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The top 20 ways to deepen your Facebook Relationships using advanced Facebook Analytics and insights

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  • Fathom analytics for facebook dec 2011

    1. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 1© 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 1How can I deepenmy relationship withcustomers on Facebook?
    2. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 2CONTENTS1. Introducing Fathom Analytics for Facebook2. 20 Facebook Relationship Builders3. Top Brand Rankings“What is a scientist after all? It isa curious man looking through akeyhole, the keyhole ofnature, trying to know whatsgoing on.” – Jacques YvesCousteau
    3. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 3© 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 3INTRODUCING FATHOMANALYTICS FOR FACEBOOKFathom Research puts sophisticated web-basedFacebook analysis tools in your hands.
    4. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 4Counting your posts and likes can give you a feelfor the size of your Facebook audience, but itdoes not really tell you the whole story.For example, did you know that people often“like” cellular service providers in order to tellthem how much hate them? Just ask Verizon &AT&T.So how, then, do you figure out what your “fans”really think of you, and more importantly, howdo you create a strategy that improves yourrelationship with them?Allow us to introduce Fathom.www.fathomresearch.comDo your fans like you – REALLY like you – or do they just like youto hate you?LoveHateThough Verizon receives a high level of customer response viaFacebook, much of it is negative in sentiment.
    5. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 5Starbucks conversation between 11/17 and 11/28 trended towardholiday drink specials and drinking black coffee on Black Friday.Fathom Analytics for Facebook focuses on thequestion, “How can I deepen my relationshipswith customers on Facebook?”• More sophisticated relationshipscoring incorporates sentiment andmomentum into analysis of post and likesvolume.• Custom category comparison lets youcompare your efforts with those of a hand-picked group of competitors.• Best in class benchmarking lets youcompare with the best in the business.• Relationship drivers mappingidentifies what compels customers toengage with you.• Action education provides tailoredadvice on how to deepen your customerrelationships.• Success monitoring enables you to trackprogress over time.Fathom Analytics helps you evaluate your Facebook strategy andprovides insights to help improve your relationship with fans.sugarcreamfridayblackhappyfreelovecoffeedrink holidays
    6. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 6Fathom Research is an offshoot ofMotiveQuest, which has pioneered socialresearch for the past 8 years.MotiveQuest has built the most sophisticatedsocial media analytics available and providesexpert consulting to Fortune 500companies, helping them answer questions like“What do my customers care about most?” and“How can I deepen my Facebook relationshipwith my fans?”Presented in an easy-to-use “do-it-yourself”format, the revolutionary Fathom Research toolsnow make Motive Quest’s technology accessibleto smaller businesses. Each web-based tool isdesigned to answer one specific question reallywell, just like a smartphone app.The first tool to be launched, “Fathom Analyticsfor Facebook,” focuses on helping businessesbuild stronger customer relationships throughFacebook.Fathom Research puts powerful MotiveQuest analytics in your hands witha suite of innovative, web-based tools.powered by
    7. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 7In this document, we present• Examples of output from Fathom Analyticsfor Facebook• 20 Facebook Relationship Builders: tips forincreasing engagement with Facebook fans• Top-scoring brands according to Fathom’sFacebook Relationship Quality Index (RQI)This report has been created entirely usinginsights produced by Fathom Analytics forFacebook using data from September throughNovember 2011.If you like the insights, you can try the toolyourself at www.fathomresearch.com.Fathom Analytics is prepopulated with data from the 200 biggest USadvertisers so you can explore the tool’s capabilities yourself.Three of Starbucks’ posts (in red) ranked in the top 10 (based onfan response) of the Restaurant category 11/17 -11/28.
    8. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 8Rank Brand RQI1 902 883 874 865 846 837 838 839 8210 8211 8212 8113 8114 8015 8016 8017 8018 8019 8020 80Top-performing brands all earned millions oflikes and thousands (or tens of thousands) of fanposts.YouTube tops the list because it appeals to abroad audience and encourages conversation bycurating the selection of videos posted on itsFacebook wall.Fathom rates brands according to the Facebook Relationship QualityIndex (RQI); YouTube tops the list.
