UPDATED Netnography Case Study on Listerine by NetBase


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This netnography on Listerine done using the ConsumerBase tool from NetBase identifies and provides insight into customer perceptions and behaviors regarding Listerine.

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  • Point of this presentation: showcase an example of what types of insights can be gleaned from using ConsumerBase
    Don’t change the date even though this is a cover sheet because the analysis is based on a certain time period: Q3 2009
    NetBase takes its customers’ confidentiality very seriously and we want to underscore the point that we created this example based on a well-known brand for demonstration purposes. We are under no obligation to keep confidential because as of the time of this writing, there is no relationship between NetBase and the makers of Listerine
    That said, we’d request that the deck not be published on the Internet
  • This is just an overview slide, no need to cover the 5 likes and dislikes in detail because they’re covered richly on slides 7 - 9
  • This is all the “sentiment detection” vendors can provide
    By contrast, see the next slide that delves into reasons for the positive and negative sentiment
  • Identifying reasons why is NetBase’s differentiation made possible by our lenses
  • The opportunities/insights are ranked by how much evidence there is to support the insight i.e. the % of the + / - sound bytes that support the observation.
    The opportunities/insights are secondarily ranked by the seeming importance…a human judgment
  • The insight section gives an overview of the thought bubbles
    The thought bubbles are sound bytes that come directly out of ConsumerBase
    The potential actions are one analyst’s proposals for how to leverage the insight…this is not automated, nor would you want it to be
    Point is: CB gives analysts a faster way to make evidenced-based observations, thus freeing up cycles for the analyst to work on proposing creative potential actions
    In presenting these opportunity slides it’s usually most effective to state the insight and propose the potential actions, letting the audience read the quotes as the presenter is talking.
  • Since this Brand Assessment is meant to explain what can be done with CB by way of an example, it’s probably not necessary to present every since slide orally. If the audience gets what CB can do for them by this point in the presentation, just offer to send the rest electronically.
  • UPDATED Netnography Case Study on Listerine by NetBase

    1. 1. Listerine Assessment on Social Media February 12, 2010
    2. 2. Overview This study is an analysis of consumers’ perception of Listerine. • Source data:  Social Media - content on the Internet generated by consumers, e.g. blogs. • Quantitative analysis:  Amount of discussion about Listerine relative to other topics.  Consumer sentiment & passion about Listerine relative to other topics.  Drivers of consumer behavior in the mouthwash category. • Qualitative analysis:  Overall reasons consumers like or dislike Listerine.  Key insights about Listerine consumers.
    3. 3. Summary of Findings • Consumers most like Listerine’s germ-killing action. • The most prevalent complaint from consumers is that Listerine is too harsh. • Overall reasons given for liking and disliking Listerine are as follows (in rank order): • Listerine has a tremendous number of off-label uses for personal and home care based on its efficacy. Likes Dislikes Kills germs Too harsh Treats toenail fungus Toxicity Good mosquito repellent Efficacy Treats bad breath Taste Treats acne Link to alcoholism
    4. 4. Research Approach • Use freely available consumer generated discussions (“Social Media”) to understand:  Overall positive/negative preference for Listerine.  Opportunities for leveraging likes and compensating for or overcoming dislikes. • Investigations centralized on Listerine but also included some related terms:  Specific flavors of Listerine  Related Listerine products, e.g. Listerine Strip
    5. 5. Social Media Sources for Consumer Insights Internet Forums  Online communities where consumers post questions, answers, comments, and general discussions.  Forums are often associated with particular topics such as hobbies, geographies, sports, lifestyles, illnesses, and more. Blogs  Commentary or news on a particular subject; other blogs function as personal online diaries.  Some blogs allow readers to leave comments, thus fostering discussions like those found in online forums. Microblogs  Communication platforms where users post short status messages.  The most popular microblog currently is Twitter.
    6. 6. How many “hits” are there for Listerine? The term Listerine is mentioned infrequently on social media. • Netflix is a good comparison since it is mentioned so much on the web. • Listerine is mentioned about as much as the major airlines.
    7. 7. Mouthwashes Buzz
    8. 8. What is the overall sentiment for Listerine? • As compared to other brands, consumer sentiment for Listerine is moderate. • Photoshop and Comcast are reliable control variables for positive and negative extremes.
