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Hiking gps

  1. 1. GPSThe right GPS for hikerGPS Status app – HTC Desireby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 30, 2011[ EDI T]GPS Status app – HTC DesireImage by avlxyzAssisted GPS makes getting a GPS lock really quick! Usually under 10 seconds.- GPS Status – eclipsim.com/Question by Bre: How can I plug in a gps if my cigarette lighter doesnt work?I have inherited a gps system and I would love to not have to use it on its battery but Idont know what to use because the cigarette lighter in my car is no longer any good…anything I can use?Best answer:Answer by Richard MYou could get the lighter socket repaired. That would be easiest. The trouble is usuallyonly a fuse but without seeing it I can‟t tell.If there is any concern, go into the dealership and ask for an estimate on fixing/replacingit.What do you think? Answer below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }GPS Unitby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 30, 2011[ EDI T]GPS UnitImage by barronI moved my old GPS from my mountain bike to the BMW. It fits nicely using thehandlebar mount and clip-on backplate. Unfortunately, the eTrex Legend is so old that ituses a serial port connection to hook up to the computer. Need to find an adapter
  2. 2. somewhere. But at least I can check the accuracy of the speedometer, have a compass andhave some non-exportable trip data.Question by Special C: How much do you have to invest in a GPS after intialpurchase?I want to buy a hiking GPS and the initial cost isn‟t a problem for me. But are there a lotof “upkeep costs” like buying updates and maps and such. Is there a GPS out there that isa one-time cost deal with free upgrades?Best answer:Answer by OSMR2RabbitsThe map updates often cost near $ 100. My recommendation is to buy an inexpensivedevice (less than $ 200) and use it for a few years, and plan to buy a new one when themaps get out of date, or the newer hardware is too enticing to resist. With some devices,you can get free updates, for a while, but eventually you have to pay for them. Justmentally plan on replacing the device in a few years.Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }gpsNOVEMBER 29, 2011 [ EDI T ]gps Image by killrbeez gps on my ipaq Question by stingjam: Can you fly a direct GPS route oninternational flights? For example, can you legally fly a direct gps route from Guadeloupe to Opa Locka,FL? Or would you have to stick to airways? What are all the current reasons why our General Aviation[...]Read the full article →GPS BoardNOVEMBER 28, 2011 [ EDI T ]GPS Board Image by agmlego Breakout to convert the 0.078"-pitch header on my GPS engine boardwith TTL serial to RS232 over a DE9 connector. The LED is tied to the PPS signal and should blink atexactly 1Hz. The engine board reset line is connected to DTR, which should be held normally high. PPS[...]Read the full article →GPS SchematicNOVEMBER 27, 2011 [ EDI T ]GPS Schematic Image by agmlego Schematic for GPS breakout. Question by Tib: What is the differencebetween GPS and DVD based Navigation? I‟m looking at buying a new car and I wanted a built inNavigation, but I keep seeing “DVD Based Navigation” on certain models. Is this different than GPS?Best answer: Answer by [...]Read the full article →GPS-Halter am LenkerNOVEMBER 26, 2011 [ EDI T ]
  3. 3. GPS-Halter am Lenker Image by jaefred GPS-Halter aus dem RAM-Mount-System, Rohrschelle+15 cmKlemme+GPS-Schale Question by PrettyandPolish: What is a good, inexpensive and relativley easy gpsfor recreational boating? I am looking for a simple gps for a boat. Nothing too special, no fish finder etc.,just something recreational for lakes. No fishing gps please, just [...]Read the full article →黄山 GPSNOVEMBER 25, 2011 [ EDI T ]黄山 GPS Image by 水御龙神 GPS标记……是位置还是高度? Question by psyflex f: how can i disable thegps inantena in my car work without cuting it? in my car work there is a gps.. now can i disable it like itwill have poor conection? Best answer: Answer by Hillbilly BobYes. And they will see the problem [...]Read the full article →GPS und SpiegelNOVEMBER 24, 2011 [ EDI T ]GPS und Spiegel Image by jaefred GPS und Spiegel aus Sicht des FahrersRead the full article →GPS