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How to-select-a-reliable-medical-peer-review-company
How to-select-a-reliable-medical-peer-review-company
How to-select-a-reliable-medical-peer-review-company
How to-select-a-reliable-medical-peer-review-company
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How to-select-a-reliable-medical-peer-review-company


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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  • 1.                                   1­800­670­2809How to Select a ReliableMedical Peer Review CompanyThe medical peer review company you choosehas to be one that can offer custom servicesaccording to your specific requirements. Thereare other important considerations as well.How to go about selecting a reliable medicalpeer review company? This is a prominentconsideration of mostmedico-legal professionalsplanning to outsourcemedical record reviewrequirements. Medicalpeer review is animportant process inmedical litigation andinvolves the close scrutinyand review of all relevantmedical records. Needlessto say, the task is complex and time-intensiveand demands specialized skills for identifyingrelevant material quickly.                                    1­800­670­2809
  • 2.                                   1­800­670­2809Important Considerations whenUtilizing Medical Peer ReviewServicesThe provider you choose has to be one thatcan offer custom services according to yourspecific requirements.• The medical review firm you choose mustbe able to provide service for all medicalspecialties.• Skilled and experienced medical reviewteam is an absolute necessity. The teamshould have a reputation for providingunbiased, reliable, evidence-based andcustomized solutions.• Consider the firm’s present as well asprevious clients. Look for testimonials thatwill give you a clear idea regarding theservices you can expect.• Competitively priced services.• Customized turnaround time. You must beable to have the data you require withinthe stipulated time.                                    1­800­670­2809
  • 3.                                   1­800­670­2809• Security and confidentiality: Medicalrecords are extremely sensitive, so theyneed to be protected well. Your medicalreview company should have failsafesecurity measures in place.• Multiple QA processes: You need to beassured of the quality of medical peerreviews you receive.• Responsive customer service: This isimportant because you need quick andassured response to your queries.A Range of Supportive Medical ReviewServicesMedical review services benefit peer reviewphysicians, law firms and medical record/chartreview firms. The services help these entitiesdeal with sentinel events, complex caremanagement issues, Workers’ Compensationscases, liability claims and so on. The servicesprovided cover medical record organization andindexing, medical chronology, and medicalcase history and summary. As efficient supportservices, they help identify missing records andmake arrangements to secure those.                                    1­800­670­2809
  • 4.                                   1­800­670­2809• Collecting the required data and classifyingit• Identifying missing medical records• Chronological listing of medical records• Medical record indexing• Compliance checking and ensuringcompleteness of data• Medical case history and summaryYou will find that reputable medical reviewcompanies with long-term standing in theindustry will provide a free trial offer. This willhelp you evaluate the service quality and seewhether it meets your required standards. Youcan sign a contract for medical peer reviewservice if you are satisfied with the medicalrecord review firm.Posted by: MOS Medical Record Review Company                                    1­800­670­2809