    9. 9. Sentiment by Brand
    10. 10. Passion Index
    11. 11. Positive Themes
    12. 12. Negative Themes
    13. 13. Recommend Behavior | Confidential | © 2010 NetBase Solutions. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.13
    14. 14. Attributes – Net Scores | Confidential | © 2010 NetBase Solutions. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.14
    15. 15. Main Opportunities & Threats The main positives and negatives were analyzed for opportunities and threats. Potential actions are proposed to address these opportunities and threats.
    16. 16. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Leverage the voice of the customer  Half of all positive comments are about Listerine’s core germ-killing benefit.  Consumers have many ways they talk about this though.  In advertising creative, have real consumers talk about the benefits of Listerine in their own language.  Emphasize killing germs over killing bacteria since that’s the most prevalent term, even though it’s not that technical. We have used Listerine for a while because it seems to be the best at cleaning and keeping the mouth and teeth healthy. Listerine is really great for protecting your teeth from decay. Listerine mouthwash was proven to be effective in inhibiting the development of plaque and in reducing gingivitis. I also use Listerine to kill bacterias and floss every night. I heard Listerine kills h1n1 germs??? Oh yes gargle, Listerine kills germs! Go and rinse it with listerine, listerine kills the germs in your mouth, hence preventing a ulcer .germs that brushing can't. Listerine penetrates this film and kills the germs that can lead to gingivitis and other oral problems.
    17. 17. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: New Listerine with Soothing Power  Develop a gentle version of Listerine.  New product could be called Listerine with Soothing Power.  Investigate one consumer’s idea of a peroxide-based mouthwash. (hint: use illumin8)  The biggest issue raised by consumers is that Listerine is too harsh.  This theme was 14% of negative comments. Listerine is too strong for me that it sometimes had a tendency to hurt the sides of my mouth. There isn't the sting that you get from Listerine, but you do feel. listerine and other mouthwash brands have strong chemicals to clean your mouth better than toothbrush, but the same chemicals can hurt our tongue and gums. The listerine likely irritated it, it has a high alcohol content. @lordtrilink Listerine is oral death. Sometimes... when the listerine is too strong and I want the "sting" to stop. It's pretty cool, and normally one can find peroxide for less than a dollar a bottle, whereas Listerine is quite expensive and burns while peroxide does not. JK The alcohol in the listerine could cause soreness if you do it for too long though. Listerine might be a little harsh.
    18. 18. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Toenail fungus treatment  Determine effectiveness of Listerine for toenail fungus treatment.  Introduce a toenail fungus treatment “from the makers of Listerine”.  The second most mentioned benefit of Listerine is that it can be used to treat toenail fungus.  This theme was 9% of positive comments. Listerine Nail Fungus Remedy - I have also heard people saying Listerine footbaths can cure toenail fungus. Many toenail fungus sufferers recommend using Listerine to help overcome the problem without having to use other products, whether they are prescription, over the counter or other home remedies. Listerine mixed with vinegar is also a good solution you can use as foot soak to treat toenail fungus. Many people find that when it comes to treating nail fungus Listerine and vinegar combined offer even faster results. Listerine is supposed to be one of the biggest myths in nail fungus treatments even though a lot of people claim soaking their feet in it has completely cured their nail fungus. Vicks, Listerine, Epsom salts, and hydrogen peroxide are also other options for a toenail fungus cure although these have been met with mixed results. Listerine mouthwash is another common way to try and treat toenail fungus.  If Listerine is deemed to be good for toenail treatment, some non-believers will need to be informed.
    19. 19. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Mosquito repellent  Determine effectiveness of Listerine as a mosquito repellent.  Publish a survival kit with Listerine listed as not only a mouth wash but also a mosquito repellent.  A commonly mentioned benefit of Listerine is that it can be used to repel mosquitoes.  This theme was 6% of positive comments. i heard Listerine is good for misquitos.  If Listerine is deemed to be good for repelling mosquitoes, some skeptics will need to be informed. A friend told me about killing mosquitos with Listerine, at first, I thought it was a joke, then a couple of weeks ago, I sprayed Listerine on the areas where I was bitten, the itch went away quickly. Don't believe everything you read in a chain letter, however, Listerine sprayed or wiped on arms and legs do keep mosquitoes away. Buck and Judy sent in a tip about using Listerine to repel mosquitoes. Listerine is also good to spray on yourself to keep the miskiters off you. I heard one time about using Listerine to repel mosquitoes, but I do not know if it works for these nasty fleas. The best way of getting rid of mosquitoes is Listerine, the original medicinal type. I am going to see if this rumor about using Listerine to kill mosquitoes really works.