    9. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 9© 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 920 WAYS TO STRENGTHENYOUR RELATIONSHIP WITHFACEBOOK FANSUsing Fathom Analytics for Facebook, we identifiedthe 20 most engaging posting strategies.
    10. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 10Fathom data allowed us to identify 20 Facebook Relationship Builders:activities that help brands strengthen bonds with fans.INVITE INTERACTION.1. Ask meaningful questions.2. Let fans know you are listening.ENCOURAGE STORYTELLING.3. Evoke nostalgia.4. Inspire imagination.5. Share photos.EXCHANGE IDEAS.6. Encourage creativity.7. Tackle the issues.CELEBRATE.8. Commemorate milestones.9. Participate in seasonal traditions.JUST HAVE FUN.10. Connect your brand to fans’ passions.11. Fill in the _________.12. Play a game.13. Offer deals, contests, & promotions.SHOW SOME PERSONALITY.14. Let characters represent your brand.15. Leverage star power.16. Be irreverent.17. Talk about something besides yourproduct.MAKE CONNECTIONS.18. Share content.19. Champion a good cause.20. Make your product relevant toeveryday life.
    11. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 11© 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 11The first step is to simplyask people to engagewith your brand.Posts that encourage people to become fansand continue interacting with you is a key tosuccess on Facebook. Few approaches are aseffective as asking provocative directquestions. However, your job does notend there; fans need to know they arebeing heard.INVITEINTERACTION:
    12. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 12Instead of focusing solely on your product, engagefans with questions that resonate on a deeper, morepersonal level to show that you truly want to get toknow them in ways that are relevant to your brand.“80% of women agree that every womanhas something about her that is beautiful,but only 4% see beauty in themselves.Let‟s change the stats: Tell us at least onething that you love about yourself in thecomments!” – DoveAsk meaningful questions.Facebook Relationship Builder #1:
    13. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 13It is important to let fans know that you hear themboth as a community and as individuals. BMWmakes posts such as the one above but alsoresponds to individual fan’s questions andcomments posted on their Facebook wall.“From your comments, we know thatmany of you are waiting for the nextBMW 3 Series. Well, we have great newsfor you: Tomorrow at 4.00 pm CEST, wewill present the all-new BMW 3 SeriesSedan to the world....We are mightyexcited, how about you?” – BMWLet fans know you are listening.Facebook Relationship Builder #2:
    14. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 14VSInspiration and outreach setDove’s Facebook engagementapart from its competitors.RIVALRY:Dove vs. Olay74 67Dove and Olay promote products people love andcelebrate women on their Facebook pages. However,Dove’s commitment to inspiring self-esteem in “realwomen” distinguishes it from Olay’s primarily product-focused posts.“Dove is committed to inspiring women and girls to reach theirfull potential. As a working mom, Julianna Margulies knowswomen put tremendous pressure on themselves to „beeverything.‟ How do you balance work and personal life?”LoveInspiredLoveExcitedDove’s questions inspire deeper thought and let fansbring the products into the conversation, whereas Olay’smost popular posts lead with the product and generateexcitement through samples or deals.“Calling all busy moms! Take a moment for yourself from allthat running around. If you wanted to treat yourself a little,which Olay products would you surprise yourself with to treatyour face & body?”“Thank you for my gift of the full size package of Total Effectstoday!!! I really appreciate it and am so excited to start usingit!” – Olay fan post
    15. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 15© 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 15ENCOURAGESTORYTELLING:Sharing personal storiesenables fans to bondwith each other and yourbrand.People love to talk about themselves andwillingly share personal stories onFacebook. Creative prompts – verbal orvisual – encourage fans to open up andrelate their experiences, which strengthenstheir sense of connection with your brand.Common experiences among fans can alsofoster a sense of community that will keeppeople coming back to your Facebook page.
