Mothers Day Coupons Make The Perfect Gift For Mom


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Mothers Day Coupons Make The Perfect Gift For Mom

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  2. 2. Mothers Day Coupons Make The Perfect Gift For Mom Have you ever noticed how much work mom does around the house? A mother who works full time has the right to be called supermom , because she handles everyone’s schedule, including her own. She makes sure everyone has lunch or lunch money every day. She does the laundry, she cooks dinner and she carpools to activities while working a full time job. She really deserves something special for Mother’s Day. This is where mothers day coupons come into play.
  3. 3. Coupons Mothers day coupons are great because it helps to relieve mom of some of the daily chores. This will free up her time so she can do something that she enjoys doing. The kids can make a list of the chores that mom does around the house and write each of them on a separate piece of paper. On the back of each paper they write the word coupon. These coupons are then put into a box and wrapped in beautiful paper with a pretty bowl. A homemade mothers day gift is always appreciated by mom.
  4. 4. A handmade card A handmade card should accompany this gift to make it the perfect package. The children present this to their mother on Mother’s Day and have her pick a coupon each day for one week. Whatever chore is on the coupon will be the one the children do on that day. This is a great gift and one that will appreciated by mom. Mothers love any type of gift they receive from their children and especially the handmade type.
  5. 5. Thoughtful Mothers day coupons are thoughtful because the children are made to think about the work that mom does everyday day. For the children to take over any one of these tasks is a wonderful expression of love for their mother. When the activity goes on for a week with no complaints or whining, this gift speaks volumes. A week filled with mothers day coupons is a week filled with extra sleep, more television time and simply a easier week for mom.
  6. 6. Design These coupons can be made on the computer and printed off or they can be made individually by each child who thinks of the task. Colored construction paper works very well for the handmade mothers day coupons. Stickers, stamps and glitter are beautiful additions to the artwork and crayons or colored markers can be used. The mothers day coupons should be about four inches wide and two inches long. The box they are put in can be decorated in beautiful colors and bright stickers.
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