is shareholder of the newly formed Wisekey Italian Subsidiary.

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Wisekey SA Corporate Presentation 2011, Wisekey Italy Srl

  1. 1. WISeKey Corporate Overview 2010 - June 2011 Wherever security relies on identity, WISeKey has the solutions Protect your data Photo Credit: © Getty Images / JupiterimagesProtect your identity Protect your assets
  2. 2. Summary of contentsWISeKey S.A.2010 - June 2011 Corporate OverviewLetter from the Founder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3WISeKey Company Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Supporting Secure Growth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Increased Security Threats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 High-Profile Breaches of 2010 – 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6Corporate Milestones January 2010 – June 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7Company Business Units . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Online Trust Solutions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Cyber Security Infrastructure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Operations E-Security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Enterprise Mobile Security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Services And Consulting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Digital Brand Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Wiseauthentic – Authentication Of Objects . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Hublot Case Study . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Growing Market Potential . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Financial Times Business Of Luxury Summit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Mobile Security & Digital Identities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Wiseid – Securing Personal Identity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 The Right To Disappear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Wiseid Social Media™ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Clinton Global Initiative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23Company Structure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Management Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Board Of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Finance and Audit Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Strategy Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 1
  3. 3. 2 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  4. 4. Message from Carlos C. Moreira,Founder, CEO and Chairman, WISeKeyI am so pleased that WISeKey continues its evolution and is currently well positioned to become a majorplayer in the “Social Media and Mobility Revolution.” Social media is a powerful tool for business and rec-reation, but security is at the front of everyone’s mind. At WISeKey, we have an impeccable reputation fortaking personal data and social profile safety seriously; we offer powerful tools to protect and serve ourcustomers, making WISeKey a leading brand in this ecosystem.In 2008 we carefully considered how the world was shifting and where new opportunities would arise.While WISeKey today is fundamentally a different company, our present position is a steady progressionof the mindset, ambitions, and values that have guided WISeKey since its inception, 11 years ago. In 2011,WISeKey was recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of the top 25 Global Growth Companies.As such, 2010-11 marks a fitting conclusion to our first decade as a corporation, and a promising start toour second.Two years ago, we decided to introduce our digital identity road map that led to WISeKey’s positioning asan essential player on the emerging market of securing social media mobility. To my knowledge, no othercompany in our industry has gone through this transformation. The PKI sector has disappeared from Eu-rope; all PKI companies that started in 2000 either have been acquired or are gone. But we felt WISeKeyshould take a long-term view and we were confident about the future, because of the transformational stepswe were taking to reposition the company in this complex environment and sector.In the company overview that follows, we explain why the long-term thinking and management that WISeKeyhas practiced over the past decade have positioned the company strategically and commercially in an ad-vantageous place to approach the next five years and beyond. Let me close simply by expressing my prideand recognition of the WISeKey team for bringing us to this point. I trust that you share our excitementabout the future of an enterprise whose unique past is propelling us into an enormously promising future.Carlos MoreiraChairman and CEO© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 3
  5. 5. 4 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  6. 6. WISeKey Company OverviewWISeKey is a privately-owned company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with anumber of subsidiaries globally. As a leader in digital identification and authenticationtechnologies, the company mission is to transform the Internet into a reliable and fairtool for conducting secure, electronic transactions .WISeKey secures the digital lives of people by providing specialized and cutting-edge security technologiesfor personal data protection, effective identification and authentication of people and objects over physi-cal infrastructures, mobile networks, and the Internet, to ensure secure communications, interactions, andtransactions, without compromising trust and privacy.With more than a decade of leadership in information security and identity management, WISeKey’s solu-tions aim to: • Protect your organization with its Online Trust Solutions • Protect your products with its Digital Brand Protection • Protect yourself with its Mobile Security & Digital IdentitiesSupporting Secure GrowthSince its foundation in 1999, WISeKey has recognized the need to secure the web just as private networkswere protected before the Internet was part of everyday life and business. When the Web was inventedfrom the city of WISeKey’s global headquarters – at the laboratories of CERN in Geneva, Switzerland – itwas designed to support collaboration. Thus, security was not an objective. Security has become an increasing concern as the “…One of the risks of 2011 is actually the Web grew to be a vehicle, not just for the trans- Internet… An infrastructure which was not mission of information, but also for the collection designed to carry the burden it is carrying of data. In the second half of the last decade, a today… Something [intended to allow] us to major shift took place in which the Internet went transmit data… efficiently and quickly, but from being a “network of machines” to a “network security was not at all a thought at that time.” of people.” For better or for worse, information ex- ists and persists in cyberspace. WISeKey believes Carlos Moreira at the Global Competitiveness that processes and behavior need to catch up to Forum, January 24, 2011 the digital ecosystem, to create a safe, trusted en- vironment for the people, products, and organiza- tions that operate in it.WISeKey has spent more than a decade establishing a sound platform and technical infrastructure uponwhich the Company will continue to offer solutions to ensure that information is properly protected, transmit-ted safely, and that objects and identity are digitally authenticated.© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 5