    20. 20. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Acne treatment  Determine effectiveness of Listerine for acne treatment.  Introduce an acne treatment “from the makers of Listerine”. Some people use Listerine mouthwash as a toner, because the menthol helps inflammatory acne.  Many consumers talk about using Listerine to treat their acne.  A few disputed the efficacy of this practice.  This theme was 4% of positive comments. I heard that toothpaste and listerine can be used to clear or reduce acne. Listerine is useful for zapping your zits Q. I read in a magazine that Listerine can actually help reduce the redness of acne. I can't offer you a solution, but just don't use Listerine on your face.  If Listerine is deemed to be good for acne treatment, some non-believers will need to be informed. I have used Listerine for years to clear up small blemishes. Rubbing listerine on the face helps you get rid of spots...? you're being gullible. Do not use toothpaste or Listerine!!!
    21. 21. Potential Actions Insight Threat: Alcohol abuse  Make a donation to Alcoholics Anonymous or to science for alcoholism research.  Do a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about the importance of getting treatment.  Promote Listerine’s efforts to fight alcoholism.  Do a campaign to educate the market on how little alcohol Listerine actually contains.  A surprising number of people complained about alcoholics consuming Listerine.  This theme was 6% of negative comments. RT @SharonHayes @andycrash Just threw away my wife's Listerine. As you have realized, she might be abusing Listerine for its alcohol content. Well, Yeah, I'd Think.......it's not good to chug a bottle of listerine either. Can I get drunk by drinking listerine? […] Judging it has a poison control number on my bottle of Listerine, I don't recommend it. We heard from another reader who reported that her mother died of liver failure, kidney failure and heart failure after several years of secretly drinking large amounts of Listerine. Sister abusing Listerine needs immediate help. So, instead of going to the store to buy their alcohol, the drunks will now be storming places such as Wal-Mart in search of that special little bottle of listerine. With an alcohol concentration between 21% and 26% w/v, it is possible to get drunk off of Listerine, as demonstrated by Coach Z. However, the alcohol in Listerine is denatured, which would cause him to regurgitate it before the alcohol could take effect. I don't know the alcohol content of Listerine but depending upon the size of the bottle assuming you even hold down the contents of that bottle you could get drunk and/or throw up. Understandable use of Listerine would be to cover up the beer on the breath, but a lot of alcoholics drink it to get drunk or get a buzz off of it, not to mention that mouth wash doesn't even compare to the cost of actual drinking alcohol.
    22. 22. Potential Actions Insight Threat: Dries out mouth  Investigate the validity of the causal connection drawn by consumers and the media.  If deemed to be true, develop a new formulation to address this problem.  If false, then Listerine should address this better in public service pages like this one: http://www.listerine.com/healthy- mouth-body-dry-mouth.jsp.  Several consumers complained that Listerine dries out their mouth.  This is caused by the alcohol.  A dry mouth is believed to exacerbate bad breath.  This theme was 3% of negative comments. Crest Pro Health mouth wash is a better option than Listerine because it does not have alcohol in it (which can dry out your mouth). It's ironic, but i suspect that Listerine at night is bad for your breath, since it contains alcohol => drys your mouth, but you can't drink while you're asleep => excessive drying => bad breath. The only problem with Listerine is that in a documentary I saw on tv, they said alcohol based mouth washes actually dry out your mouth (because alcohol has a drying effect) and in the long run can cause bad breath. According to my hygienist, the alcohol would dry out your mouth-impeding the natural mineralization of teeth from saliva and possibly bad breath from a dry mouth. Do not use listerine, it has alcohol in it and the alcohol has a tendency to dry the mouth out. Pro Health has no alcohol, because it is better to fight bacteria and gingivitis does not dry out your mouth, but told by another dentist, I was using Listerine, because the alcohol, which is the basis for the elimination of these bacteria what happens with this.