    16. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 16Encouraging people to think about how long yourbrand has been part of their lives reminds them ofits role in their personal history. Shared memoriescan spark conversations between fans,strengthening the community.“This Weeks Featured Fan Photo wasuploaded by Dale Foust who capturedhis fathers Ford truck next to his own.How long has Ford run in your family?”– Ford Motor CompanyEvoke nostalgia.Facebook Relationship Builder #3:
    17. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 17For aspirational brands like fashion or cars, givingpeople an opportunity to let their imaginations takeover can make the brand Facebook page moreaccessible, allowing those who do not own one ofyour products (yet) to be part of the conversation.“Are you taking a long-weekendroadtrip? We left the driver seat open onthis R8 Spyder, so that you could imagineyourself behind the wheel. Tell us whereyou would go if you had the chance todrive an R8 for three days.” – AudiInspire imagination.Facebook Relationship Builder #4:
    18. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 18In the automotive category, photos level the playingfield between car enthusiasts and the masses andextend the reach of special events – over both timeand distance. Consider not only posting photosfor response but also allowing fans to share theirown photos.Ford documented the annual “MustangMemories Car Show” in Michigan andposted the photos on the brand page.By attending and sharing the event, thebrand took a local passion and turned itinto a global experience.Share photos.Facebook Relationship Builder #5:
    19. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 19VSBMW appeals to aspiration andfantasy to engage their fans.RIVALRY:BMW vs. Lexus77 64BMW’s posts routinely outperform those by other brandsin the automotive category. Their posts not onlyshowcase the cars verbally and visually but also give fanspermission to daydream.“Look what we found at the BMW Welt in Munich: The BMWM3 Showcar „Chrome Bullet‟. Not for everyone, but certainlyan eyecatcher. What would you like to see reflected in itsshiny surface?”“Driving through London in the new BMW 1 Series is definitely ahighlight: Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament, the London Eye... What would be your favorite city to drive a BMW 1 Series?”Posts by Lexus on the other hand, read more likecatalogue descriptions and fail to generate muchexcitement (or response) with their bland language andlack of questions.“This is more than a vehicle that‟s designed to performefficiently. It is a vehicle designed to put the driver at theleading edge. Take a peek at the latest GS hybrid imageshere. Options shown.”
    20. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 20© 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 20EXCHANGEIDEAS:Let fans know theirthoughts count byproviding a forum forideas and debate.Soliciting innovative ideas or sparking adebate about your product space can be agood way to let fans know you value theiropinions. The conversation does not need tobe directly about your brand, but seeddiscussions to keep it at the top of fans’minds. Provide guidance to keep peoplefrom straying too far or engaging inbehaviors that discourage others fromparticipating.
    21. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 21Asking fans to participate in innovation gives them asense of ownership with your brand. On Facebook,Starbucks shares how they are implementingsuggestions received through their “Ideas in Action”blog. Electronics brands are also taking note of fans’eager and opinionated voices, giving them a platformto contribute to product evolution.“For the first time ever, we have aStarbucks Card with Braille on it! We arevery proud to bring this to our stores. Doyou have an idea for Starbucks? Share ithere. You can also view others ideas -vote on them, comment, and then comeback to see ideas in action.”Encourage creativity.Facebook Relationship Builder #6:
    22. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 22Posts that spark debate among fans are particularlywell-suited to brands that produce content, thoughrelevant content can easily be “borrowed” andreposted to get the conversation going. Take care tocreate an environment in which fans feelcomfortable posting and discussion stays friendly soit does not adversely affect brand perceptions.“„There are still too many Republicans inCongress who have refused to listen tothe voices of reason,‟ Obama said. „Thatrefusal continues to be the mainstumbling block.‟ Do you agree withObama, or was it a bipartisan failure?”– ABC NewsTackle the issues.Facebook Relationship Builder #7:
    23. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 23VSStarbucks asks fans to play a partin improving the overall customerexperience.RIVALRY:Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts86 79In addition to promoting their product, Starbucks usestheir Facebook page to collect ideas and show how theyare listening and responding, thereby creatingcommunity, inclusion, and accessibility.“Starbucks.. pretty smart. I saw the card in the store. Verypretty. The family member can see the picture and the blindfriend/family member can read it COOL.” – Starbucks fan post“For all of us at the Georgia Academy for the Blind, pleaseaccept our sincere thanks, Starbucks! … I cant wait to buy giftcards for my students and friends.” – Starbucks fan postDunkin’ Donuts does a good job of asking questions, butthe posts are more product focused, lacking the broadersense of community fostered by Starbucks. AlthoughDunkin’ Donuts’ fans are passionate about the coffee,Dunkin’ could deepen the relationship by engaging themon more levels.“How many cups of DD Coffee does it take to get yourMonDDay running?” – Dunkin‟ Donuts fan post“We‟re brewing a heated debate! Now that autumn hasarriveDD, do you crave hot or iced coffee?” – Dunkin‟ Donutsfan post
    24. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 24© 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 24CELEBRATE:Let fans celebrate withyour brand.Celebrate milestones, celebrate the seasons,but most of all, make sure your fans knowyou celebrate them. Participating inimportant events with fans and includingthem in your brand’s special moments willgenerate excitement and momentum thatcan carry through “average” days as well.