  7. 7. Increased Security ThreatsPublic attention has been focused on cyber security, throughout 2010 and 2011, as a growing list of high-profile institutions confirmed the vulnerability of security practices through the revelation of network breach-es. A global deficiency of appropriate safety measures exits. Security experts and companies, includingWISeKey, are concerned about the threat to critical assets in financial institutions and to the PersonallyIdentifiable Information (PII) of individuals. WISeKey has been providing digital security, identity and access management, and encryption solutions to governments and enterprises world- wide for more than a decade. Many institutions, large and small, have weak security procedures. Even the most secure infrastructures can prove vulnerable to human error, such as an employee mistakenly revealing a password to a user whose identity was not properly authenticated. Consumers have received a stark education in the concept of identity theft, watching prominent “…[Hackers] have been proving with consumer brands fail to protect the personal data alarming regularity that the data we’ve with which they have been trusted. The gap be- entrusted to corporations and institutions tween a person and their digital identity leaves isn’t as safe as we’d like.” 1 millions vulnerable to dangers of identity theft and fraud. “There isn’t anything built into the architec- ture of the Web that can verify who you are,” says Carlos Moreira, WISeKey Founder and CEO.High-Profile Breaches of 2010 – 2011Since hackers targeted MasterCard in 2010, headlines have been peppered with announcements ofbreaches from leading consumer companies such as Sony and Google; technology specialists, such asthe security authority RSA, and a related attack at defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corp.It is the duty of every institution and company to take responsibility for the data they collect and transmit,particularly as the technology to secure data exists if deployed and maintained properly. WISeKey hasdeveloped solutions based on best-practices that the organization has gained from experience workingwith Swiss banks, where a person’s identity needs to be validated, while also protecting their anonymityand privacy.WISeKey has successfully deployed secured platforms that can validate identities while guaranteeing in-dividual privacy. Networks are about connecting people, and the experience should be authentic and real,enhancing the personal experience while also protecting people.1 Saporito, Bill. “Hack Attack.” Time. June 23, 2011. http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,2079423,00.html6 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  8. 8. “Hackers accessed Citigroup customer data.” CNet. June 8, 2011. Citigroup disclosed that hackers compromised the personal data of hundreds of thousands of customers with a breach of the bank’s network, which gave them access to customer names, account numbers, and contact information, including e-mail addresses. “PlayStation Hack to Cost Sony $171M.” PCMag.com. May 23, 2011. Sony disclosed in April that an “unauthorized person” carried out the attack against its servers, during which the usernames, passwords, credit card details, security answers, purchase history, and addresses of more than 100 million users are believed to have been stolen. There was a second attack against Sony Pictures database the same month. This time, an extremely unsophisticated breach revealed over a million customer passwords stored by Sony in plain text, not encrypted as is standard to add an extra level of protection. “RSA Blames Phishing Attack for March Security Breach.” PCMag.com. April 5, 2011. In March, security company RSA was the victim of “an extremely sophisticated cyber attack” creating vulnerability in their network security product used by millions of people. “WikiLeaks supporters attack MasterCard site.” CNet. December 8, 2010. “Gmail Also Nailed by Phishing Attacks, Google Says.” PCMag.com. Oct 6, 2009.Corporate Milestones January 2010 - June 2011January 2010WISeKey BrazilWISeKey and Brazilinvest Group, Inc. reached an agreement to launch the second phase of WISeKeyBrazil. The agreement includes an injection of capital by the Brazilian group Brasilinvest, setting up adistribution network in Latin America with potentially 22 subsidiaries to distribute WISeKey technology ina regional market with one billion potential customers. The company’s objectives driving this joint ventureare to increase WISeKey’s international positioning and expand the market potential for its digital securitysolutions and unique trust model. WISeKey Brazil will introduce the Swiss technology to be used in leadingBrazilian sectors such as alternative energies.WISeKey advises on Data Sovereignty at DavosWISeKey again attended the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. As a WEF Global Growth Company,WISeKey has developed solutions to state sovereignty and the challenges posed to it by technology. “Withdata being stored virtually anywhere in the world… expected sovereign rights over that data are frequentlylost” said Juan Avellan, Deputy CEO & VP Public Sector. WISeKey offers a comprehensive, combined ap-proach based on existing legal frameworks, with a very clear digital trust framework. The company uses anelegant solution integrated with laws, protocols, and institutional frameworks to provide governments withpractical and reliable long-term solutions.© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 7
  9. 9. February 2010WISeKey secures Alinghi defense of 33rdAmerica’s CupWISeKey was the sole provider of security soft-ware and services for Alinghi, and released astate-of-the-art digital security system to protectAlinghi’s operations and technology during theteam’s defense of the 33rd America’s Cup. The kitincluded WISeKey technologies for securing andhosting the team’s website, creating, and distribut-ing biometric-protected electronic tokens to secureAlinghi operational and sailing communicationson-site, and digital signature certificates for thesyndicate’s transactions and facilities. WISeKeyalso provided secure accreditation devices for allAlinghi facilities, including electronic identity cre-dentials and data storage security USB tokens.March 2010WISeKey discusses Cyber-Terrorism at the UN Human Rights CouncilWISeKey attended the UNHRC Session on Cyber-Terrorism and freedom of expression. The Companydemonstrated that computers can be used as weapons and the effort to improve computer security is driv-en by contradictory forces: the Internet needs to be open, its architecture decentralized, and software is es-sentially unsecured, which allows hackers and Cyber-Terrorists to find their way in. WISeKey demonstratedhow the company helps governments around the world secure their critical assets and infrastructures anddevelop solutions for the broader adoption of trusted Cloud applications.April 2010WISeKey RussiaWISeKey S.A. and I-Teco JSC signed the creation of a Joint-Venture (JV), WISeKey LLC. I-Teco JSC is aleading Russian systems integrator and supplier of information technologies for corporate and state cus-tomers, established in 1997 with a current turnover of about USD 400 million and about 1,000 employeesincluding 800 highly skilled IT-specialists. The JV will allow WISeKey Russia LLC to provide WISeKey solu-tions to the Russian banking and financial sectors as well as to the Ministry of Transportation. WISeKeyRussia will also start offering Secure Cloud Computing and security services from Russia with a localizedHigh Security datacenter in Moscow.8 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  10. 