    23. 23. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Effectiveness of Twice a Day campaign  Begin to measure effectiveness of campaigns by looking for the messaging among consumers talking to each other. Chuck Norris doesn't brush his teeth; he simply pours Listerine into his vodka twice a day. Listerine and Reach created the “October Oral Care Challenge” for kids 6 and older. To complete the challenge, our family had to brush, floss and rinse every day, twice a day for two weeks. We currently use, and have used both Listerine and Reach products for years, so this was an easy challenge for our family.  Listerine’s recent ad campaign encourages people to use Listerine twice per day.  Many consumers have not only begun to do so, but they also have begun to talk about it. Lately, some others have been added: gargle twice a day with warm salt water, or Listerine; drink hot liquids, such as tea and chicken soup, to ward off or diminish virus proliferation in throat. I brush my teeth 2+ times a day every day, and I use Listerine. Also brushing at least twice a day and using Antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine twice a day AM & PM. I would start using Listerine 2 to 3 times a day.
    24. 24. Insights for Ideation Certain insights emerged from analysis of other consumer comments that were less frequent. Those not deemed quantitatively significant could be studied further.
    25. 25. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Athlete’s foot treatment  Determine effectiveness of Listerine as a treatment for Athlete’s foot.  Introduce an Athlete’s foot treatment “from the makers of Listerine”.  Listerine is said to be effective at treating Athlete’s foot. Applying Listerine in this manner as a remedy for athlete's foot is harmless for youngsters and adults alike. If you find that you have developed a case of Athlete's Foot, Listerine can be used to remove this stuborn foot fungus. (An alternative is to use the vinegar method and soak your feet two times daily in Listerine, but this might be a little costly!) A good treatment for athlete's foot is to pour Listerine on it. There are many ways to get rid of the troublesome foot fungus such as an application of Listerine on a cotton pad and applying it to your feet twice a day. Listerine was better known as a preventive measure for Athlete's foot as a real deal.
    26. 26. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Hair care  Investigate the validity of this claim.  Introduce a line of hair care products “from the makers of Listerine”.  People talk about the benefits of treating their hair with Listerine.  Popular reasons for this include treating head lice and dandruff. Yellow Listerine enrich your hair growth and threatens the dandruff. For head lice use Listerine (original flavor): Another remedy for treating head lice is rubing listerine mouth wash on your head. And the try was worth it because after drenching her hair with Listerine and wrapping it in a ziplock bag (I don't own a shower cap), I found 3 more dead lice in her hair. Joey Green recommends rinsing hair with vinegar or Listerine mouthwash after a regular shampoo to kill bacteria and reduce dandruff. Head lice remedy Dandruff treatment
    27. 27. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Listerine reminds me of Grandpa  Include a grandfather figure in advertising creative.  Test whether emphasizing the masculinity of Listerine (e.g. its strong flavor) makes it more appealing to some consumers.  A few consumers talked about their emotional connection to Listerine.  Listerine tends to remind some people of their grandfathers. LISTERINE. This stuff is the smell of my childhood hero, my Grandpa. I've always made strong emotional connections between smells and people. For instance, the smell of Listerine still reminds me of my grandfather (he died when I was 7). Generally, the idea of Listerine gives me the shivers. I think of the old school original flavor that my grandpa used to use and want to run screaming I buy Listerine because it reminds me of Grandpa and whenever I see a caraway seed, I can hear his voice. For fun last week, I asked Art of Manliness Facebook Fans and Twitter followers what smells they thought were manly. […] And the smell of a strong pot of coffee brewing also brings back memories, that and the way the old tan colored Listerine smells.  However, the connection to grandpa might not be a positive association for all consumers.