TestNOVEMBER 23, 2011 [ EDI T ]GPS Test Image by swanky Sony GPS-CS1 Question by ziggy: How can i fix my gps signal on my tomtomstart 2? Hi i recently brought the start 2 and had no problems for about 3 weeks. But now i cant get a gpssignal, the devise also stops responding to touch, and switches its [...]Read the full article →GPS_trainingNOVEMBER 22, 2011 [ EDI T]GPS_training Image by aggie94_amy Educator training on using GPS in classroom activities Questionby : How to you charge a car GPS navigation system battery on a 9 hour drive? I‟m embarking on a tripfrom North Carolina to Ohio at the end of the month and I‟d like to purchase a new car GPS [...]Read the full article →
  4. 4. Hiking insole equipmentsTHe right insole equipments for hikerMoldable Superfeet COPPER DMP Premium Insoles @TheInsoleStore.comby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 30, 2011[ EDI T]Superfeet Copper DMP Premium Insoles: www.theinsolestore.com Superfeet COPPERDMP Insoles provides a calculated support, stability, balance and shock absorption. Witha Unique 3-Layer foam system featuring a Dynamic Molding Process to give your feet apersonalized fit without the need to heat the hiking insole hut sock in the oven * Ideal forlow-impact activities & all arch types * Recommended use with walking, golf, light hikingand/or standing for long periods -Every Day Wear. For the best fit, shoes should have aremovable insole{ Comments on this entry are closed }Peter Vacco Lessons learned: boots & hiking in the Arcticby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 29, 2011[ EDI T]Peter Vacco, experieced outdoors man and long time hiker explains everything you everwanted to know about equipment, boots, food, hiking poles and shares the knowledgethat he has gained from twenty years of solo hiking and campingVideo Rating: 5 / 5{ Comments on this entry are closed }Superfeet Green Premium Insoles Product VideoNOVEMBER 28, 2011 [ EDI T ]Men‟s Superfeet Green Premium: www.onlineshoes.com Women‟s Superfeet Green Premium:www.onlineshoes.com Designed primarily for footwear with a removable insole, the Superfeet GreenPremium provides maximum support for hiking and other active sports. It‟s ideal for feet with mediumto high arches. The extra deep heel cup delivers maximum shock absorption. The Agion® antimicrobialtop cover treatment [...]Read the full article →Asolo Men‟s Fugitive GTX Hiking Boot in Medium WidthNOVEMBER 27, 2011 [ EDI T ]Click here for more details: www.amazon.com Light supportive hiking boots with revolutionary DuoAsoflex insole. Water resistant suede and Cordura nylon upper. Fully gusseted tongue. Lightweightmetal hardwear. Gore-Tex lining insert. Removable footbed.
  5. 5. Read the full article →Superfeet Blue Insoles – Bestinsoles.comNOVEMBER 26, 2011 [ EDI T ]Orthotics for sports, walking, running and hiking. – www.bestinsoles.comRead the full article →Cheap thermal insolesNOVEMBER 25, 2011 [ EDI T ]Cheap thermal insoles Video Rating: 5 / 5Read the full article →Arch Supports/Foot Orthotics/Shoe Inserts/Insoles/Arch Supports/OrthoticsNOVEMBER 24, 2011 [ EDI T ]BEST Arch Supports, Foot Orthotics, Shoe Inserts/Insoles www.arch-supports-custom-foot-orthotics-shoe-inserts-insoles.com Foot Orthotics/Insoles/Inserts/Arch Supports. These make great kid/kids archsupports and children/childrens orthotics. Ace has selected only the BEST Arch Supports,…Read the full article →Superfeet Premium Insoles – Trimming & Fitting To Your Shoe@TheInsoleStore.comNOVEMBER 23, 2011 [ EDI T ]To View Superfeet Premium Insoles at: www.youtube.com Superfeet Green Premium Insoles:www.theinsolestore.com This sizing video of Superfeet Premium Insoles will help teach you how to“Trim to Fit” your shoe insoles to fit your shoes. We have a wide selection fo Superfeet Green, Wide-Green, Blue, Black, Berry, Orange, and 3/4 Shoe Inserts too. Superfeet Premium [...]Read the full article →Part 3 Backpacking Boots by NutnfancyNOVEMBER 22, 2011 [ EDI T]In this series I cover key features of backpacking boot construction to help you in your purchasedecision. I may have left some things out but I cover the important parts. I don‟t review specific bootsand probably won‟t ever: models change frequently and it‟s just logistically impossible for me now.Using the info I [...]Read the full article →Part 3 Backpacking Boots by NutnfancyNOVEMBER 22, 2011 [ EDI T]In this series I cover key features of backpacking boot construction to help you in your purchasedecision. I may have left some things out but I cover the important parts. I don‟t review specific bootsand probably won‟t ever: models change frequently and it‟s just logistically impossible for me now.Using the info I [...]Read the full article →
