John W. Hines    Chief Technologist                   January 18, 2012NASA-Ames Research Center                           ...
ARC	  Technology	  Resources	  and	  Flow	                                                                         ARC Dir...
WHY?	  To	  Bring	  the	  ARC	  Technology	  Community	    Together	  in	  order	  to	  Communicate	  and	   Discuss	  ARC...
WHAT?	  •  To	  Get	  a	  Clearer	  Picture	  of	  ARC	  Management	     Vision	  and	  ProjecAons	  •  To	  BeJer	  Under...
HOW?	  •  Center	  Management	  Panel	  (Tech	  Org	  Subset)	  will	     give	  very	  short	  overviews	  concerning:	  ...
Three	  Track	  Forum	  •  Track	  1	  –	  Communica2ng	  the	  Vision	  [today]	  •  Track	  2	  -­‐-­‐	  [TBD	  follow-­...
 Follow-­‐on	  Ac*vi*es	  (subset	  of	  planned)	  •    Barriers	  to	  Innova*on	  and	  Mi*ga*on	  Strategies	  •    Se...
ARC	  Office	  of	  Center	  Chief	  Technologist	  (OCCT)	  -­‐	  2012	                                                    ...
NASA-­‐Ames	  Consor*um	  for	  Innova*on	                           	  and	  Technology	  Enhancement	  (N-­‐CITE)	  -­‐-...
 Expected	  Outcome	  	  •  Management	  and	  Staff	  will	  begin	  to	  BeYer	  Share	  a	  Common	     Understanding	  ...
January 18, 2012 from 8:00 -12:30PM in Building 152AGENDA8:00     Registration8:50     Welcome                            ...
Building	  152	  Floor	  Plan	  
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  1. 1. John W. Hines Chief Technologist January 18, 2012NASA-Ames Research Center
  2. 2. ARC  Technology  Resources  and  Flow   ARC Director Directorates Assoc Dir for TechnologyARC  Technologists   Technology Orgs ARC Chief Technologist Business Development Office Users  and  Customers   Technology Integration Agent ARC  ASSETS   Test/ Proposal/ Technical   Incubator   Integra*on   Business   Exper*se   Labs   Facili*es   Dev   Idea   Concept   Technology   System   Incuba*on   Matura*on   Development   Demonstra*on   Technology  Readiness  Stages  
  3. 3. WHY?  To  Bring  the  ARC  Technology  Community   Together  in  order  to  Communicate  and   Discuss  ARCs  Technology  OpportuniAes,   Focus  and  Future  DirecAon  ...  
  4. 4. WHAT?  •  To  Get  a  Clearer  Picture  of  ARC  Management   Vision  and  ProjecAons  •  To  BeJer  Understand  our  CapabiliAes,  and   Refine  and  Enhance  the  Vision  •  To  Engage  the  ARC  Workforce  and  Partners  to   Contribute  Individually  and  CollecAvely    
  5. 5. HOW?  •  Center  Management  Panel  (Tech  Org  Subset)  will   give  very  short  overviews  concerning:     –  NaAonal  and  Agency  needs,  Mission  Directorate  needs,  and     –  Some  of  the  ways  the  Center  is  preparing  to  address  those  Mission   Directorate  OpportuniAes,  other  funded  acAviAes,    and  the  most   important  technology  targets  for  the  future.  •  ParAcipants  will  Engage  in  Short  Q&A  Period  with   Presenters   –  Full  Audience  will  ParAcipate  in  Whiteboard  Breakout  Groups  During   Full  InteracAve  Session  •  ParAcipants  to  provide  feedback  and  input  
  6. 6. Three  Track  Forum  •  Track  1  –  Communica2ng  the  Vision  [today]  •  Track  2  -­‐-­‐  [TBD  follow-­‐on…  ~  18  Jan  +  4  weeks]  –   Collec2ng  Center  Feedback  using  online  tools  •  Track  3  -­‐-­‐  [TBD  follow-­‐on…  ~  6  March]    –  Discussion  of   Strategic  Vision;  Presenta2on  of  Technology  projects  •  ARCTek  2011  Products  –Strategy;  Tools;   Communica2on  
  7. 7.  Follow-­‐on  Ac*vi*es  (subset  of  planned)  •  Barriers  to  Innova*on  and  Mi*ga*on  Strategies  •  Seminars  •  Strategic  Studies  and  Ini*a*ves  •  Technology  PorKolio  •  Technology  Forums  •  Special  Topics  and  Tiger  Teams  •  Discussion  Groups  •  Visi*ng  Technologists  •  Technology  Networking  (physical  and  virtual)  •  Technology  Matura*on  and  Development  •  Proposals  -­‐-­‐  Projects  –  Products  •   …more      (your  ideas  here)  
  8. 8.