    25. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 25Much of Facebook user activity revolves aroundsharing and celebrating milestones like birthdays,weight loss, and accomplishments. Share yourbrand’s special moments and invite your fans to dothe same.“Happy birthday, PS3! With PS3 turning 5today, the worlds best game designerscelebrate by naming their 3 favorite PS3games of all time. What are yours?”– PlaystationCommemorate milestones.Facebook Relationship Builder #8:
    26. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 26Holidays and seasonal events (such as back-to-school) offer merchants ample opportunity tocreatively draw customers to their merchandise. Gobeyond gimmicks and sales pitches to really get fansin the spirit. For example, Macy’s did not justpromote their Black Friday sale; they opened aconversation about holiday wishes.“Black Friday is just one week away! Ifyou could choose anything at Macy‟s togo on sale next week, what would it be?”– Macy‟sParticipate in seasonal traditions.Facebook Relationship Builder #9:
    27. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 27VSCapital One engages fans byasking fans to share how theycelebrate the holidays.RIVALRY:Capital One vs. Wells Fargo74 46Capital One has the highest RQI of any brand in theFinancial category, largely because its posts focus ontopics other than serious finances, including games,special events, and simple tips.“Any day with turkey legs is our Visigoths favorite day of theyear. With Thanksgiving one week away, what are you mostexcited to eat on Turkey day?”Both Capitol One and Wells Fargo commemoratedVeteran’s day, but Capitol One invited fans to share theirpersonal stories about veterans close to them while WellsFargo simply made a statement.“Today is Veteran‟s Day. Are there any Veterans in your lifeyou‟d like to thank?” – Capital One“Happy Veterans Day! Today we honor and say thank you toall the brave men and women who have served and arecurrently serving our wonderful country.” – Wells FargoIn general, Wells Fargo uses its Facebook page to postinformation for customers but fails to engage thembeyond the financial discussion. “Fan” posts are oftencomplaints about the bank’s services.
    28. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 28© 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 28JUST HAVEFUN:Take a step back fromselling your product oncein a while.Your posts do not always have to directlyconcern your product; in fact, fans getturned off by a constant stream of salespitches. Lighten up and have some fun.Allow your brand to show a little character,play some games, and give fans some quickand easy ways to show their interest.
