Do a Little Snooping Before Purchasing Mothers Day Plants


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Do a Little Snooping Before Purchasing Mothers Day Plants

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  2. 2. Do a Little Snooping Before Purchasing Mothers Day Plants Chances are you sent your mother a fresh cut Mothers Day bouquet and later overheard her say she would have preferred a live plant instead. Mothers are such practical beings. They just hate seeing those pretty fresh flower arrangements shrivel up and die. However, this year will be different; you are going to give your mother a live plant, and she is going to like it. So there!
  3. 3. Where to Start Surely you lived with your mother long enough to hear her extol on the virtues of this plant or the other. If not, you'll have to start somewhere else, like her backyard. Take a stroll around the yard. What do you see? Azaleas? Rhododendrons? Lilacs? Hydrangeas? Peek in the sunroom, what's growing in there? Ferns? African Violets? Pothos ? Orchids? There you go! Now you know what she likes.
  4. 4. Visit Your Friendly LocalGarden Center Today, you can purchase Mothers Day plants almost anywhere, from Ace Hardware to the ubiquitous Super Wal-Mart. I wouldn't suggest you do that. Instead, try and find a locally-owned garden center. This is the place where the owner has a personal interest in the plants, and has a background in horticulture or floraculture . As a result, the plants in this type of garden center are usually healthy. Nevertheless, check to see if they have a return policy if a plant dies within 6 months to a year. They usually do because they want repeat business.
  5. 5. Online A good place to look at plants is online garden centers that offer catalogues. Wayside Gardens is a good place to start. They were first in the catalogue business and now have a beautiful website that offers an abundance of plant material. Peruse the photographs of the types of plants you found in your mother's house or garden. Then look for a new variety of that plant. Wayside Gardens has a reputation for growing premium plants that spans decades, so you should feel comfortable ordering from them.
  6. 6. Magazines Martha Stewart Living magazine offers quality house and garden plants. If your mother admires Martha, you should feel confident that when the box arrives with Martha's address in the left-hand corner you will be on her good side for some time. The magazine has a special Mothers Day issue as well as a website from which to order Mothers Day plants online.
  7. 7. Little Snooping By doing a little snooping in your mother's house and garden, you can find the key to giving her a living Mothers Day plant that she will treasure for many years to come.
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