  6. 6. HammockFor camping or gardenHammocksby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 30, 2011[ EDI T]HammocksImage by Dan4thWe are now a two-hammock household.{ Comments on this entry are closed }hammock.by HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 29, 2011[ EDI T]hammock.Image by Sarah JaneA picture I shot of myself in a hiking camping hammock as I enjoyed the weekend at acamp site. It was cold with a blue sky.Question by flamdchicken: Where can i find a foldable hammock stand?I have a rope hammock and need a stand. I would like to get a folding hammock stand soI can just store it away when not in use but all I can find are folding hammock and standcombos, I just want the stand and not another hammock.Best answer:Answer by fuzzykjunebay,, outdoor outlets, some garden centers,,,,What do you think? Answer below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }HammocksNOVEMBER 28, 2011 [ EDI T ]Hammocks Image by Andrea Kirkby The village of Raquira is a sort of crafts centre for the whole ofColombia – hammocks hang outside many of the shops. Question by redzebra: How can I repair the
  7. 7. seams on my vinyl hammock? The elements have taken their toll on my favorite hammock, and now theseams [...]Read the full article →Hammocks, Santaigo, Lake AtitlanNOVEMBER 27, 2011 [ EDI T ]Hammocks, Santaigo, Lake Atitlan Image by racoles Hammocks, Santaigo, Lake Atitlan. Question bytigerlily23: How do I clean my Pawley‟s Island Hammock Swing? It is made out of rope like a hammock.It used to be white but over the years it has changed color a bit. I want to get it white again without [...]Read the full article →hammockNOVEMBER 26, 2011 [ EDI T ]hammock Image by Evan Ravitz kids in a hammock near Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Question bySoImpossible: is it possible to hang a hammock from the celling? i bought a hammock a while back andhavent figured out where i could put it, i was watching this movie earlier and i saw someone have ahammock [...]Read the full article →hammockNOVEMBER 25, 2011 [ EDI T ]hammock Image by mjk4219 from, not of, my hammock Question by armysniper076: What happenswhen you have a hammock on a boat? Say you have a hammock on a boat. And you have someone whogets seasick whenever they‟re out at sea. If that person lies down on the hammock, does it get them“double-seasick”, [...]Read the full article →Hammock T-Shirt – Feb. 27, 2008NOVEMBER 24, 2011 [ EDI T ]Hammock T-Shirt – Feb. 27, 2008 Image by Wonderdawg777 The cool cats over at Nashville‟sHammock Publishing have a 16-year-old annual tradition of giving out T-shirts to the people they workwith throughout the year. This year Hammock Publishing added a new twist to that tradition: T-shirt+Photo=Laptop. Wear the t-shirt, add a photo to the [...]Read the full article →hammocksNOVEMBER 23, 2011 [ EDI T ]hammocks Image by sunshineandbeyond we even brought a hammock home with us … Question byJLynn210: How can I weatherproof my hammock? I bought a hammock from Mexico and it‟s not treatedor weatherproof or anything so what can I buy to weatherproof it? Best answer: Answer by eskieloverREI and other camping/outdoor/RV stores sell [...]Read the full article →HammockNOVEMBER 22, 2011 [ EDI T]