    29. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 29Make a connection with things that people arepassionate about. Post a game for fans who likegames. Or, start a discussion about a band if (likeBest Buy) you sell music-related products.“What is your favorite song from TheBeatles? Today in 1962 The Beatlesreleased their first single „Love Me Do‟ inthe UK.” – Best BuyConnect your brand to fans’ passions.Facebook Relationship Builder #10:
    30. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 30One-word response activities like fill-in-the-blankquestions are a quick, easy, and fun way to get fansto respond without requiring a lot of effort. Be sureto avoid over-focusing on your brand; fans knowwho you are already. Varying the subject – brand-focused vs. general interest – keeps your dialoguewith fans fresh and interesting.“Fill in the blank! When I‟m listening to myfavorite radio station, I crank up thevolume when I hear _____.” – Burger KingFill in the ________.Facebook Relationship Builder #11:
    31. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 31Games strengthen the bond with current fans andincrease your following when they encourage friendsto play. Capital One (with Zynga), Dr Pepper (withEA) use games that create a link between the “real”and virtual words.“You‟ve only got a couple days left tograb exclusive Capital One rewards in@FarmVille and @Pioneer Trail! Hurryover to find out what‟s available.”– Capital OnePlay a game.Facebook Relationship Builder #12:
    32. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 32A good deal or a chance to win prizes is almostguaranteed to attract new people. For example,Amazon’s sweepstakes also encourages participantsto involve their friends. However, make sure youcan deliver on your promise in a timely manner; ifyou do not, fans will quickly turn on you.“Like this post if you have entered theAmazon Win with Friends Sweepstakes!Who did you pick for a chance to winwith you?” – Amazon.comOffer deals, contests, & promotions.Facebook Relationship Builder #13:
    33. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 33VSBest Buy connects with fans’passions, while Amazon focuseson the products it sells.RIVALRY:Best Buy vs. Amazon.com80 69Best Buy engages its fans by connecting with theirpassion for music and gaming while Amazon is morefocused on promoting the products it sells. Best Buy mayreference a product, but posts are often conversationalwithout a hard sell.“Attention dragon slayers - you need to check out the latest inthis RPG series; Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The next chapter in theElder Scrolls saga, Skyrim, reimagines and revolutionizes thefantasy epic, bringing to life a complete virtual world open foryou to explore any way you choose. This time, you don‟t justplay as a character, you truly become whomever it is you wishto be.”One of Amazon’s advantages is its ability to compete onprice. However, talking about price is just not much fun.Rather, Amazon might focus on what the productsinspire or what the savings make possible.“The upcoming season of „Desperate Housewives‟ will be thefinal season. Which cancelled show do you wish was still onthe air? For a limited time, Save $10 when you orderDesperate Housewives: The Complete Seventh Season withany of the previous seasons.”
    34. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 34© 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 34SHOW SOMEPERSONALITY:Show fans your brand hasa human (or animal) side.Your product should not have to bear theentire weight of fans’ relationship with yourbrand; sometimes talking to someoneinstead of talking about something is awelcome break. Celebrities and fictionalcharacters serve as brand ambassadors thathelp to convey your brand’s personality andgive fans a face they can relate to. It can befun to engage in small talk sometimes.
    35. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 35Facilitate a relationship between your brand’scharacters (old and new) and your fans. Disney isparticularly fortunate in having such a large cast,but insurance companies, such as Allstate(Mayhem) and GEICO (the Gecko), andautomobiles , such as Ford Focus (Doug, the OrangePuppet) have also successfully used this strategy.“Meet Merida, Disney Pixars newest hero.Like Brave on Facebook.” – Disney“Sometimes magic appears inunexpected places. Watch as MickeyMouse brings a touch of Disney Parks toNew York City.” – DisneyLet characters represent your brand.Facebook Relationship Builder #14:
    36. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 36Celebrity spokespeople certainly draw attention butinteraction with famous people dramaticallyincreases fans’ excitement. ESPN’s “Audibles”allows fans to connect with a rotating panel of NFLgreats by asking questions through Facebook andTwitter.“1) You play ... to win ... the game!2) Hello!?3) COMMENT with an NFL-relatedquestion, and Coach Herm might answerit ON TV tonight on Audibles.” – ESPNLeverage star power.Facebook Relationship Builder #15:
    37. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 37Don’t take yourself too seriously. Give fans a laughand make your brand more approachable by being alittle irreverent. Allstate makes the insuranceconversation more interesting through its Mayhemads and Facebook posts, which amuse fans whilereminding them why they need insurance.“I cant wait to be black ice. It goes wellwith my suit.” – Mayhem“Its hot. I think Ill drive into an ice creamtruck today.” – MayhemBe irreverent.Facebook Relationship Builder #16:
