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mothers day breakfast


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  • 2. Make your Mother Feel Special with a Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed Want to surprise your mother this next Mother’s Day? Instead of taking her out for the usual Mother’s Day dinner at a restaurant or making her breakfast at the table, why not give her Mother’s Day breakfast in bed? There is nothing more pleasant than to wake up and literally smell the coffee right in front of you and in your bedroom. Serve your mom a tray of delicious food and drink that she can enjoy from the comfort of her own bed.
  • 3. Good Food and Drink to Include in a Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed When it comes to making a special Mothers Day breakfast in bed, you have to get creative. Instead of serving pancakes with syrup, how about serving them with ricotta cream? Rather than putting yogurt, fruit, honey, and granola in a bowl, present it more beautifully by layering it in a parfait glass.
  • 4. Eggs Some Pizzazz Give eggs some pizzazz by preparing them differently or adding exotic ingredients. Try poaching eggs instead of preparing them sunny-side up. Make a frittata instead of an omelette . Go ethnic and serve up some huevos rancheros. Use goat cheese or manchego cheese in place of a more common variety like cheddar. Scour new recipes in cookbooks or online instead of relying on tried and tested recipes.
  • 5. Prepare Interesting Drinks Prepare interesting drinks to accompany the Mother’s Day breakfast. Fruit punch or tropical juice can take the place of orange juice while a homemade mocha can take the place of a commonplace cup of coffee.
  • 6. Gift Giving during a Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed Wrap up a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed by giving your mother a special gift. Read her a beautiful poem to express your sentiments or give her a handmade gift or a gift basket full of goodies to show your appreciation. There is no better way to start the day than to enjoy a delicious breakfast surrounded by the people you love and then to receive heartfelt gifts.
  • 7. Show Your Mother HowMuch You Love Her Show your mother how much you love her this Mother’s Day by pampering her and preparing her a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. Mothers sacrifice so much of themselves on a constant basis in order to provide for their families and it is the least we can do is show them our gratitude. Now that you have a better idea of what to make and what to do, give your mom breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day!
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