    28. 28. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Prevent digestive problems  Investigate the validity of this claim.  If it’s deemed to be true, incorporate this benefit into Listerine product messaging.  Link Listerine to the trend in probiotics.  Bundle Listerine with a probiotic.  Emphasize that this benefit was discovered by “you” the consumer.  A couple of people mentioned that Listerine has digestive benefits.  They reasoned that digestive problems stem from germs, so killing germs in the mouth stops them at the source. Go and rinse it with listerine, listerine kills the germs in your mouth, hence preventing a ulcer. LISTERINE diluted with water or glycerine speedily relieves certain fermentative forms of indigestion. Possible Campaign Bad bacteria  Remove with Listerine Good bacteria  Replenish with probiotics
    29. 29. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Listerine for Gen-Y  Develop a special non-alcohol based formula.  Market this formula to this segment of tongue-piercing consumers.  Several people who have tongue piercings recommended not using Listerine as an aftercare treatment.  The alcohol in Listerine burns the piercing they say. You can use listerine, but it's not recommended for oral piercings because the alcohol in it is too harsh for the piercing. Don't rinse with a harsh commercial mouthwash such as Scope or Listerine, as they can definitely irritate your piercing. I'm not too sure but most likely since when i first got my lip piercing ; i was told to not use listerine because it would burn too much. I went on google today to look up how to care for the piercing and the first thing it said was NOT to use any kind of listerine. Again, listen to your piercer but I do strongly advise against using Listerine or any mouthwash with alcohol in it. they tell you to use listerine but that has alot of alcohol in it so if you use it do half water and half listerine that is what they told me when i got my tounge pierced and be sure to clean it after you do ANYTHING if you smoke, eat, drink, or anything else with your mouth be sure to rinse it well or it will get infected.
    30. 30. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Personal Care  Investigate the validity of this claim.  Introduce a line of personal care products “from the makers of Listerine”.  Some consumers have found Listerine useful for treating other fungal infections.  Women have found it useful for yeast infections.  Men have found it useful for treating jock itch. Ring worm, jock itch, and athlete’s foot are all Tinea infections caused by nasty little fungi called dermatophytes. […] To freshen your breath and treat those disturbed areas gargle and then spray some Listerine on your problem areas for another alternative treatment. Although there are drugs and home remedies for yeast infectio, the latest method is the treatment with pharmaceutical products like Lamisil and Listerine. I heard Listerine was good for a yeast . The Yeast infection cure with Listerine is one choice for your purpose. Many folks have had success with old- fashioned amber Listerine for jock itch. That could explain why others report that original formula Listerine works against nail fungus, athlete's foot, jock itch and "trucker's bottom" (whatever that is). One can also apply Listerine to a sterile cotton pad. This is then, gently rubbed onto yeast infection twice a day. You need not to rinse it.
    31. 31. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: General topical antiseptic  Publish a survival kit with Listerine listed as not only a mouth wash but also a mosquito repellent, and a general topical antiseptic.  Due to Listerine’s germ-killing ability, several people mentioned the benefits of using it as a topical antiseptic agent. LISTERINE is invaluable in obstetrics and gynaecology as a general cleansing, prophylactic, or antiseptic agent. Listerine is a very good antiseptic, which is effective in fighting the infection. LISTERINE is useful in the treatment of the infectious maladies which are attended by inflammation of accessible surfaces - as diphtheria, scarlet fever and pertussis. Does Listerine Kill The Bacteria Underneath The Foreskin And Does It Burn?
    32. 32. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Dissolves Suboxone  Investigate the effectiveness and dangers of this practice.  If deemed to be beneficial, put up a web page describing proper use of Listerine for this purpose.  Promote the web page through Google AdWords campaign on “suboxone” and/or “dissolving suboxone”.  Some patients who take Suboxone find Listerine helpful for taking their medication.  Suboxone must be dissolved under the tongue and Listerine accelerates the dissolving.  Suboxone is used to treat opiod addiction. (link) When I take mine I brush my teeth and put listerine in my mouth, then spit it out. Right after that I put my suboxone in my mouth, dissolve and crap, then iv'e been mixing it up with the spitting and swallowing. Sometimes I swallow but recently iv'e been spitting because I feel it has been working better. I use the listerine because it helps dissolve the suboxone faster. I swish the spit around and let it sit for a while and then I spit it out, if anyone knows any other ways to take it please let me know, so far this is working well. Using a couple of drops of scope or listerine works well for this. It dissolves the pill quicker along with covering up some of the nasty taste. But like I said ONLY a couple of drops, any more than that will probably be too painful to hold in your mouth for ten minutes. How to take SUBOXONE enters the bloodstream from under the tongue. (link) My example schedule is: 1. Take all the inhibitors an hour before my dose with 50mg benadryl. 2. Crush up my amount and add a few drops of vodka then mix the solution. 3. Swish Listerine all throughout my mouth for 2 minutes. 4. Pour Buprenorphine + Alcohol solution under my tongue and let it absorb for 15 or so minutes (longer is better).