10. September 2010WISeKey and Hublot showcase Digital BrandProtection at the WEF Annual Meeting of NewChampions 2010 Tianjin, People’s Republic ofChinaWISeKey demonstrated the successful deploy-ment of its unique breakthrough anti-counterfeit-ing solution. Since January 2010, all Hublot BigBang, Classic Fusion and King Power watcheshave been protected by WISeAuthentic, an au-thenticity-certification system using WISeKeytechnology. WISeAuthentic is an example of thehighly proactive initiatives of Global Growth Com-panies to develop concrete solutions to importantissues facing society.WISeKey and Microsoft partner to provide Biscay citizens with online servicesAt the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York, WISeKey and Microsoft announced the suc-cessful partnership with the Biscay government to launch a next-generation Citizen Services Platform(CSP). The Biscay portal is customized across governmental departments, meeting the specific needsof the citizen and protecting their privacy. WISeKey maintains its ongoing commitment to make this tech-nology a reality for countries across the world by working with organizations such as the CGI, the WorldEconomic Forum Global Growth Companies community, the Association for International Mobility (AIM),and the OISTE Foundation.October 2010Successful launch of HublotistaHublotista is part of the WISeAuthentic system, a protected online club that allows owners to authenticatetheir watches. Hublotista.com is a private club exclusively reserved for owners of Hublot watches, whichguarantees their anonymity.WISeKey to help Malaga Valley promote Spanish among Internet usersWISeKey is joining the project to promote the use of Spanish on the Internet, in cooperation with membersfrom leading companies. WISeKey, in cooperation with MIT’s Sloan School of Management, shall provideTrusted Digital Identities and Secure Cloud Services to Spanish and Portuguese-speaking populations inLatin America and the U.S., creating the first ever language-based ID ecosystem on the net.© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 9
  11. 11. November 2010WISeKey introduces its Social Media platform to help monetize brandsIntroduced during the Monaco Media Forum, WISeKey announced its strategy to partner with media com-panies in building global advertising networks by connecting brands, ads, and digital IDs. WISeKey SocialMedia allows media companies to transform advertising from mass messaging into personalized targetedmessages to every person who turns on a computer, cell phone, and eventually, a television.January 2011WISeKey promotes Digital Security at the Glob-al Competitiveness ForumAt the 5th Global Competitiveness Forum in Ri-yadh, WISeKey underlined the importance of pro-viding digital security for web users around theworld. Participating in the Global Risks 2011 PanelSession, WISeKey CEO Carlos Moreira discussedthe recovery of the global economy and the chal-lenges and risks that remain. In line with the wordsof fellow panel member and former British PrimeMinister Tony Blair, one of the main challenges ofthe future is the question of security in the modernworld. How data is secured and how the identity ofeach individual interacting online is protected is atthe top of WISeKey’s list of priorities. April 2011 Carlos Moreira on CNBC Simon Hobbs spoke with WISeKey CEO Carlos Moreira about protecting personal data. On the subject of “the right to disappear,” Mr. Moreira dis- cussed WISeKey’s encryption technology which offers governments, companies, and individuals services that protect data, communication, and authenticate identities, in particular the WISeID Personal Data Protector, an iPhone app that pro- tects your Personal Identifiable Information (PII).10 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  12. 12. May 2011WISeKey Invited to e-G8 Forum in Paris to pro-mote “the right to disappear”WISeKey was in Paris at the e-G8 Forum at whichFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy focused onthe critical importance of the digital ecosystem toglobal economic growth. By invitation of Mr. Sar-kozy, WISeKey promoted “the right to disappear”initiative and WISeID Personal Data Protector.WISeKey’s digital security and authentication ex-pertise mandates that the Geneva-based firm playa role establishing universal protocols for digitalidentity management.June 2011WISeAuthentic showcased at the FT Business of Luxury SummitWISeKey invited the luxury world to employ WISeAuthentic technology to defend luxury brands in thefight against counterfeits. Leaders from some of the most important luxury timepiece and fashion houseswere given the opportunity to see demonstrations of the powerful brand protection technology. Additionally,Carlos Moreira represented the company as part of a panel discussion “On the Counterfeiting Battlefield.”© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 11
  13. 13. Company Business UnitsOnline Trust SolutionsWISeKey’s Online Trust Solutions (OTS) business unit focuses on technologies which provide securityfor computer-based infrastructures, software applications, mobile phone security, industry-focused solu-tions across these media, and cyber security services and consulting. During fiscal year 2010, the teamcontinued to grow the business with new customers while maintaining services to those customers gainedin prior years. Additionally, toward the end of the fiscal year, the business launched a new solution calledWISePhone and completed the 2012 strategy focused on selling products through Microsoft Corporation.Online Trust Solutions business unit focuses on four distinct product areas: • Trusted Root Signing • Secure Dematerialization • Electronic Identity Infrastructures • Data Leakage Protection • Online Site Security & Certification • Key Management • Installation & • WISePhone+ Maintenance • WISeID Enterprise • Security Policies & • WISeSMS Enterprise Audit • eVault • Identity Framework Policies • Cloud Computing Data Sovereignty & SecurityThe products and services are based on the OISTE Trust Model.12 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  14. 14. Cyber Security InfrastructureCyber security infrastructure solutions are products and services that enable trust to be established usingdigital media. WISeKey uses a wide variety of technologies and services built on the WISeKey/OISTETrust Model, with solutions serving both the private and public sectors.These products consist of: • digital identities and e-ID infrastructures • secure hosting • electronic invoicing • secure email and digital signature services • time-stamping services • root signing services • access control and identity management • legal digital archival capabilities • data encryptionGenerally, these offerings provide customers with the capability to improve security through PKI and Iden-tity Management solutions for a variety of customer problems. WISeKey can implement the solutions in-house at the customer’s facilities or as a managed service.Operations E-SecuritySolutions in this area include “Secure Dematerialization” – or paper reduction technology – and “DataLeakage Protection.” The former allows customers to reduce costs and improve efficiency by enablingthem to: • digitize their former paper workload and archives • deliver e-notarized or legal chain-of-custody secure documents • create certified documents and transmit and store them securelyThe latter focuses on helping customers reduce the threat from either inadvertent or intentional transmis-sion, copying, or removal of sensitive documents and other digital files from within their information infra-structures.© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 13