  8. 8. Hammock Image by Jayeb333 He bought a hammock. Don‟t ask me why. Question by kcal: How do youkeep your pet rats from chewing their hammock? I feel like every time I put one up it is dismantledwithin a day or two. I have tried putting Eyelets into the corners but they still chew [...]Read the full article →HammockNOVEMBER 22, 2011 [ EDI T]Hammock Image by Jayeb333 He bought a hammock. Don‟t ask me why. Question by kcal: How do youkeep your pet rats from chewing their hammock? I feel like every time I put one up it is dismantledwithin a day or two. I have tried putting Eyelets into the corners but they still chew [...]Read the full article →Led FlashlightThe right led flashlight for hikerActual Lightby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 30, 2011[ EDI T]Actual LightFlash-less setting is very blurry when hand heldQuestion by Smithy: Need advice/tips with a survial situation!?Coming up in a few months (this summer), I plan to try to survive in the North Carolinamountains for five to seven days. I have minimal experience camping/hiking, so I come toyou for help.As far as gear goes I plan to bring:- Backpack- Striker to make fires- Axe/small knife- Fold-able shovel- Rope/string- Tarp- Collapsible pot (do they make these?)- Metal rack (like the ones that are on grills)
  9. 9. - MRE packs only to use in emergency- Flash light?Still undecided on if I am going to bring a small tent and a fishing pole, would like to tryto build my own shelter and would like to see if I could catch food without a fishing pole.Is there anything that I left out that may be needed?Any tips as to what find of food I should look for? My dad suggested crawlfish. Any othertips of hints you might have would be much appreciated.Thanks!Best answer:Answer by Joseph PI‟m a city slicker, so camping is probably way out of my arena. BUT, just for the heck of it,bring a fork, spoon, knife (other than hunting knife), few cans of prepared food (otherthan MRE), and a Can Opener. Some extra clothing and some old fashioned matches(what if you loose the striker). Might not hurt to bring some candles. And by all meansbring a small tent and a large, strong Tarp. Good Luck and have fun. ps. BugSpray/repellant.Add your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Canon 320EX Flash, LED Lightby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 29, 2011[ EDI T]Canon 320EX Flash, LED LightFull review of this flash on The Digital Story – www.thedigitalstory.comQuestion by prohoe: How to make the led lights from a computer case flashto the beat of a song using some kind of softwere.?OK so i have a computer case with a hiking led flashlight fan and some other led light inthe front. I want to find out how to make these lights flash to the beat of a song like someof he people can on youtube with the use of some software. Can some one please tell mehow to make this happen or what programs to use.Best answer:Answer by JoelKatzYou can‟t make the fan light flash because there‟s no wire connected to it (it‟s spinning
  10. 10. and powered inductively). Most of the front LEDs are hard-wired to specific circuits onthe motherboard and can‟t be made to flash either. You‟ll have to add your own displaywith its own LEDs to do this.Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }1 of 2 No Fill flash experiment on Les ChristiansenNOVEMBER 28, 2011 [ EDI T ]1 of 2 No Fill flash experiment on Les Christiansen Image by mikebaird 1 of 2 Les Christiansen – no fillflash used to lighten shadows of hat – 26 July 2008 Digital Photo Walk, Valencia Peak, Montana de OroThis photo is one of a pair, of subject Les Christiansen (see the other photo), [...]Read the full article →Mini Flashing Rear 5 LED Light – 141220082026NOVEMBER 27, 2011 [ EDI T ]Mini Flashing Rear 5 LED Light – 141220082026 Image by roland context:www.momentumplanet.com/blog/roland-tanglao/give-gift-light $ CAN 4.25 at mec.ca – Camera phoneupload powered by ShoZu Question by Jessica: what is the best way to mount my iphone 4 to my bikeand use the LED flash as a bike light? I‟m looking for the best [...]Read the full article →My lighting set 2NOVEMBER 26, 2011 [ EDI T ]My lighting set 2 Image by idua_japan blue light of the bottom is LED light Question by jcol58: Whatdoes flashing red LED light on front of Sony TV mean? TV screen went blank and red LED light flashesthree times, over and over. Best answer: Answer by J MIt‟s a signal for a engineer [...]Read the full article →2 of 2 Fill flash experiment on Les ChristiansenNOVEMBER 25, 2011 [ EDI T ]2 of 2 Fill flash experiment on Les Christiansen Image by mikebaird 2 of 2 Les Christiansen – Fill flashused to lighten shadows of hat – 26 July 2008 Digital Photo Walk, Valencia Peak, Montana de Oro Thisphoto is one of a pair, of subject Les