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Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides attorneys, law firms and insurers with prompt, cost-effective medical legal review services …

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides attorneys, law firms and insurers with prompt, cost-effective medical legal review services

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  • 1.                                      1­800­670­2809 Medical Legal Review Services at MOSManaged Outsource Solutions (MOS) providesattorneys, law firms and insurers with prompt,cost-effective medical legal review services For effective management of claims, medical legal review service from a reliable outsourcing firm is a great support. One of the leading outsourcing companies in the US, Managed Outsource Solutions(MOS) provides attorneys, law firms andinsurers with prompt, cost-effective medicallegal review services.The company provides medical record reviewsfor claims associated with liability, personalinjury, workers’ compensation, accidents, andother legal areas. It makes available theservices of a team of experts who have yearsof experience in the medico-legal industry.“Our solutions management approach provides                                      1­800­670­2809
  • 2.                                      1­800­670­2809you with cost-effective medical legal reviewservices, designed to improve productivity andquality as well as cash flow and the bottomline,” says a solutions manager of thecompany. Services are provided within theturnaround time specified by the clients. The medical legal review process involves various steps. • Sorting and organizing the records into sub- sections • Identifying the components of the medical record • Retrieving patient medical record information • Collecting, classifying, and capturing information by data type • Listing data such as demographic characteristics, medical care received, diagnostic procedures, therapy notes and                                      1­800­670­2809
  • 3.                                      1­800­670­2809 treatment, and arranging it in a chronological order • Listing all records [imaging records included], and documents reviewed • Enumerating all objective tests performed • Quantifying range of motion and outcome assessment studyMOS understands and maintains all HIPAA andsecurity regulations and follows all protocolsnecessary.About MOS MOS is an established outsourcing company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma,serving the medico-legal industry. Thecompany has been providing medical reviewsupport services to a wide range of clients.These include law firms, insurance firms,medical-legal consultants, case or chart reviewfirms, private corporations, and physicians. Formore information about the company’s                                      1­800­670­2809
  • 4.                                      1­800­670­2809medical legal review services and otherrelated services, visit­legal­review.phpContact DetailsUnited States Main OfficeMOS Medical Record Review Company8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133Main: (800) 670 2809Fax: (877) 835-5442                                      1­800­670­2809