Some tips for choosing a reliable medical review service provider


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The review of medical records is best done by a professional medical record review company. This article discusses some tips to find the right medical review services.

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Some tips for choosing a reliable medical review service provider

  1. 1.                                      1­800­670­2809Some Tips for Choosing aReliable Medical Review ServiceProviderThe review of medical records is best done bya professional medical record review company.This article discusses some tips to find theright medical review services.Comprehensive medical record review is a taskthat often proves to bevery challenging to non-medical professionals suchas lawyers involved inmedical litigation. Usually,in a law firm the paralegalsare entrusted withcollecting the relevantmedical records andabstracting the necessaryinformation. This can be really time-consuming, with little time available for otherimportant tasks. What is more frustrating isthat even after spending considerable timeanalyzing the medical data, core facts may still                                     1­800­670­2809
  2. 2.                                      1­800­670­2809evade them. This is mainly due to lack ofexpertise in medical matters. A process thatdemands remarkable expertise in medicalterminology, abbreviations, jargons,handwriting and other related aspects, thereview of medical records is best done by aprofessional medical record review company.Reliable Medical Review Services –Benchmark FeaturesAttorneys, physicians, insurance companiesand medico-legal case review companiesrequire medical case summaries when it comesto dealing with injury claims and Workers’Compensation claims. All of these entitiesstand to gain by availing medical reviewservices provided by a competent medicalreview firm. However, the outsourcing partnerhas to be the right one – a company that canensure complete security and confidentiality forthe sensitive data you entrust to them. Whatare the yardsticks to use when sizing up aservice provider?                                     1­800­670­2809
  3. 3.                                      1­800­670­2809• Security measures: It goes without sayingthat when you are inviting someone intosensitive territory, you should beconvinced that there will be no breach ofconfidentiality. You have to associate withan HIPAA compliant medical review firmthat has flawless security measures. Inthis way, your data will remain safe.• Professional medical review team: Theideal medical review team should includemedical professionals such as physiciansand nurses as well as professionals toprovide proofreading and editing services.The team should be able to handlemedical records pertaining to diversemedical specialties and provide accuratereviews. Whether medical casechronology, medical case history andsummary or medical record organization,your partnering firm should be able tomeet your specific requirements andensure excellent project management.                                     1­800­670­2809
  4. 4.                                      1­800­670­2809• Customized service: No service can betermed ideal, if it cannot be customized.Look for a medical review company thatcan offer customized solutions; theservices should be scalable according toyour changing requirements. A dedicatedteam to attend to your requirements;customization for the type of software,turnaround time and other aspects aresome of the features to look for.• Attractive, competitive pricing: Costsavings is something you look forward towhen outsourcing. So the company ofyour choice should provide competitivelypriced services with attractive costsavings.• Excellent quality assurance process: Yourservice provider must ensure error-freedocumentation through a failsafe QAprocess.                                     1­800­670­2809
  5. 5.                                      1­800­670­2809Going by the above guidelines, you should beable to locate a dependable medical recordreview company that will offer the expectedsupport and lighten your in-house workload.With the right medical review services, you canimprove office efficiency and client satisfaction.Posted By: MOS Medical Record Review Company                                     1­800­670­2809