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Presentation1 Presentation Transcript

  • 2. Masthead Barcode, tells the reader the price/date/issue Cover line Use of Flash Other titles, to tell you different artists that will be in the magazine (footer) The main image Artists name to draw in the target audience Red, Black and white colours are used to contrast with the image. The target audience for this magazine would be aimed at 15-24 white males, but as they have differed the artists, it can appeal to either. Also, with the artists along the bottom, it can attract both females and males. The background used blends in with the genre of music that Dizzee Rascal produces, as it’s graffiti and he is within the ‘rap’ scene of the music industry. Cover 1 – NME, Dizzee Rascal Edition (Sept 2009)
  • 3. ‘ NME’ masthead is the same colour as the one on the front colour. Bands are in the colour red and the page number is in black to keep with the colour scheme. Editors introduction to the contents of the magazine. Enables the audience to pre-order the ‘NME’ magazine for a cheaper price, which makes the audience think they are getting a good deal. Banner at the top of the page to show you what page your on, also includes date for the reader. Sub headings are in black and white to attract the audience. Image in the middle is used as an attraction for the reader, because it’s a well known artist. Therefore it attracts the readers of NME because they are issuing you their tour dates. Image is also made to look like a retro photograph, to blend in with the rock ‘n’ roll theme the magazine has . Contents Page 1 – NME (Sept 2009)
  • 4. Main image is of Dizzee Rascal ‘tagging’ which coincides with the cover line. Page number and the NME logo at the bottom of the page. Empty beer bottles and glasses knocked over show the wild and outrageous life that Dizzee Rascal leads an artist within the ‘rap’ scene of the UK. 4 columns, and the text wraps around the image of the radio. Caption saying Dizzee to show that he is the main attraction in the magazine. By-line, so it shows the credits for the photographer and the author of the article. The Mise en scene is created within this photo, through the background that Dizzee Rascal is in front. The graffiti tells the audience about his lifestyle before he became famous. From being in prison to writing music. The picture is of him looking behind, to show that his past is now behind him .
  • 5. ‘ NME’ Magazine:
    • The genre of music that NME tend to go with is indie/rock.
    • ‘ NME’ stands for ‘New Musical Express’. It has been published weekly since March 1952.
    • Their target audience is between 16-19 year olds.
  • 6. Masthead in pink and yellow, to attract the target audience which would be between the ages of 11-16 year old girls. Footer including an advertisement of the posters that are included within the magazine . Iconic logo, ‘top of the pops’ could be recognised by the illusion. BBC trademark shows that it’s made by them, also because the programme used to be aired on the BBC . “ Will Shayne snog you?” is there to appeal to the range of girls who buy the magazine, who are attracted to the pop sensation that is Shayne Ward, it’s also making you buy the magazine, as you would be intrigued to whether he would. Barcode, tells the reader the issue no, and the date. It can also tell you the price of the magazine. Tagline is used with slang to appeal to the target audience. “bursting” shows excitement. There isn’t a main image of one celebrity, instead they’ve gone with 4 different celebrities to appeal to the different genre of music there is. So the audience isn’t restricted to one person, as a lot of teenagers or young girls like more than one artist. “ Out of control” indicates a type of rebellion that young girls would be interested in, as most teenagers like to ‘break the rules’ to be more like their icons.
  • 7. The page is very busy and in comparison to the NME contents page it doesn’t have the same amount of writing, it has a lot of fun things and items to win. It appeals to the target audience because they’ve included posters and jokes which make the magazine fun and colourful in comparison to NME. The “win” section of the page gives the audience a sense of getting there money back from winning. Also the prize coincides with the genre of the magazine, a ‘sound machine’. The language they use on the contents page includes words such as ‘ish...luverly ladies...chitty-chat...pop-mos-phere’. This appeals to the younger audience and mainly girls because it’s colloquial language. The logo for top of the pops is always at the bottom of the page, next to the page number. They also give away freebies within the magazine, so your friends can ‘swap’ things with you. This enables the target audience to engage with people of a similar age and have a middle ground of liking top of the pops. BBC logo is still on the contents page, as BBC sponsor top of the pops as they endorse the magazine. The colours that they use are very bright and endearing. Its aimed at girls, because pink is a generic colour for girls. The type of font used in the magazine is very easy on the eyes, so that you can see and read everything that’s going on the page. So nothing distracts you. They have a very intimate relationship with the target audience, as the paragraph written by the editor is ended with “love”.