  9. 9. ARC  Office  of  Center  Chief  Technologist  (OCCT)  -­‐  2012   ARC CENTER DIRECTOR Pete Worden ARC Tech Directorates ARC Mission Support Orgs S. Zornetzer P. Agnew (P,A,R,T,S) (J, C, I, H, V) Ames Subject/Knowledge Hines, ARC Chief Technologist Ames ITA Matter Experts J. Bauman, dCCT Advisory Board (ASK-ME) I. Desilvestre, PE (ITAAB) [specific experts per ARC 10 Tech Areas] J. Huynh, Resources/Fin Mgmt (OCE, OCS, SRQA, OGC, NESC) CCT Office Space Technology Programs Group J. Bauman / I. Desilvestre STPG Technical Director M. Skidmore Tech Integration Agent CCT Admin/Bus Office J. Fishman (CCTO) D. Marshall, Admin Professional Franklin lvl 2 PM * Edison Lvl 2 PM * A. Nazzal, Bus Mgr Small Satellite Virtual Enterprise B. Yost (D [IPA]) M. Skidmore (P) Strategic Collabs Tech Partnerships Office SBIR/STTR lvl 2 PM * ST lvl 3/4 Projects; Education/Public Outreach D. Morse (VP) Jahns (V) ARC Non-OCT Institutes and Student Progs Technology Projects Liaison I. Desilvestre (CCTO) tbd [N-CITE] NASA Consortium for ARC Special Studies Emerging Space Office Center Innovation FundInnovation & Tech Enhancement and Initiatives A. MacDonald (VP) [IPA] Hines (CCTO) ARC Tech Accelerator J. Hines / Team Hines/TBD CCT  Resident  Staff   Matrixed  from  ARC  Orgs   ARC  Exec  Mgmt  Offices  
  10. 10. NASA-­‐Ames  Consor*um  for  Innova*on    and  Technology  Enhancement  (N-­‐CITE)  -­‐-­‐-­‐  posi-oning   Center Director Assoc Dir, Technical Assoc Dir, Mission Ops Tech Orgs ARC Chief Technologist Dir, NRP T ARC CCT Office N-CITE NRP Silicon Valley; & partners Other Ext Collabs A STP Tech Partnerships NRP partner NRP partner (Franklin/Edison) S Other STP progs SBIR/STTR CIF NRP partner NRP partner R P NIAC / Prizes Collabs | | | | | | NRP partner NRP partner Other Centers Other Gov Industry Academia International Grants/FellowsThe  NASA-­‐Ames  ConsorAum  for  InnovaAon  and  Technology  Enhancement  (N-­‐CITE)  is  proposed  to  be  established  as  a  mulAdisciplinary,  product-­‐oriented    technology  development  and  applicaAons  accelerator.  NCITE  will  be  coordinated  through  the  ARC  Chief  Technologists  office,  with  the  ARC  Associate  Director  for  Technology  funcAoning  as  the  Senior  Advisor  and  ExecuAve  Management  point  of  contact.  To  facilitate  communicaAon  and  interacAon  with  collaborators  in  the  NASA  Research  Park  and  other  external  partners  and  associates,  N-­‐CITE  is  envisioned  to  be  primarily  located  in  building  19  in  the  NASA  Research  Park,  with  extensions  to  the  ARC  Chief  Technologist  offices  in  building  202,  and  in  associaAon  with  ARC  technology  organizaAons  located  inside  the  ARC  main  campus.  
  11. 11.  Expected  Outcome    •  Management  and  Staff  will  begin  to  BeYer  Share  a  Common   Understanding  of  ARCs  Strategic  Context,  and  How  to   Posi*on  Ourselves  to  Posi*vely  Respond  to  and  Address   Technology  Opportuni*es  •  Awareness,  Par*cipa*on  and  Inclusion  of  the  En*re  ARC   Technology  and  Mission  Support  Community  ......and  Partners   –  Civil  Servants          -­‐-­‐  Other  Centers   –  Contractors          -­‐-­‐  Other  Government   –  NRP              -­‐-­‐  Silicon  Valley   –  Academia            -­‐-­‐  Industry  /  Entrepreneurs   –  Interna*onal  Collaborators    -­‐-­‐  Consor*a  
  12. 12. January 18, 2012 from 8:00 -12:30PM in Building 152AGENDA8:00 Registration8:50 Welcome John Hines9:00 Technology Needs: Nation and Agency (taped) Pete Worden9:15 Technology at Ames Research Center Steven Zornetzer9:30 Technology Needs: Aeronautics Huy Tran9:45 Technology Needs: Exploration Eugene Tu10:00 Technology Needs: Science Michael Bicay10:15 Technology Needs: OCT John Hines10:30 Introduction of Discussion Sal Rositano10:45 White Board Discussions All12:00 Conclude "
  13. 13. Building  152  Floor  Plan  
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