  15. 15. Enterprise Mobile SecurityWISeKey has taken a bold step to secure enter-prises with a realistic approach to staff memberuse of computers, mobile devices, and social net-works. Rather that force the practice of unrealisticsecurity policies and technologies, WISeKey Mo-bile Security helps ensure the security of informa-tion and correspondence over a mobile network.WISePhone Secure Phone offers encrypted voicecommunication anywhere in the world. WISeSMSiPhone and Android apps can deliver and receiveencrypted text messages not limited to messag-ing, but it can be used in any communications ser-vice, including email or chat, Twitter or Facebook.WISeID Enterprise solutions allow customers tosecure sensitive data across their mobile networksand E-Vault provides secure data management onmobile phones.WISePhoneWISePhone leverages WISeKey’s pedigree in the digital security and encryption space by taking militarygrade encryption and applying it to a voice based solution that works on mobile devices, laptops, and desk-top phones. WISePhone allows members of a community or closed group to communicate with each otherin a fully secure way, giving them peace of mind that their conversation is safe from prying ears. Even if theconversation is recorded – if one does not have the encryption keys used to secure the call – all one wouldhear is garbled noise.WISePhone is sold as either a fully hosted solution or as an enterprise offering in which the servers usedreside within the corporate network. The hosted service is attractive to customers such as high net-worthindividuals who wish to communicate with their advisors in a secure manner, or to a group of people work-ing on a confidential project in which secrecy is of the utmost importance.Services and ConsultingOur service and consulting capabilities include systems installation and maintenance required for deliveryof the OTS products mentioned above; assistance to customers in establishing cyber security policies andaudit methodologies; policy development supporting identity management; and new focus areas going intoFY 2012 – security for cloud computing and the concept of data sovereignty – the ability to host and securecustomer data in Swiss-based data centers for cloud computing solutions.14 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  16. 16. Microsoft Sell-Through ModelDespite the economic downturn and impact on some national government spending, the Public Sectormarket continues to see double-digit growth in Information Technology (IT) in many parts of the world. In-dustry powerhouse Microsoft gained almost USD 1 billion in revenue in the Public Sector market this lastfiscal year. Highly visible cyber-attacks impacting government institutions and other organizations continueto drive focus onto security concerns by their customers.Many networks continue to use the simple User-named passwords to access their networks even thoughmost security experts agree that this form of protection has too much vulnerability. The lack of two-factor orbetter authentication, digital signing of emails, and documents, and encryption of sensitive communicationsleaves these customers exposed to data exfiltration and service interruptions, as well as viruses, worms,botnets and other maladies. WISeKey security technologies provide solutions to improve cyber securityacross government agencies, defense, justice, healthcare and other Public Sector markets. As a resultof this opportunity, WISeKey launched a new focus on Public Sector and is building a team for sales andmarketing in FY 2012.Public Sector is generally categorized into four main markets: Government, Health, Education and PublicSafety and National Security (PS&NS). The latter includes customers such as military, intelligence, home-land security, justice, and police/fire organizations. As part of WISeKey’s strategy to place a big bet onPublic Sector in FY12, the company hired the Microsoft GM responsible for the USD 1.5 billion PS&NSbusiness in April 2011 to lead this new effort as part of the OTS business unit. At the core, Government andPS&NS operations are increasingly wedded to Information Technology to accomplish their work and, asa result, are increasingly vulnerable to the same, if not more, attempts by hackers, nation states, and oth-ers to steal, alter, or destroy their information and intercept their communications. WISeKey OTS securitysolutions are needed across this entire market, based on the continuous deployment of new InformationTechnologies and the simultaneous and increasing cyber threat to these very systems.The WISeKey Public Sector strategy is focused on a “Sell-Through Partners” sales channel to achieve rap-id growth. Toward this end, WISeKey is focused initially on strategic engagement with Microsoft to sell theWISeKey value proposition to the 2000+ Microsoft Public Sector sales force. Additionally, where WISeKeyhas sold specific solutions for Public Sector problems, such as E-Justice support to the International Crimi-nal Court, Citizen Services Platform to Biscay TIK, or E-Voting solutions to Geneva, the company looks toreplicate these solutions with Microsoft partner companies who focus on these individual markets.OTS CustomersWISeKey OTS maintained sales for 20 customers around the world and added 13 new customers duringthe reporting period.Retained Customers: International Criminal Court, IHTM, IKEA, NAVIXIA, Pictet et Cie, Zytrust, IATA, PeruSecure Net, TCS, National Bank of Kuwait, DFI Services SA, Secure Data Security Pty, Microsoft Jordan,DITC Seychelles, Total Oil Trading, ZEK, Banque Gonet, JTI, and Banque Depôt de Gestion.New Customers: Novartis, Realisator, CERN, Balzane Services, Origen en Comunicación, Dynamic Secu-rity Est, Erdinada, Anthos Amsterdam, Performance System Software, Faisal Private Bank, Multi ServiceSA, Afschrift Lawyers, and Ademus.© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 15
  17. 17. Digital Brand ManagementWISeKey’s Digital Brand Management technolo-gies provide authentication and real-time trace-ability of products throughout their life cycle.WISeAuthentic is the anti-counterfeiting andsales monitoring system that revolutionized thewatch industry when it launched with Hublot in2009, equipping 450 global boutiques and theentire Hublot collection with the solution. Just asWISeKey was closing its fiscal period in June2011, Dior Watches launched its new D8 modelwith WISeAuthentic. The digital solution has beendeployed in more than 900 boutiques around theworld.The Digital Brand Management team continues tolearn from its customers and address their needs.Strong partnerships and a constant feedback loophave allowed the solution to evolve into a com-plete sales monitoring and direct marketing tooland a source of critical business intelligence.The industry of luxury watches has taken notice of the solution, and WISeAuthentic is coming to be seenas a benchmark solution to accompany fine timepieces, in both large groups and exclusive manufacturers.WISeAuthentic has been endorsed by the President of the “Fédération Horlogère Suisse” as a best prac-tice application for an anti-counterfeiting global strategy.The Digital Brand Management team is currently having discussions with several luxury companies regard-ing the deployment of WISeAuthentic for their brands.16 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  18. 18. WISeAuthentic – Authentication of ObjectsWISeAuthentic is based on proven public key infrastructure (PKI) technology – used in the banking indus-try and national defense agencies for over 20 years – that creates an electronic certificate containing theproduct’s identity code. The electronic identity is stored securely on a Smartcard. Retailers and customersuse the Smartcard to authenticate the product instantly. The solution is impossible to replicate and comesat a fraction of the cost of sales lost due to counterfeits.WISeAuthentic offers unmatched value, assuring the end-customer of the authenticity of their purchaseand providing businesses with product sales monitoring and life cycle information.A bespoke solution that can be tailored to support individual business needs, WISeAuthentic provides awealth of benefits to enhance any brand:The Anti-Counterfeiting SolutionThe WISeAuthentic system is particularly well suited to support the needs of luxury goods manufacturerswho are constantly fighting against forgeries. WISeAuthentic offers a digital certificate of authenticity forluxury or other valuable items, which acts as a passport to identify the product, to protect them againstcounterfeiting. It is based on the principle of the traditional paper-based certificate, but instead of usinga forgeable piece of paper, a non-duplicable digital certificate is stored on a cryptographic smart chipembedded into a branded Smartcard. This allows manufacturers or resellers of luxury goods to prove theauthenticity of the items to their customers, and of course, for the customers to prove it to authorities andthird parties, even over the Internet.© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 17