  • 8. Pull quote The main image is of her in a medium/long shot to show the outfit that she’s wearing. As she has a smile upon her face, it gives off a friendly and inviting vibe to the audience. It can also appeal to young boys because she is showing a lot of flesh. As the magazine edition is Christmas, they have used the game bingo because it involves numbered balls to revolve around the festive theme. Also, by her holding them out to the audience, it’s inviting them to join in with the game. In one of the Christmas balls, there is a fans head who has written in to ask Kelly Clarkson a question. This is done because it makes the audience think that they can have a chance of talking to Kelly, from a fans point of view. There is also a link to ‘Catch Kelly’ on the programme, this enables the audience to watch their idol in action. Also, advertises the BBC because TOTP is aired on the BBC. They use colloquial language to appeal to their target audience. The font in which they use for this also stands out, and makes the page look fun and exciting. For example, in the box below Kelly Clarkson, they are using a task that involves the audience to play along also. The colours used on the double page spread is green, yellow and pink. These are neutral colours, and the pink allows the white writing to stand out. This is because the magazines target audience is young girls, therefore by using pink and floral colours, it appeals to them.
  • 9. The footer at the bottom of the page entices the reader to buy the magazine because they are showing the bands within the magazine, as though you are getting more for your money. The ‘Kerrang’ masthead at the top, has cracks through it to show that the magazine has an edge, because broken items often resemble rebellion, and as rock is the main theme for this magazine, it fits perfectly. The language in which they use on the front of the magazine is appealing to the audience because in comparison to a magazine such as ‘totp’ they tend to be very friendly and enticing. As Kerrang approach it differently by telling the audience what will happen within the magazine, and if they buy it. Which is appealing to them. The main image on the front cover is of the lead singer from Foo Fighters, this is the most important attraction to the target audience because everything else works around his face. Foo fighters are iconic to the rock/alternative genre. The colours in which they used are dark and the yellow makes the important aspects stand out, this is done for a reason because black is something which you associate with mystery, and rock is a genre that can be quite edgy and mysterious. There are also a list of bands on the header, this is the way that the magazine entices the reader because they are well known bands, and they offer the reader more at the bottom, which link together. The exclamation mark at the end tells the reader that they are trying to make a statement to their audience. The barcode at the bottom of the page enables the target audience to buy the magazine.
  • 10. Issue number and date. Kerrang! Magazine also has a main image on the contents page, unlike top of the pops who have several and ‘NME’ who only have one. This means they have a chance to give the reader more. Which appeals to the target audience because they usually include ‘funny’ captions at the bottom of a gig photo. The sub titles on this page are also made to stand out with yellow writing, just like on the front cover, so the audience are able to jump to the section they most enjoy. Kerrang also offer the readers a chance to subscribe to Kerrang magazine, and they also offer an exclusive deal if you buy the magazine. This enables them to broaden their target audience because many people suggest their magazines to friends, and so on. The 3 pictures that they have at the top, is their way of introducing new and upcoming artists, they do this because they are appealing to the audience by supplying them with music they know they will be interested with because they are in the genre of the majority of the artists that they advertise within the rest of the magazine. They also have a message from the editor to the target audience, mainly using friendly language so they can appeal to their audience. The contents title at the top of the page is written in the font of their trademark ‘broken’ font, to allow the magazine to be recognisable.
  • 11. The font colours that are used are white, red, and black. This is because they are notorious colours in which are associated with the rock scene, they enable the reader to distinguish the theme of the article. There is a medium long shot of Lily Allen, this is for the reader to associate with the article, it took up one page so they were able to include information about her also. The writing in which Lily Allen’s name is written in the font of their trademark ‘broken’ font, to allow the magazine to be recognisable. There is a small introduction underneath the pull quote which allows the reader to find out in a couple of sentences what the article is about, and who it is about, if they haven’t heard of them before. The pull quote which they used as the title for the article is in newspaper font, this is to appeal to the audience the main point Lily Allen is trying to get across. The dark make up that Lily Allen is wearing is to show the controversy of her personality, she is known to be outspoken and very edgy. This bonds well with the magazine because the genre is rock, and they are showing a rebellious artist.