Christiansen (see the other photo), intended to [...]Read the full article →LED starsNOVEMBER 24, 2011 [ EDI T ]LED stars Image by Esther Gibbons This one was taken at f11 and 3 seconds I thought the smalleraperture would give me more stars effects, but it seems to have less than with the f8 exposure. Maybethe angle of the backdrop affected the stars. Strobist info: LED lights behind, a flash to camera [...]Read the full article →AwashNOVEMBER 23, 2011 [ EDI T ]Awash Image by Lazy_Artist Holding the strange device, he was suddenly washed with a great flow oflight… Question by : im going backpacking across a the states form east to west. any important things i
  11. 11. should know? so im gonna go backpacking, pretty much roughing it by myself. im tired of stressing overdebt [...]Read the full article →LED flash lightNOVEMBER 22, 2011 [ EDI T]LED flash light Image by s. bär Question by Afg Hero: what happens if you rapidly strobe/flash a ledlight? The led light is working at low voltage (2v) compared to its recommended/maximum(3.2V/3.8V).I want to know if the led light would blow, and if the 555 timer chip would blow I found out the [...]Read the full article →Ring FlashNOVEMBER 21, 2011 [ EDI T]Ring Flash Image by Melissa Gray This is the start of my £4 ring flash Right, ok. It‟s going to be used formacro shots mainly, it‟s not big enough for portraits but if I can get great shots doing this I‟ll work out away to make a LED light ring that‟s bigger rather [...]Read the full article →Outdoor GearThe outdoor gearBike Gearsby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 30, 2011[ EDI T]Bike GearsImage by WELS.netRoad bike GearsQuestion by The account with no name: Why do people spend a lot of moneyon outdoor work-out gear?Those jogging pants are going to be washed over a thousand times in one year becausethey end up smelling like sweaty groin and sweaty buttt crack after you are done workingout…so why buy the fancy expensive jogging pants?You are eventually going to accidentally step on dog poo when jogging through the park,so why spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of sport sneakers?Why do you need the fancy expensive wrist band timer for? Just jog until you cant jog nomore.
  12. 12. Do you really need that fancy pair ray-bands that you are going to drop and get allscratched up?Best answer:Answer by DazedAndConfusedNo. But if someone has the money, why not spend it?Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }monsieur velo ~ gears 1by HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 29, 2011[ EDI T]monsieur velo ~ gears 1Image by striaticgears. i like em.they make fun noises when you shift, too.Question by MiMi ♥: Best outdoor hiking/camping gear store?Best answer:Answer by RalfcoderTry REI, Gander Mountain, or Campmor. Some Dick‟s Sporting Goods have a goodselection of gear. Some only have a good selection of clothes and golf gear.What do you think? Answer below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Backpacker LoveNOVEMBER 28, 2011 [ EDI T ]Backpacker Love Image by silentDAN After a long time on the road. 30kg? i dont know. everything youneed in life, not more, not less. on year on your back. behind, the beautiful mango-hostel in hervey bay,right next to fraser island on the the fraser coast in queensland, australia Question by Kevin L: What [...]Read the full article →Nordic Walking StöckeNOVEMBER 27, 2011 [ EDI T ]Nordic Walking Stöcke Image by Roberto Verzo Question by Hello: What kind of Outdoor Shed is Bestfor Storing Oversized Tools & Gear? Best answer: Answer by NathanGo for a Sequoia wood storage shed.It has a wide volume base and a barn shaped roof (gambrel) With sizes ranging from 12′ x 12′ to 12′ [...]Read the full article →Outdoor World, Springfield, MONOVEMBER 26, 2011 [ EDI T ]
