Help clients communicate by engaging new media
  Work collaboratively, transparently & reliably
  Use insight ...
engaging: NEW MEDIA...
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your message. our solutions...

  engaging: NEW MEDIA
Motion Media Solutions Capabilities
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Motion Media Solutions Capabilities


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Motion Media Solutions is...
engaging: NEW MEDIA

your message. our solutions...

Your message may be product announcements, company branding, organizational changes, marketing, social media, channel communications, employee updates, fundraising, non-profit awareness, campaign announcements, important news, or new trends in your industry...

Our solutions include video productions from concept to delivery, high-performance web video streaming, new media search solutions, VSO (video search optimization), advertising, website and marketing design solutions, new media strategy, LIVE web-streaming technology, HD and flat-panel display advertising, Blu-ray DVD authoring, podcasting, branded web video players, video transcription services, and more...

Call Us: 866-31-VIDEO 214-764-0940


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Motion Media Solutions Capabilities

  1. 1. We help engage new media... your message. our solutions... Video SEO Web 2.0 Video CDN Services Mobile Video Podcasting Strategy
  2. 2. OUR FOCUS Help clients communicate by engaging new media Work collaboratively, transparently & reliably Use insight to produce high quality, creative, effective solutions Syndicate client content, optimizing search results
  3. 3. CLIENTS
  4. 4. engaging: NEW MEDIA...
  5. 5. ! ! ! ! Strategize: Interview the client to understand their Brand Identity: Develop the client’s social marketing brand business, strategic initiatives and desired measurements. identity footprint that would include *parking* IDs on the various sites. Work together to build a solid platform with room for growth. (I.e. Flickr, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) Considerations: - Industry Considerations: - Platforms - Subject Matter Experts (SME) - Avatar, Favicon and Logo Goals: - Uncover the desired outcome of Goals: - Identify what the client will be adding to Social Networking for their their networking strategy and what business. What do they want to intellectual properties are currently invest in along with what is available vs. what needs to be developed. currently taking place. Community Development: Collaboration Resources: Gather the assets required to METHODOLOGY on building online community that will include the various assets relative to their business and desired populate the client’s community. These might include; photos, video, events, blogs, etc. outcome. Considerations: - Niche Considerations: - Asset type - Resources - Copyright Goals: - Build a foundation that can Goals: - Secure as much content as be incorporated into day- possible to build a solid to-day activities. foundation. Training : Deliver a session for the Evaluation: Determine which platforms are core team of SMEs who will be currently delivering the maximum results and offer Launch Launch additional solutions based on the vertical market and responsible for the maintenance and desired results. ongoing efforts of the client’s community; post launch. Considerations: - Resources Considerations: - Vertical specific - Timing resources - Desired results Goals: - Smooth hand-off! Goals: - ID best solutions
  6. 6. engaging: NEW MEDIA Video SEO Web 2.0 Video CDN Services Mobile Video Podcasting Strategy
  7. 7. your message. our solutions... engaging: NEW MEDIA
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