  19. 19. Online Sales MonitoringWith WISeAuthentic, when an item is sold, its warranty is activated online using the shop’s official resellerSmartCard and reader. The manufacturer automatically receives online information stating which shopsold an item and when. The manufacturer can therefore ensure they receive accurate sales informationthat can then be used for analyzing the impact of marketing activities and estimating the stock of resellers.WISeAuthentic easily integrates with existing business intelligence systems for deeper sales analysis. Thisprovides a valuable tool for greater visibility and control of gray markets.Forging a lifelong bond with your consumerWISeAuthentic provides the manufacturer with a direct link to the end consumer through an online registra-tion system. Owners of a WISeAuthentic-certified item may access an owner’s VIP club online, allowingthe vendor to provide them with innovative value-added services using direct marketing facilities. Accessis reserved for owners of certified objects, as the Smartcard is used to log in to this optional service. Hublot Case Study WISeKey installed the WISeAuthentic solution in the manufacturing and after-sales departments of Hublot beginning in 2009 and the platform continues to be a welcomed enrichment to the reseller network in the over 450 boutiques around the world. Hublot’s management is very pleased with the WISeAuthen- tic deployment, since it also offers sales monitoring in real-time and gives the opportunity to carry out direct marketing activities, especially through the de- velopment of the exclusive Hublotista Internet com- munity. In October 2010, Hublot launched Hublotista, a pro- tected, private club reserved exclusively for Hublot watch owners using WISeAuthentic. “Hublotista. com” offers an extensive range of services and privi-leged access to the brand. Linked to the watch’s international warranty system activated when it is pur-chased, Hublotista.com guarantees a customer’s anonymity, as they are not required to provide any identi-fication to participate in discussions. Hublot benefits by participating in the space with their VIP customers,sharing exclusive information, details of new features, invitations, exchanges of information and advice,and privileged access to all aspects of the brand and its activities throughout the world. “The option of linking this system protecting our customers with a platform dedicated to them was an obvious step. Discussing, learning to better understand them and ourselves… their relationship with the watchmaking world, aesthetics, technology and tradition, their expectations… to be better able to astound them, this club is our very own space, creating a direct and transparent relationship between Hublot and our end customers and, I hope, a link encouraging genuine friendship and trust.” Jean-Claude Biver, CEO Hublot, discussing Hublotista18 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  20. 20. Growing Market PotentialThe newest figures suggest that counterfeiting is Financial Value of Black Markets3responsible for 5 to 7% of world trade, at a cost of 2USD 400 billion for the brands. A digital solution Market Value in USDis the obvious choice considering that the Internet Counterfeit Drugs 200 Billionhas become the biggest platform for the sale of Counterfeit Electronics 100 Billioncounterfeit goods. WISeAuthentic is the only so- Prescription Drugs 72.5 Billionlution capable of certifying a product’s authentic-ity online, and can be used to strongly verify the Software Piracy 58.8 Billionauthenticity of second-hand items traded over the Counterfeit Auto Parts 45 Billionweb. Counterfeit Toys 34 BillionWISeKey continues research and development Counterfeit Clothing 12 Billionof innovative technologies, and the Digital Brand Counterfeit Shoes 12 BillionManagement business unit is close to launching Counterfeit Sporting Goods 6.5 Billionnew solutions in both branded social platforms for Counterfeit Cosmetics 3.0 BillionWISeAuthentic VIP smartcard-based communi-ties and Near Field Communication (NFC) tech- Metals and Minerals Smuggling 2.3 Billionnology expanding the verification to mobile pe- Counterfeit Aircraft Parts 2 Billionripherals. The former is expected to be launched Counterfeit Weapons 1.8 Billionwith Hublot as a major enhancement in early Counterfeit Watches 1 Billion2012, and then expanded to Dior. Fake Diplomas and Degrees 1 BillionDigital Brand Management is exploring the mar- Book Piracy 600 Millionket trend of NFC technology, which shall expand Counterfeit Purses 70 Millionpossible solution implementation options beyondSmartcards; the company’s work here is being Counterfeit Batteries 23 Milliondesigned to address wine, luxury accessories,and car parts markets with an end-to-end proposal.Early on, Digital Brand Management defined the luxury industry as its primary objective and in particularwatch manufacturers due to market potential and the proximity, as the key players are located in Switzer-land. There are more than 40 million fake Swiss watches made each year compared to 26 million genuinewatches, and the damage to the Swiss watch industry on a global basis is estimated at between CHF 800million and CHF 1 billion.Now, although the luxury industry remains Digital Brand Management’s primary objective, it is also target-ing new high growth markets with scalable digital solutions for several luxury and non-luxury clients. Manyindustries are affected by this problem.The drug industry, for instance, is keen on finding an effectual anti-counterfeiting solution. The EuropeanAlliance for Access to Safe Medicines suggests that over 60 per cent of prescription medicines sold overthe Internet are fake, and the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 10 to 30 per cent of themedicines on sale in the developing world could be fake. The proportion is probably higher in some partsof Africa, Asia and Latin America. Action needs to be taken to address this problem, and WISeAuthentic isoffering solutions.2 “Real/Fake: You Have the Choice!” Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie. http://www.hautehorlogerie.org/en/fondation/fight-against-counterfeiting/anti-counterfeiting-campaigns/2011-you-have-choice/realfake-you-have-choice/3 “Havocscope Black Market Rankings.” Havocscope black markets online database of black market activities. http://www.havoc-scope.com/products/ranking/© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 19
  21. 21. Financial Times Business of Luxury SummitWISeKey participated in the FT Luxury Summit inJune 2011, held in Lausanne, Switzerland, wherethe company was able to feature its innovativetechnology defending luxury brands in the fightagainst counterfeits. Carlos Moreno, VP, Digi-tal Brand Management presented the solution tosummit attendees, the leadership of the most im-portant companies in the luxury industry. Writingabout the summit for the Financial Times, HaigSimonian references WISeKey’s contribution tothe battle against counterfeiting by use of technol-ogy that creates a digital system of identification to 4distinguish fakes from originals.” WISeKey CEOCarlos Moreira also participated in a discussion onthe issue as part of the panel “On the Counterfeit-ing Battlefield.”Mobile Security & Digital IdentitiesWISeID – Securing Personal IdentityWISeID, part of WISeKey’s Mobile Security Suite, provides trusted digitalidentities for the individual. WISeKey’s WISeID provides a convenient en-crypted place to store usernames, passwords, PINs, credit cards, loyaltycards, notes and other information. The military-grade encryption used inthe application means that the owner is the only person who can access theinformation in WISeID, so data is safe even if the device is lost or stolen.WISeID offers secured storage to protect personally identifiable information(PII), which can be used to identify, contact, locate or trace a person, or evento commit identity theft. The personal data collected by WISeID always staysorganized under your control, to be shared only as you choose.In 2010, the application was first launched on Apple’s iOS platform for iPhones and iPod Touch. In 2011,WISeID debuted on the Android Market, and subsequently became available for BlackBerry customers. WISeID reached: “Attackers exploit the profile information available on social networking sites to mount • #1 iPhone App in Utilities targeted attacks. For example, by finding • #42 in Top Apps other members of the victim’s social network in the App Store, 26 January, 2011 who also work for the same organization, the attacker can spoof a message from that 5 person to lend an air of additional credibility.”4 Simonian, Haig. “Counterfeiting: Silence of the brands hides fight against fakes.” Financial Times. June 6, 2011. http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/89366414-8dad-11e0-a0c4-00144feab49a.html#axzz1d6lTUVH25 “Symantec Internet Security Threat Report: Trends for 2010.” Symantec Corporation. Volume 16. April 2011.20 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  22. 