  13. 13. Outdoor World, Springfield, MO Image by J. Stephen Conn In recent years the Bass Pro Shop companyhas built several new Outdoor World stores in major American cities, and I have visited several of them,in Orlando, Cincinnati, Nashville, etc. All of the stores are large and impressive, but none compares tothe original and [...]Read the full article →First-aid/Survival kitNOVEMBER 25, 2011 [ EDI T ]First-aid/Survival kit Image by germanium Some stuff I carry with me all the time. A TOPS SSS knife,tiny flashlight and some other small things. Question by Jeff R: What are some unique outdoor gamesformed in the United States? I‟m looking to teach New Hampshire kids about some games they may nothave had [...]Read the full article →eVent fabricsNOVEMBER 24, 2011 [ EDI T ]eVent fabrics Image by germaniumRead the full article →lombardi – skimble climbing competition: kei goes!NOVEMBER 23, 2011 [ EDI T ]lombardi – skimble climbing competition: kei goes! Image by mariachily Question by wakecrazed:camping and hiking outdoor gear? im looking to firmilrise my self in the hiking camping backpackingand climbing brands. like the most popular and highend i so far no of helly hansen north face colubiapetzl… what else is there for WELL knewn [...]Read the full article →climber lineupNOVEMBER 22, 2011 [ EDI T]climber lineup Image by mariachily Question by anne h: I have a stop over at Miami airport for 5 hours& I‟m wondering if there are any outletstores for outdoor gear? like Norht Face; Quicksilver, Oakley…Thanks a lot Best answer: Answer by darkness_55you would have to go all the way to saw grass or [...]Read the full article →climber lineupNOVEMBER 22, 2011 [ EDI T]climber lineup Image by mariachily Question by anne h: I have a stop over at Miami airport for 5 hours& I‟m wondering if there are any outletstores for outdoor gear? like Norht Face; Quicksilver, Oakley…Thanks a lot Best answer: Answer by darkness_55you would have to go all the way to saw grass or [...]Read the full article →HikingSmart hiking
  14. 14. WRC hike near Downtown Memphisby ADMI N on NOVEMBER 30, 2011WRC hike near Downtown Memphisphoto by Gary Bridgman*The two men facing each other are Charles Askew (WRC cofounder) and MikeJones whose wonderful documentary photos of the Wolf River are represented in boththis collection and in the Wolf River Flickr group pool* the photographer has granted the use of this image for the purpose of promoting wateror greenspace conservation under a Creative Commons license whereby the photographermust be credited by name.Question by Taknev: never go jungle with a smart company?Two guys were walking through the woods one day when one of them glanced behindthem and noticed a bear following them. He could see that the bear hadn‟t seen them yet,so he quickly sat on the ground and began taking off his hiking boots. By the time hisfriend noticed him sitting there, he had pulled his running shoes out of his backpack andwas putting them on.His friend said, “What are you doing ?”His friend pointed up the trail to reveal the bear coming towards them slowly but surely.He said,” Man you‟re crazy. There‟s no way you can outrun that bear!!”As he was standing up, his friend said, ” I don‟t have to outrun the bear, I just have tooutrun you!”Best answer:Answer by as 1this was a scene from the film „without a paddle‟and it wasnt funny then!Add your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Inside Smarts Mountain Towerby ADMI N on NOVEMBER 29, 2011
  15. 15. Inside Smart hiking Mountain TowerQuestion by MRCOOL: Is pet smart good for socializing my 8 month GermanShepherd puppy?So basically when my dog was a younger puppy I could only find small dogs to play withhim but he met sooooo many of my friends and family, short and tall he met them all. Buta week and half of bad weather kept us inside he started to get scared of tall people butwas still okay with small children and friends that were average height but then anothertwo weeks later he started to bark in a low tone but not lunging or growling, nothing toshow signs of aggression. He is trained to the point where he‟ll track with his nose,sit,stayto a certain point, lay down, speak on command and shake paws. Hes very friendly tofriends cautious of big people as was demonstrated at pet smart where he started barkingat everyone. But when a small dog passed by he was waggin his tail and wanted to play.When I signed up for training the trainer told me he just needed to get used to manysituations and even suggested to join her facebook page called (paws on the shore) wherehe would meet many other dogs and situations on a hike. So I‟m wondering does it seemlike a good training plan for my