Drift x170 action camera david novak (the gadgetgu-ycolumn.com)


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Drift x170 action camera david novak (the gadgetgu-ycolumn.com)

  1. 1. Drift X170 Action Camera � David Novak (The GadgetGUY) is a syndicated columnist who reviews and features the latest in consumer technology. For cutting-edge information on what’s hot and what’s new in gadgets and gizmos , The GadgetGUY has his pulse on everything related to computers, camcorders, car tech, cameras, gaming, GPS devices, networking, TVs, software, wireless devices, media players, hi-fi, wi- fi, cell phones, home appliances, sports science, power tools and more. May 11, 2010 The Drift Innovation X170 Action Camera is the newest all-around helmet cam for filming any extreme sport. Designed to take top quality point-of-view photos and videos of all action sports such as skiing, mountain biking and motorbikes, it produces DVD Quality Video and runs on simple AA Batteries. One of the first things that you’ll notice with the new X170 is the 1.5" screen. Many of the action cameras on the market don't have one. Having a screen on the camera helps to line up the best angle when mounting the camera, and it also gives you portable viewing access when you want to watch your videos right after you come off the slope, track, or water.
  2. 2. The wide angled lens gives you a better perspective of speed because the lens captures a wider field. With 170º field of view, you will not only see what's in front of you, but also the scenery around you. The fact that it uses AA batteries is actually a plus. Many extreme sports are outdoors, and having standard batteries that can be quickly replaced is an advantage over rechargeable cells. Additionally, when not in video mode, you are able to take high-resolution 5MP stills in its alternate photo mode. Mounting options for the Drift X170 are many. It has a built-in steel quarter inch thread (8mm thread) so you can attach it to suction mounts and rollbar mounts, which are included in the kit. The quick release mount adapter easily inserts into the quarter inch thread securely, which can be used to attach the camera to each of the mounting options available in the box. Also included with the camera are handlebar and helmet grips, so you can mount it on almost any type of handlebar or other smooth surface. An included goggle mount can be fastened to most types of goggles and headstraps when you don’t have a helmet with you. The new X170 can even be used on its side or upside down, as the lens rotates 180º from one side to the other. This gives flexibility to mount the camera on either side of a helmet or on top while still being able to have an upright image. You simply twist the lens around.
  3. 3. The remote that comes with the Drift X170 is very nice. It comes with a strap so you can safely secure � it to your wrist, and it only contains two buttons that are large enough to be used with gloves. Also due � to the fact that it works through radio frequency (as opposed to infra-red), it doesn’t need line-of-sight � to operate, and it works up to three meters away from the camera, making it a great asset to the kit. Main Features: • Up to 16 hours of storage with a 16GB SDHC card • The X170 delivers DVD quality video and 5Mp photographs • These functions can be controlled by a wireless RF remote control, • The camera lens can be rotated 300 degrees to adjust for pitch and angle, • A 1.5" screen helps you to line up the perfect shot and to playback your video right away, • The wide angle lens of 170? will get all the action in your shot, • All the mounts that you need are provided, plus it has a standard camera tripod mount thread • Uses 2 AA's for power and can be used with a 12V usb • Sensor type: CMOS • High resolution video - 720x480 pixels (Max) • Photographs - 5MegaPixels • Wide angle lens - 170? • Lens can be rotated into position through 300? • Built-in LCD viewing screen - 1.5" • Capture photos / videos
  4. 4. • Built-in Microphone • Speaker for audio playback • 1/4" (8mm) camera screw thread mount • User friendly control panel • Waterproof to 1.5 feet • Expandable memory ? SD card (16Gb Max) • Adjustable microphone levels • Direct to TV AV playback ? PAL / NTSC • Charged by 2x AA batteries • Can be charged by the 12V cigarette lighter adapter (not included) for in-car / on-board footage • Radio frequency wireless remote control - 5meter reach (without line-of-sight needed) • Dimensions: Camera - 133 (L) x 50 (D) x 33 (W) mm / Remote Control ? 52 (L) x 40 (W) x 13 (D) mm • Power: Camera - DC 3V, 2x AA batteries (included) / Remote control: DC 3C, 1x CR2032 battery (included) • RF: Receiver (Camera): 433.92MHz ISM band / Transmitter (Remote): 433.92MHz ISM band • Weight: Camera - 128g / Remote control – 19g The Drift X170 Action Camera is available through www.driftinnovations.com, Amazon and other online retailers for around $200.
  5. 5. www.thegadgetguycolumn.com �