22. The Right to DisappearWISeKey is concerned about the proliferation of an individual’s PII because the very nature of this informa-tion allows a person to be tracked. WISeKey developed WISeID not only to provide strong identity man-agement, but also to offer secure storage to protect your sensitive information. The combination of a digitalidentity and encryption allows WISeID to help manage personal information, and to help control it.The question of personal information protection goes deep into the business models of many Internet-based companies who declare ownership of the data posted in their network, even if that data might be apersonal family photo that was being shared. Many of these companies also refuse to allow participants topermanently remove their personal data from the network. Therefore, if the family members decide theirphoto to be more personal, they may never have that option to change their mind and remove the photofrom the Internet.Advocates for allowing people to remove their profiles from any network platform refer to this as “the rightto disappear.” In January 2011, Carlos Moreira was interviewed for a feature in Swiss Style Magazine inwhich he discussed WISeKey’s strong position on consumer data protection. WISeKey believes individualsshould control their own PII.WISeID’s encryption technology may be the stron- “…how do we know what happens to ourgest protection the individual has to protect their personal data when we book and boardPII in cyberspace. When encrypted, the ques- a plane, open a bank account, make ation of who owns the information that exists and payment, make an IP call or share photospersists on the Internet will go away, because online? How is this data used and byownership clearly resides with whoever holds the whom? How do we permanently delete theencryption key. Soon, with your PII stored safely PII (Personal Identifiable Information) onin WISeID, a smart card, or mobile device, you social networking websites? Can we evenwill be able to choose which details you want to transfer our contacts and photos to anotherdistribute, where, and to whom; you remain the 6 service?”owner of your information.The next step will be to develop the “Delete” button that will allow participants on the web to actually removedetails about themselves that they no longer wish to be on the Internet where posts can live into perpetu-ity. “If your data is associated with your PII, and if your identity is encrypted, the data can be activated ordeactivated the moment your identity wishes and without any need for a decision from anybody else,” Mr.Moreira was quoted in the Swiss Style article.In April 2011, Mr. Moreira was featured on CNBC, speaking to Simon Hobbs about protecting personaldata. Mr. Moreira explained the fundamentals of WISeKey’s technology that could support “the right todisappear.” That was followed in May 2011 by an invitation to attend the e-G8 Forum in Paris, in order todiscuss “the right to disappear” initiative, as it has become widely recognized that WISeKey’s digital secu-rity and authentication expertise mandates that the Company have a role in establishing universal protocolsfor digital identity management.Carlos Moreira emphatically puts it, “The concept of WISeID is that a person has a natural right to beanonymous, and technology designers must take this right into consideration.”6 “The right to disappear.” Swiss Style Magazine. Ita McCobb. January 27, 2011.© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 21
  23. 23. WISeID Social MediaWISeKey is partnering with media companies to build global network ecosystems in the intersection be-tween brands, ads, and digital IDs. Under the umbrella WISeID Social Media, WISeKey connects thestrong identification of WISeID with passionate fans who want more from prestigious brands, along witha safer online experience. WISeID Social Media allows brands to become part of how people interact onmobile devices. In 2011, WISeKey ushered in the first partnerships following this strategy. SwissStyle Magazine At the 2011 Annual Meeting of the WEF in Davos, WISeKey and SwissStyle launched the WISeID- SwissStyle Magazine iPad application, a revolu- tionary means of broadcasting content and more in electronic format. This iPad app can be used by high-scale events that wish to offer WISeID per- sonal data protection, to broadcast content, and make event-related applications available for par- ticipants.The iPad app was released in conjunction with the Swiss Style World Economic Forum Davos 2011 SpecialIssue. Conceived by WISeKey, this interface not only allows participants to access the content, includingaudiovisual and traditional advertising found within the printed version of the magazine, it also integratesWISeID core credentials management functionalities, and includes exclusive features such as a uniqueidentification interface as well as a cryptographic signature program that allows participants at the WEF tosend signed, authenticated emails. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World WISeKey collaborated with Dimension Films and Troublemaker Studios to develop a mobile app for the Spy Kids 4 motion picture, to be released on iTunes with the launch of the movie in August 2011. “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World” is the fourth installment of the action series by acclaimed filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. The film features unique interactivity through the use of aromascope cards to experience smells during the movie. The inventive film franchise was an obvious fit for WISeKey, as the company is always exploring ways to reach new audiences and striving to of- fer a compelling brand experience.FC Real MadridEarly in 2011, WISeKey negotiated an exclusive agreement with FC Real Madrid for the exclusive distri-bution of the club’s mobile content in China for the coming 2011/2012 season. Under the deal WISeKeyand our Chinese partners will be responsible for distributing and marketing Real Madrid’s mobile content,covering China and the extended network of Chinese Real Madrid fans.“WISeKey will help Real Madrid generate extra revenue by distributing official mobile content in China,creating a mobile community of Real Madrid fans who choose to receive Real Madrid’s exclusive mobilecontent using WISeKey’s world-leading eSecurity technologies” said Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEOWISeKey.22 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  24. 24. With more than 100 million fans, China is the biggest market for the Real Madrid brand. With no existingofficial distribution channels in China, WISeKey’s WISeID technology will serve as the main access point toReal Madrid from this community.Clinton Global InitiativeIn September 2010, WISeKey extended its 2007 commitment with the Clinton Global Initiative to bringMobile Banking to millions of people. WISeKey pledged to provide identity management and the necessarytransaction platform to enable a new approach of remittances and micro-credit initiatives. This platform willenable anyone with a mobile phone to carry out transactions, even if they don’t have a bank account.