    33. 33. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Make glue for Kanzashi  Develop a germ-killing wash suitable for rinsing rice, fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.  Similarly, develop a rinse for home craft hobbyists who need to disinfect raw materials found in nature.  One person wrote an article about making glue for Kanzashi in which Listerine was used.  The Listerine disinfected the rice used to make the glue. Cook 2 cups of rice (follow the instructions on the packet), onced cooked add an additional half a cup of water and a tablespoon of listerine (mouthwash) and let it set over night. Not only will the rice become easier to blend the next day, the listerine also makes sure to kill any germs. http://peachypan.com/help.php?section=tutes
    34. 34. Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Other Novel Uses  There are a tremendous number of novel uses identified by consumers for Listerine.  Human uses are as diverse as healing blisters and preventing snoring.  Listerine is also used for pets, plants, carpets, and even washing machines. Gargling with raspberry tea, turmeric, sage, lukewarm salt water, and Listerine can help ease a sore throat. So I use those Listerine strips to simulate the flavor of menthol in the cigarettes I used to smoke. I just bought a bottle of Listerine mouth wash. No, not to gargle, but to treat my tooth- brushes. I just read an article that says it will kill millions and millions of microbes that have taken residence there in the brush of the tool I use in my mouth every day. One husband, for instance, gave his wife a heating pad, Listerine breath strips and generic nasal strips to prevent snoring. Listerine is a powerful antiseptic that can actually heal painful blisters. Anti-microbial mouthwashes such as Listerine have also been shown to treat canker sore pain safely. Ease sore throat Treat canker sore Prevent snoring Heal blisters Smoking cessation Clean toothbrush Listerine helps kill the bacteria that cause perspiration odor. Dab it under your arms. (not sure I'd try that one) Deoderant  Provide website information on off- label uses, whether or not they’re effective and/or dangerous or harmful.  Offer a forum similar to the WD-40 2000+ uses site (link), where consumers can talk about their questions about Listerine. OTHER NOVEL HUMAN USES
    35. 35. OTHER NOVEL NON-HUMAN USES Potential Actions Insight Opportunity: Other Novel Uses (cont.)  Provide website information on off- label uses, whether or not they’re effective and/or dangerous or harmful.  Offer a forum similar to the WD-40 2000+ uses site (link), where consumers can talk about their questions about Listerine.  There are a tremendous number of novel uses identified by consumers for Listerine.  Human uses are as diverse as healing blisters and preventing snoring.  Listerine is also used for pets, plants, carpets, and even washing machines. Spraying plants with a mixture that is 1 part Listerine and 1 part water has been known to make plants unpalatable to aphids. Listerine can be used to clean the floor, to wash and shine your car wheels and tires since it has fluoride. Eliminate mildew odors. Wipe with full-strength Listerine. Likewise, many home remedies circulate the Internet targeting specific carpet odors such as using solutions containing ingredients as varied as vinegar, Listerine, or hydrogen peroxide. I used listerine on his paw because dogs are supposed to not like the taste and it helps with swelling, but he liked the taste of it and just licked it even more! Rid plants of aphids Pet care Shine wheels Remove carpet odor Eliminate mildew odors Jerry Baker, author of The Impatient Gardener, suggests mixing one cup Listerine, one cup Epsom salts, one cup liquid soap, and one cup ammonia in a one-quart jar, filling the rest of the jar with beer. Fertilize lawn Disinfect a washing machine at a laundromat. To avoid getting germs from another family, wipe off the surface of the machine with Listerine and add one-half cup Listerine to the wash cycle to disinfect the machine. Disinfect washing machine
    36. 36. Summary of Insights & Opportunities • Overall, consumers have a somewhat moderate view of Listerine. • Consumers most like Listerine’s germ-killing action. • The most prevalent complaint from consumers is that Listerine is too harsh. • Listerine has a tremendous number of off-label uses for personal and home care based on its efficacy. Top opportunities: • Soothing Power flavor • Toenail fungus treatment • Mosquito repellent • Listerine for Gen-Y • Unique uses forum