Ghost edge brackets buying guide


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Ghost edge brackets buying guide

  1. 1. Ghost/Edge Brackets are a quick release saddlebag system thatallows you put on or take off yoursaddlebags in roughly 2 seconds!
  2. 2. * Easy to install* No brackets on motorcycle when bagsremoved* Motorcycle retains factory stock lookwith bags removed* Secure lock keeps your saddlebags onyour motorcycle
  3. 3. Installation is very straight forward: 1. Replace 2 bolts on the right and leftrear chrome fender with the GhostBracket "keeper" bolts.2. Place the bracket on the keeperswithout your bags attached yet.
  4. 4. 3. Place your saddlebags up to theGhost Brackets and mark where youwant to mount them.4. Attach the Ghost Brackets to yourSaddlebags and you are done.5. You can now choose to take yoursaddlebags on or off your motorcyclequickly and easily.
  5. 5. Harley Deuce Ghost Brackets
  6. 6. The new Harley Deuce Bracket has a chrome bridge that goes underneath the fender. The boltsthat hold the chrome on each side of the fender inside the wheel well will be used to hold the chrome bridge across.
  7. 7. The keepers the Ghost Bracketsmount to are on the other side of the chrome bridge facing out. You will attach a bracket to your saddlebagthat will slide down on to the chrome mount.
  8. 8. This is going to be the most discreet quick release saddlebag out there. Only the Ghost Bracket company can pull off something this impossible. Works with any size tire even over sized! Works well with Deuce bags.
  9. 9. Honda Ghost Brackets
  10. 10. Ghost Brackets fits Hondamotorcycles. Allows easy installationand removal of leather saddlebags with no tools in seconds. Includes hardened locking device so your saddlebags are safe and secure while you are away. Does not require the use of saddlebag support brackets.
  11. 11. Please note: You must choose thecorrect motorcycle model above toreceive the correct brackets! If you have a backrest you will require longer bolts
  12. 12. To make sure you get the correct hardware please answer the question about back rests and sissy bars above accurately.
  13. 13. Kawasaki Motorcycle Ghost Brackets
  14. 14. Ghost Brackets fits Kawasaki Motorcycles and allows easy installation and removal of leathersaddlebags with no tools in seconds.Includes hardened locking device soyour saddlebags are safe and securewhile you are away. Does not require the use of saddlebag support brackets.
  15. 15. Harley-Davidson Softail Ghost Brackets ST-105
  16. 16. These Ghost Brackets will fit the Fat Boy, Night Train, and Springer as well as fitments for the Heritage.
  17. 17. Ghost Brackets fits Harley DavidsonSoftail motorcycles for years 1984 topresent. Allows easy installation and removal of leather saddlebags with no tools in seconds. Includes hardened locking device so your saddlebags are safe and secure while you are away
  18. 18. Does not require the use of saddlebag support brackets.Do you have Heritage Saddlebags?Heritage Spring turn signals must be relocated to tail light area. Heritage Classic no turn signal relocation required
  19. 19. Ghost Brackets for Heritage Bikes or any Softail with the Heritage Bags.ST-104 Fits Softail 1984 to present.Installed on the two bolts closest to Riders seat (6.25"Center to center spread on fender strut.
  20. 20. Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Easy BracketsEasy Brackets are an innovative two(2) point docking system that allows the quick and easy installation and removal of saddlebags. Easy Brackets use two (2) existing bolts holes in the fender rail of the motorcycle.
  21. 21. By replacing the existing bolts with the docking posts and longer bolts provided in each kit, the Easy Brackets can then be instantly installed and locked into place.Because we make our Easy Brackets specifically for your Kawasakimotorcycle model, you will receive all of the correct hardware with your order.
  22. 22. The docking posts and bolts areespecially designed to work perfectly with your Kawasaki motorcycle, eliminating the hassles of addingspacing washers to either line up thedocking posts or to achieve a good, tight fit.
  23. 23. If you want to convert your saddlebags on your Kawasakimotorcycle to an easy-to-carry pieceof luggage, be sure to check out our Easy-Tote system.
  24. 24. Its a single strap with specialdocking posts that connect togetherthe saddlebags when theyre off the motorcycle, making them easy to carry.
  25. 25. Patented design Fast installation andremoval. No tools required. Patenteddesign Fast installation and removal. No tools required.
  26. 26. Completely adjustable system. Once mounted the bags can bemoved on most bike models front toback without re-drilling holes in the saddlebags.
  27. 27. In most cases the G3 Ghost Brackets can be moved and adopted from one bike to anotherwithout purchasing completely new set. Only a bolt and keeper kit forthe new bike may be required. Top quality design and fabrication with attention to every detail for a superior product.
  28. 28. MOTO LEATHER has an eye forevery detail of Ghost Brackets, wemake it sure to bring you the best and most trusted Ghost Brackets you could ever have!
  29. 29.