scaredy cat shepherd. If not please tell me of bettertraining place near york region or Toronto, that you have experienced. Thank You.Best answer:Answer by King Les The LoftyThe socialisation period ended when Pup became 13 weeks old, although if well startedbefore that it can continue through 16 weeks old.Although everyone calls it “socialisation”, that is actually a bad term, deluding peoplesuch as yourself into thinking it means playing with people & pups. A more accurate termwould be exposure or familiarisation. The purpose is to (once Pup trusts you) expose it –from a distance PUP considers safe – to every movement, reflection, scent, sight, sound,texture to be found in its environment. It should be done on a 6ft/2m lead where thereare NO dogs running loose, with Pup allowed to try to “explore in all directions at once”except when you need to haul it away from dangerous or disgusting things, or from ascared human. And if Pup wants to sit & think about a new thing, or to hide behind you,you should let it, patiently waiting still & silent until Pup decides to ignore or investigatethis new thing, whereupon you praise it – and, if it is still close enough, give it a rub orpat of encouragement.YOU should then have been in a training-club class (NOT a pet-shop play-group) startingwhen Pup was 18-22 weeks old, so that you were coached to be an effective trainer.
  16. 16. You should NOT be encouraging Pup to play with other dogs. His attention should befocussed on YOU and the other people & animals in your household.Next time he barks, instantly wrap the leash around his muzzle so that he can‟t open itenough to bark, then command him with “Quiet!” or “No bark!” or whatever simplephrase you will CONSISTENTLY use when he is noisy at the wrong time.Facebook pages, web-pages, commercial videos, books, telephone conversations – ALL ofthem have the same flaw: They cannot OBSERVE YOU to see & hear your errors in use of“the voices”, timing, body-language, balance, use of rewards vs reprimands. Nor can theyobserve your pet‟s reactions. And so they cannot coach you, they can only suggestprinciples.Most pet-shop “trainers” have never subjected themselves to the “proof of the pudding” ofcompeting in Agility or Companion-Utility Trials or Obedience Tests or SchutzHundTrials.If you (or a family member) had a phobia, would you force yourself (that person) to besurrounded by what you (he/she) is scared of?A far better plan is to keep your dog interested in as much as he is confident about, andlet scary-to-him things stay outside his “bubble” (the distance outside which he couldn‟tcare less about things, but inside which he reacts – it‟s like birds that will let you reachtheir “bubble” before taking flight). In training classes you keep his attention fixed onYOU, so that he comes to realise that if he ignores what other dogs & people are doingthey will ignore him but you will praise-&-reward him. At 8 months old he is salvageable,although he will never be a bold pooch.• Add http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/The_GSD_Source to your browser‟sBookmarks or Favorites so that you can easily look up such as feeding, vaccinations,worming, clubs, weights, teething, neutering, disorders, genetics.In its Links section click GSD_Clubs to get the head offices of the GSDCC and GSSCC andfind out where their nearest training class is (you don‟t want show-training, nor do youwant bite-work training, you want obedience training – and the agility+obedience andtracking sections of SchutzHund might suit you well). Then switch to the Kennel_Clubsto get the web-site of the CKC and find out which of its all-breeds clubs have trainingclasses near you.Toronto has enough humans that there OUGHT to be several clubs you can choose from,if you are happy to drive a bit. Even just York should have at least half a dozen.• To ask about GSDs, join some of the 400+ YahooGroups dedicated to various aspects ofliving with GSDs. Each group‟s Home page tells you which aspects they like to discuss,and how active they are. Unlike YA, they are set up so that you can have an ongoingdiscussion with follow-up questions for clarification. Most allow you to include photos.
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