What are the_services_offered_by_medical_record_review_support_companies


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Medical record review companies provide reliable and dedicated services that are focused on lightening the workload of their clients. The right medical record review firm works as a virtual extension to your office providing customized services.

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What are the_services_offered_by_medical_record_review_support_companies

  1. 1. http://www.mosmedicalrecordreview.com/ 1-800-670-2809 What Are the Services Offered by Medical Record Review Support Companies?Medical record review companies providereliable and dedicated services that arefocused on lightening the workload of theirclients. The right medical record review firmworks as a virtual extension to your officeproviding customized services.What Are the Services Offered byMedical Record Review SupportCompanies? Medical record review support companies provide reliable and dedicated services that are focused on lightening the workload of their clients and giving them just the right solutions they are looking for.Insurance companies, medical-legalconsultants, physicians, attorneys, case/chartreview firms can all benefit from these valueadded medical review services. A reliablemedical record review company will ensure http://www.mosmedicalrecordreview.com/ 1-800-670-2809
  2. 2. http://www.mosmedicalrecordreview.com/ 1-800-670-2809that its services are HIPAA compliant andsecure.Systematic Medical Review ServicesCustomized to Meet ClientRequirements Medical records are numerous and reviewing them can be really tedious. A medical record review support company can be of valuable assistance in thisregard. With its team of skilful, experiencedand knowledgeable professionals, a reputablemedical review firm can quickly organize yourmedical records and arrange themmethodically so that the data you seek is atyour fingertips whenever and wherever yourequire it. Services provided include: • Medical records indexing • Organizing medical records by type • Chronological medical record listing • Chronological medical record summary • Medical history and case summarization http://www.mosmedicalrecordreview.com/ 1-800-670-2809
  3. 3. http://www.mosmedicalrecordreview.com/ 1-800-670-2809Your medical record review company willorganize all kinds of medical records, whethergeneral records, hospital medical records,assessment records, therapy records,diagnostic records or any other. Speciallytrained medical record review professionalswill quickly classify all pertinent informationfrom each medical record clearly referencingthe date of service, type of service, provider ofservice and place of service information. Theysort, index, read and understand, summarizeand classify the medical records in the mostappropriate manner. All information availableis reviewed in detail to ensure completeness,compliance and accuracy. What is mostvaluable about their service is that the medicalrecord data is tabulated and presented in asimple, easily accessible format; they alsoassist in identifying any missing medicalrecords. All medical records are imaged andindexed and provided in electronic format.A Closer Look at Medical Case Historyand Summary Services Medical case history and summary records are very important with regard to individual cases. These document vital data http://www.mosmedicalrecordreview.com/ 1-800-670-2809
  4. 4. http://www.mosmedicalrecordreview.com/ 1-800-670-2809including all relevant details from focusedperiods of care and important information thatis specific to claimant/patient problems.Professionals at the medical record reviewcompany have the expertise to extract patientmedical history from provider notes andmedical records. After studying all recordscarefully they will list history by categoryclearly highlighting information regarding pre-existing conditions, hereditary factors andother relevant details. A medical casesummary will contain details pertaining to: • Patient’s personal information • Entry into and discharge from the hospital • Hospital stay • Immediate and ensuing care provided • Medications administered • Diagnostic test results • Medications in use • All required information regarding the illness/injury • Medical professionals’ views regarding causation, appointment and disability • Patient’s deposition testimonyChoose Your Medical Record ReviewSupport Company Wisely http://www.mosmedicalrecordreview.com/ 1-800-670-2809
  5. 5. http://www.mosmedicalrecordreview.com/ 1-800-670-2809 The importance of finding the right partnering company cannot be emphasized enough. The idealmedical review firm is one that can work as avirtual extension to your office providingcustomized and timely services. Usually, amedical record review company with longterm standing in the industry will offer round-the-clock medical review services to providecomplete support to its clients. Such areputable firm will also offer a free trial of itsservices to ensure clients of the superiorquality of the service provided. Look for anestablished medical record review companythat offers cost-effective services withincustomized TAT. http://www.mosmedicalrecordreview.com/ 1-800-670-2809