“It is estimated that only 1 billion people out of the world’s nearly five billion mobile device users have bankaccounts, but people need a way of sending money to peers,” said Carlos Moreira, CEO of WISeKey. “Inaddition to the ‘unbanked’, there are the ‘underbanked’—those who have inaccessible bank accounts, asbranches and ATMs are rare in many emerging economies.”Using the WISeID secure identity platform, WISeKey can offer financial institutions, mobile operators, e-commerce and catalog retailers to provide customers with universally trusted services through the mostcommon and secure channels. WISeKey, together with the OISTE Foundation, has committed “to re- duce the gap between the new Digital Identifi- cation Divide in less de- veloped countries and emerging economies by creating the infra- structure that will make a de-facto global digital identity community of 1 billion digital identity us- ers while providing eq- uitable and meaningful access to digital informa- tion technology,” includ- ing trusted services on the cloud.The design of WISeID is in accordance with the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace,which urges development of a high-level framework, and eventually, an interoperable “environment” foridentification, authentication, and authorization during the course of online transactions. The White Househas termed this environment the Identity Ecosystem. “I am delighted that we can support the growth of theIdentity Ecosystem and reduce the new Digital Identification Divide through our involvement with the Clin-ton Initiative,” said Carlos Moreira.Throughout 2010 and 2011, WISeKey has continued to work towards achieving its commitment by 2015.© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 23
  25. 25. Company StructureManagement TeamWISeKey is led by a strong management team with deep knowledge and experience in digital security, theability to deploy solutions globally on an enterprise-scale, as well as with extended relationships in industry,international governmental, non-governmental, academic institutions, and local governmental bodies. Carlos Moreira, Founder, Chairman & CEO Mr. Moreira founded WISeKey SA in 1999, after 15 years of experience working for the United Nations and other agencies – including the European Free Trade Association, International Labor Office, International Trade Center, UNCTAD, ITC/WTO, World Bank, UNDP, and ESCAP – as an expert in IT, eSecurity, and Telecommunications. His work, based mainly in Geneva, Switzerland, involved security and consultation on new tech- nologies. Dourgam Kummer, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer Mr. Kummer became Member of the Board of Directors in 2003 and joined WISeKey SA in 2005 as CFO. Mr. Kummer held several leading positions in corporate finance in inter- national companies and financial institutions. He has managed the financial department of WISeKey S.A. since March 2005, as well as the company reorganization. Juan Avellan, Deputy CEO & VP Public Sector A specialist in the law of electronic signatures, Mr. Avellan joined WISeKey in 2000 as Head Legal Counsel. Mr. Avellan is involved in the company’s business operations across the globe, including its strategy, corporate affairs, and go-to-market operations. He has played a crucial role in the company’s contribution to the identity and access infrastruc- ture market, in both the private and public sectors. Kevin Blackman, Chief Technology Officer & VP Product Management, Solutions & Services Mr. Blackman leads WISeKey technology research and development activities, since 2000. As CTO he is focused on leading the group that researches, develops and designs next-generation hardware and software technologies for delivering leading platforms and products to customers worldwide.24 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  26. 26. Timothy D . Bloechl, Senior Vice President, Global Public Sector Mr. Bloechl serves as WISeKey’s senior executive, chief strategist, business owner, and spokesperson for Public Sector markets and initiatives operating from the Geneva, Swit- zerland corporate headquarters. Joining WISeKey in 2011, he has developed a strong Public Sector strategy for execution in 2012. Philippe Collot, VP, Head of Group Corporate Finance Mr. Collot joined WISeKey in 2010 to lead the Corporate Finance activities to strength- en WISeKey’s capital base with institutional and strategic investors and to manage WISeKey’s financial relationships. Mr. Collot has 29-years of wide-ranging international, senior management experience in capital markets and asset management businesses. Carlos Moreno, VP, Digital Brand Management Mr. Moreno has more than 18 years experience in Sales Engineering and Management and Business Development for strategic projects in finance and industry. Since joining WISeKey in 2006, Mr. Moreno has developed strong commercial relationships with stra- tegic customers, and implemented some of WISeKey’s most successful go-to-market strategies. Gary Shainberg, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer Mr. Shainberg joined WISeKey in 2011 to take on the challenge of the newly established role of Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, intended to lead the eSecurity company into new global markets. Mr. Shainberg joins WISeKey after serving as Vice President, Global Technology & Innovation Support at BT. Peter Ward, Group Finance Director Mr. Ward joined WISeKey SA in 2008. Mr. Ward is a Chartered Management Accoun- tant with significant international experience in the IT, FMCG, Retail/Distribution, Medical Equipment and Plastics industries, having worked in companies such as ITT, General Electric and Iomega, both in Field & H.Q. locations.© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 25
  27. 27. Board of Directors Carlos Moreira (Swiss), Founder, Chairman of the Board Mr. Moreira founded WISeKey SA in 1999, after 15 years of experience working for the United Nations and other agencies – including the European Free Trade Association, International Labor Office, International Trade Center, UNCTAD, ITC/WTO, World Bank, UNDP, and ESCAP – as an expert in IT, eSecurity, and Telecommunications. His work, based mainly in Geneva, Switzerland, involved security and consultation on new tech- nologies. Philippe Doubre (Swiss), Vice President of the Board of Directors Mr. Doubre has held the position of President and Secretary General of the World Trade Center Geneva since 1979. Prior to this position, Mr. Doubre held several senior posi- tions in the banking and finance industry, including Vice President and General Cashier of American Express Paris, and General Manager Overseas Development Bank. Mr. Doubre has extensive experience and expertise servicing international trade and policy development to facilitate international trade. Dourgam Kummer (Swiss) Mr. Kummer became Member of the Board of Directors in 2003 and joined WISeKey SA in 2005 as CFO. Mr. Kummer held several leading positions in corporate finance in inter- national companies and financial institutions. He has managed the financial department of WISeKey S.A. since March 2005, as well as the company reorganization. Christopher Wise (British) Mr. Wise is President of the Sevene Group of which his own family holding company, focused on high technology and health projects, is the major shareholder. After 8 years with Burberry in New York and Paris, he was elected as a member to the Board of Direc- tors and Director Burberry Boutiques, Paris. He was also Managing Director of Rémy Cointreau subsidiaries in Europe (Spain, Austria, Eastern Europe, Switzerland, and Italy) for 7 years before his 3 year nomination in 1997 as a director of the Rémy Cointreau S.A.26 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  28. 