    38. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 38All business, all the time is no fun. Go off topic oncein a while and make small talk with your fans,whether you ask a lighthearted question or provoketheir thoughts about an issue that is meaningful toyour brand community.“Does running in place while on Facebookcount as exercise?” – Coca-Cola“Holidays are meant for friends,family and home. Help the polar bearshome today!” – Coca-ColaTalk about something besides your product.Facebook Relationship Builder #17:
    39. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 39VSMayhem’s irreverence makes fanslaugh while reminding them theyneed Allstate’s products.RIVALRY:Mayhem vs. the Gecko70 57The pithy, irreverent posts by Mayhem provoke fanresponses by bringing a little harmless shock value andsome laughs to the insurance conversation. Mayhemdescribes situations insurance customers can relate towhile diffusing the negative feelings of such experiencesthrough humor.“Ate the best sandwich for lunch. It had leftover turkey,cranberry sauce, and a sticky note that said „Daves.‟”“I use my high beams because I like being able to see you notbeing able to see.”GEICO’s characters, like the Gecko, may be lovable (orannoying), and they certainly make insurance lessintimidating, but their posts are more mundane withoutthe edgy humor of Mayhem.“I enjoyed my first day in NYC, but it‟s hard to flag down a taxiwhen you‟re 6.9 inches tall. Got any tips? #GeckoJourney#NYC”
    40. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 40© 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 40MAKECONNECTIONS:Engage beyond theconfines of yourFacebook page to createa deeper connection withyour fans.Use your Facebook page to showcase yourbrand AND as a spotlight on how you areconnected with the larger community.Sharing content, embracing causes, andstaying relevant to people’s complex livesmakes your brand a better friend toconsumers.
    41. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 41Content providers like Xfinity have an advantagehere, but providing fans with links to appealing,relevant articles and videos – created by your teamor not – is like giving them a small gift, whether it issimply entertaining or serves to raise awarenessabout a particular issue, cause, or opportunity.“Re-watch last nights Dancing With TheStars dances. Who did you like? Who doyou think will go? Click here and watchthe recap.” – XfinityShare content.Facebook Relationship Builder #18:
    42. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 42Building a separate page for community outreachallows companies to focus and segment theirFacebook activity and gives them a chance toshowcase the good they do under their brand’sname. Banks like Chase and Bank of America, andthe cable company Comcast, make their communityoutreach pages their main (or only) Facebookproperty.“Like the American Giving Awards so youcan vote to help 5 charities win grants!The American Giving Awards Presentedby Chase: A Celebrity Tribute toCommunity Heroes” – ChaseChampion a good cause.Facebook Relationship Builder #19:
    43. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 43Create posts that tell fans you understand how yourproduct fits into their lives. For example, DrPepper’s Ten Man’Ments campaign, successful duein part to the controversy it ignited, showed menthat the new TEN product “gets” them. AmericanExpress shows that they understand money is ameans to an end, by asking what credit cards makepossible.“Dr Pepper TEN Man‟Ment #7 No postingpics of your lunch. If you‟re doing it rightnow, consider yourself a Man‟Mentbreaker.” – Dr PepperMake your product relevant to everyday life.Facebook Relationship Builder #20:
    44. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 44VSXfinity gives fans what they expectfrom their content provider: links towatchable content.RIVALRY:Xfinity vs. FiOS69 50Xfinity posts several links to free content each day forfans to not only watch but also discuss. Though fans aresent away from Facebook to watch clips on Xfinity’s site,they are encouraged to come back and respond toXfinity’s prompts for feedback.“If you ever wondered how Snow White and Prince Charmingfirst met, you must watch the most recent episode of OnceUpon a Time. http://bit.ly/ua9cVP Click LIKE if you love thisshow as much as us. Click here to watch the latest episodeonline now.”“Click LIKE to send a happy birthday to Adam Sandler, whoturns 45 today. Whats your favorite Sandler movie? Click hereand watch [Grown Ups].”FiOS also shares information and content, but most linkslead to text articles or paid content. “Fan” conversationtends to stray toward negative discussion of FiOS service.“Staying in tonight? Sit back, relax, and have a FiOS movienight. Check out Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Family, Prom,or Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil at a discounted price! In themood for a flick? Visit the FiOS TV Central Spotlight section tosee what on demand movies are being featured for the week.Sign up to receive Spotlight emails to stay in the know.”
    45. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 45Interpersonal relationships are seldom built onone type of interaction; at different times we talkabout serious things, make jokes, have longconversations, or just say “hi.”Likewise, a solid relationship with customerscannot be built using the same type of posts all thetime, and not every post type is appropriate forevery brand. Those most successful on Facebookuse a variety of posts to keep content fresh andcapture fans’ attention.For example, Coca-Cola’s posts include directappeals to fans’ for likes, off-topic small talk, fill-in-the-blanks, and announcements about theircollaboration with the World Wild Life Federation.As you build your Facebook relationship strategy,test different approaches and monitor theirsuccess. Use Fathom to help you track which postsinspire the most responses and whether theseresponses are positive or negative.In summary, remember that Facebook engagement strategy is not “onesize fits all.”
    46. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 46© 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 46www.fathomresearch.compowered by
    47. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 47© 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 47TOP BRAND RANKINGS
    48. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 48Fathom ranks brands according to the Facebook Relationship QualityIndex (RQI); the top 100 are shown here.Rank Brand RQI1 902 883 874 865 846 837 838 839 8210 8211 8212 8113 8114 8015 8016 8017 8018 8019 8020 8021 8022 7923 7924 7825 78Rank Brand RQI26 7827 7828 7829 7830 7831 7732 7733 7734 7735 7636 7637 7638 7539 7540 7441 7442 7443 7444 7445 7446 7347 7348 7349 7350 73Rank Brand RQI76 6977 6978 6979 6980 6981 6982 6983 6984 6885 6886 6887 6888 6889 6890 6891 6892 6893 6894 6895 6796 6797 6798 6799 67100 67Rank Brand RQI51 7352 7253 7254 7255 7256 7157 7158 7159 7160 7161 7062 7063 7064 7065 7066 7067 7068 7069 7070 7071 7072 7073 6974 6975 69
    49. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 49Wendy’s earned the highest momentum scoredue to a surge in the number of new likes andposts over the past month. Posts appealing tonostalgia and celebrating Wendy’s anniversarysparked fans’ interest.From the Top 100 brands, we ranked the Top 20 according to Fathom’sMomentum Index; Wendy’s leads the pack.Rank Brand Momentum1 1002 993 954 945 936 937 928 919 9110 8811 8612 8613 8614 8615 8516 8517 8518 8519 8420 84
    50. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 50Rank Brand Emotion1 662 643 624 625 626 617 618 619 6110 6011 6012 6013 6014 6015 5916 5917 5818 5819 5820 58From the Top 100 brands, we ranked the Top 20 according to Fathom’sEmotion index; fans feel most positively toward Kohl’s.Fans expressed the most positive sentimenttoward Kohl’s over the past month. They wereabout Kohl’s holiday contest, in which they couldwin money for charity and gift cards forthemselves.
    51. © 2011 FATHOM RESEARCH, LLC 11/26/11 51MEDIARank Overall Brand RQI1 1 902 2 883 5 844 15 805 20 806 22 797 24 788 30 789 45 7410 51 73FOODRank Overall Brand RQI1 3 872 7 833 11 824 12 815 14 806 17 807 19 808 27 789 32 7710 34 77RESTAURANTRank Overall Brand RQI1 4 862 18 803 23 794 26 785 33 776 37 767 48 738 50 739 59 7110 68 70RETAILRank Overall Brand RQI1 6 832 21 803 29 784 31 775 39 756 49 737 71 708 83 699 88 6810 89 68Five categories were represented by at least 10 brands in the Fathom Top100: automotive, food, media, restaurant, and retail.AUTOMOTIVERank Overall Brand RQI1 25 782 35 763 38 754 43 745 58 716 66 707 67 708 77 699 80 6910 98 67