28. Daniel Ybarra (Swiss) Mr. Ybarra has been a crucial member of the WISeKey team since 2000 when he took on the responsibility of all corporate communications, brand marketing, and press relations. He has brought WISeKey national and global recognition, maintaining the corporate re- lationship with such high-profile organizations as the ITU, WEF, and the Monaco Media Forum to name only a few. Prior to WISeKey, Mr. Ybarra worked at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Juan Hernandez Zayas (Spanish) Mr. Hernández Zayas is a former Executive of PriceWaterhouseCoopers Bilbao where he spent 7 years in corporate finance, mergers and take¬overs. In 1995 he moved to the Eguizabal-Paternina Group, one of Spain’s leading wine producers, as Director of Affili- ates, responsible for national and international expansion and coordinating the Group’s IPO in 1998. In 2001, Mr. Hernández Zayas was appointed CEO of the Cosimet-Velasco Group, playing a major part in the Company’s diversification strategy. Maryla Shingler, Member of the Board Born in Poland, Ms Shingler moved to England where she qualified as an English Solici- tor. She worked for a number of well established law firms in London, including Linklaters, Beachcrofts and Charles Russell where she specialised in private client tax planning and trusts. She continued her career by focusing on off shore tax planning for international high-net worth clients and worked for 3 years as an in-house Legal Counsel for Rath- bones plc in London before relocating to head their Legal Department in Geneva for 2 years. She moved on to become a director of a small private trust company before decid- ing to utilise her international legal skills, expertise and contacts to establish the Argentum Group SA of which company she continues to be the Founder and Managing Director. Maryla is a full Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and holds a current English Solicitor Practising Certificate. Thomas J . Egger, Member of the Board Mr. Egger has worked with UBS since 1976, of that time 16 years was spent overseas in different Management Positions. He is a graduate from Swiss Business School in Zurich. During his assignments in New York he has visited various seminars/courses at the NY Institute of Finance and American Institute of Banking, At UBS he has worked in the divi- sions Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Banks for Banks (B4B) in Zurich, Ge- neva, New York and Caracas, mostly covering Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. From 2000 - 2002 he led the UBS Sports and Entertainment Group (out of Geneva) with a vast network in these areas. In his current Senior Leadership position in UBS Wealth Management, he signs responsible for Spain, the Southern Cone, Peru and Bolivia.© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 27
  29. 29. Finance and Audit CommitteeWISeKey established a Finance and Audit Committee in 2007 to safeguard the interests of all stockhold-ers. Our Board of Directors has determined that the Finance and Audit Committee is fully “independent” asrequired and as that term is defined under applicable stock market regulations.The Finance and Audit Committee’s responsibilities include: (i) to review the independence, qualifications, services, fees, and performance of the independent auditors, (ii) to propose appointing, replacing and discharging the independent auditors, (iii) to pre-approve the professional services provided by the independent auditors, (iv) to review the scope of the annual audit, reports and recommendations submitted by the indepen- dent auditors, and (v) to review the financial reporting and accounting policies, including any significant changes, with management and the independent auditors.The Finance and Audit Committee are: • Mr. Philippe Doubre • Mr. Dourgam Kummer • Mr. Christopher Wise • Mr. Juan Hernandez ZayasStrategy CommitteeThe Advisory Committee is composed of influential individuals in different industries and sectors that canadvise and support WISeKey in the development of its strategy and business. The Advisory Committee ismandated by its charter to advise and support the company in: • Revenue growth • Organic growth (Solutions, Services) • International expansion • M&A’s • Business Models • Corporate Image • Strategic Partnerships, Alliances • Business Strategy related to WISeKey´s listing in the stock market28 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  30. 30. The current members of the Advisory Committee are: Dr. Adrienne Corboud Fumagalli holds the position of EPFL Vice President for Innovation and Technology Transfer. An experienced industry executive in telecom and media tech- nologies, she has been reinforcing the bridges between EPFL and the marketplace since September 2008. Carlos C. Esteve serves as the Chief Executive Officer, General Manager, Member of Executive Board at Banque Heritage SA and Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Bank and Heritage Trust. He received his degree in Hautes Etudes Commerciales from the University of Lausanne. Director General of SymbioSwiss and former Chairman of Swiss Post, Claude Béglé is one of the most prestigious executives in Switzerland and cooperates with WISeKey to implement its international expansion strategy, strengthen its links with the postal world and deal with micro remittances activities. Cristina Valls-Taberner Muls is an entrepreneur with more than 10 years of senior opera- tions and chief executive experience working with financial and technology companies and has one of the best networks in the world. She has created her own luxury brand, Chris&Cris featured in 30 corners at El Corte Ingles in Spain. Eric Pellaton, Co-Founder and Former Chairman ISMECA Mr. Fernando Chico Pardo, founder and President of PROMECAP, S.C. and CEO of ASUR, is a Mexican investor who serves as a board member of the United Nations Pen- sion Fund, The Quantum Group of Funds, Grupo Posadas de Mexico, Grupo Financiero Inbursa and Grupo Carso, among others. François Barrault was CEO of BT Global Services and president of BT International from 2004 to 2008, prior to which he was President and CEO of Lucent Technologies EMEA and held other senior positions. Currently he is Chairman and Founder of FDB Partners, an investment and consulting firm in Telecommunications, IT, renewable energy and pub- lishing.© 2011 WISeKey S.A. 29
  31. 31. Leonard H. Schrank is Chaiman and CEO of ACT3 Technologies, President of the Ameri- can Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and former CEO of SWIFT. Based in London, Mr. Schrank headed Chase/IDC’s international activities for nearly 10 years before joining SWIFT. Mario Garnero is Chairman of the Board of the Brasilinvest Group, established in 1975 as a private business agency operating as a classic “banque d’affaires” or merchant bank. The Brasilinvest Group has already attracted investments in the range of US$ 2 billion to Brazil from 16 different countries. Martial Chaillet is CEO of MediaWin, a private investment firm, primarily focused on in- vestments in media-related companies globally. Prior to founding MediaWin, Mr. Chaillet spent 30 years with The Capital Group as Senior Vice President and Global Portfolio Manager for Capital Research and Management. Richard Attias is a Moroccan global events producer, currently Founder and CEO of The- Experience.com and New York Forum. Previously he served as CEO for Dubai Event Management Corporation and was formerly Chairman of Publicis Live. Mr. Attias was the producer of the WEF in Davos for over fifteen years.30 © 2011 WISeKey S.A.
  32. 32. WISeKey Digital IdentificationWISeKey Digital Identificationand Authentication Technologiesand Authentication Technologies Digital Brand Management • Online Trust Solutions • Mobile Security Digital Brand Management • Online Trust Solutions • Mobile Security WISeKey SA - World Trade Center II - P.O. BOX 885 - 29, route de Pré-Bois -1215 Geneva 15 - Switzerland Tel: +41 22 594 30 00 - Fax: +41 22 594 30 01 WISeKey SA - World Trade Center II - P.O. BOX 885 - 29, route de Pré-Bois -1215 Geneva 15 - Switzerland e-mail: info@wisekey.com - www.wisekey.com Tel: +41 22 594 30 00 - Fax: +41 22 594 30 01 e-mail: info@wisekey.com - www.wisekey.com