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Guitar amplifier

  1. 1. Guitar AmplifierThe right place for Guitar, Piano or other musical instruments amplifiersStudio rearrangementby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011Studio rearrangementImage by NathanaelBNow I have a whole room for my music studio, just reorganised everything so I can haveeverything set-up permanently … means I‘ve been able to use it a lot more recently …particularly having the drumkit mics set up.PS: This was taken with a 10mm wide angle lens – the room is nowhere near as big as itlooks!!I‘m still learning audio production and putting bass, drums and piano together intocohesive sounding tracks … but if you want to see some of the stuff I‘ve recorded, have alook at the Music page on my blog. Track #44 is my current fav. It‘ll also make you realisewhy I have GAS for a Clavia Nord Electro 2Also I‘m selling a few bits and pieces.Question by Michael: What is a good camera for loud home music recording(piano guitar bass, all electric)?I will use this camera for putting my music onto youtube, so It needs to be easy to connectto my computer and edit. Audio quality is my biggest concern, I am a musician who playselectric guitar electric bass electric piano and acoustic guitar, the amplifier was a hugeproblem with my webcam and if i played acoustic guitar to loud, it sounded like crunch.size doesn‘t matter, it can be pretty big, or small. Also video quality isnt a concern fornow, mostly low frequencies and loud music need to come through clear, and it needs tobe easy to edit with cheap software that i have (mixpad, videopad, audiopad) and ifpossible i dont like recording onto a disk. Please help me, the quality of my youtubevideos are no longer acceptable.Best answer:Answer by Dave LaBudaYou will want to get a Camcorder like thiws Cannon – that has both
  2. 2. Mic and Headphone jacks so you can attach one or two (using a line splitter) good studioquality microphones to the camcorder and then monitor the input volume from theheadphones. If you get one of these – – then you can record in stereo placing two microphones strategically to pickupall the instruments and you will also be able to control the volume prior to recording it.The best idea of course, is to get Pro Tools and be able to record both the video and themusic and be able to edit and synchronize both and have mixing, mastering and effectscapability so you can produce a high quality picture and broadcast quality sound.Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Vox and the Gibsonby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 9, 2011Vox and the GibsonImage by EverJeanQuestion by Anthrax Rabbit: Is there such thing as a piano that usespickups?Similar to those found in a guitar, so that you can plug it into an amplifier.I mean, similar to those found in an electric guitar.Best answer:Answer by LucasManI guess you COULD do it, but I don‘t see a point. Sticking a microphone inside the pianois much more sensible.There are also electric pianos that use a variety of mechanisms other than strings tocreate sound.What do you think? Answer below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Jeff Healey‘s Jazz Wizards Setup – 8DECEMBER 8, 2011Jeff Healey‘s Jazz Wizards Setup – 8 Image by ckaiserca Setting up for Jeff Healey‘s Jazz Wizards at theNewmarket Theatre Drum Rug and AC cables for Amplifiers in place Question by Miguel Gabriel: Can iadd effects to a electric piano? Hi i decided to buy an electric piano, and now i would like [...]
  3. 3. Read the full article →Jeff Healey‘s Jazz Wizards Setup – 10DECEMBER 7, 2011Jeff Healey‘s Jazz Wizards Setup – 10 Image by ckaiserca Setting up for Jeff Healey‘s Jazz Wizards at theNewmarket Theatre Drum Kit and guitar piano amplifier in place Question by Gary T: Can anyone tellme about the Wurlitzer Model 7020 amplifier….was it made for the wurlitzer Piano????? Best answer:Answer by flavor fyes but [...]Read the full article →AMPSDECEMBER 6, 2011AMPS Image by coleydude My guitar amplifiers. Question by dudeitsrakan: How can I fix my guitaramplifier after connecting a bass to it? I have a guitar amplifier and I connected a bass to it. I playedwith it for a few minuets then it turned off all of a sudden. I kept on switching [...]Read the full article →Project 365 #41: 100211 The EqualiserDECEMBER 5, 2011Project 365 #41: 100211 The Equaliser Image by comedy_nose Do you ever remember ‗The Equaliser‘?Eighties action series with Edward Woodward as the unlikely hero? Anyway, that‘s by the by. Tonightwas a late one as we had a concert on in school. I usually end up either snapping, filming or mixing, andtonight I [...]Read the full article →Peavey Guitar amplifiers family 2DECEMBER 5, 2011Peavey Guitar amplifiers family 2 Image by fvancini Question by Greyed Out: What kind of guitaramplifier should I buy? I‘ve been in the market for a new guitar amplifier and I am not sure which one Ishould choose. I would like a detailed answer providing specs of the amplifier, and why I should [...]Read the full article →Electric Guitars For SaleDECEMBER 4, 2011Electric Guitars For Sale Image by Commack Guitars We buy, sell, trade, and repair old and new guitars,amps, and accessories. Guitar setups start at . Music lessons (guitar, piano, bass) are per half hour,private one-on-one instruction. First lesson for new students, with absolutely no obligation. Question byalvaro: Would a Peavey Backstage Amplifier [...]Read the full article →Peavey Guitar amplifiers familyDECEMBER 2, 2011Peavey Guitar amplifiers family Image by fvancini Peavey Guitar amplifiers family Question by Tim Thecool guy: What is the difference between an electric guitar amplifier and acoustic guitar amplifier? Anyguitar can be connected to any amplifier right? I have a aeg10e acoustic/electric guitar. What amplifiershould I buy for it? Can I buy [...]Read the full article →NAMM 2007 – Orange AD50 amplifier.
  4. 4. DECEMBER 2, 2011NAMM 2007 – Orange AD50 amplifier. Image by Eleventh Earl of Mar Question by Asiandude: Can youuse a guitar amplifier on the piano? Best answer: Answer by MysticI use my amp for anything, mp3,ipod, speakers..etc Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!Read the full article →HDMI cableThe right place for HDMI cable.The tale of the $695 HDMI Cableby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011The tale of the 5 HDMI CableImage by jtjdtPosted via email from Jtjdt.comQuestion by Creative Name: Can a HDMI cable replace Component cables?Or do they have completely different functions?Will the picture/audio quality of a HDTV be better with both a HDMI and Componentcables?Best answer:Answer by G I C A B Gee I see a BeeYep and nopeYep… If you get one of them there HDMI cables you be lookin at Tee Vee a lot better thannow.Nope your dang Tee Vee won‘t be usen but one of them cables at ant one time. So it beone or another not bein both.Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }HDMI cable $2by HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 9, 2011
  5. 5. HDMI cableImage by Jon.JenningsOr you could spend in FutureShopQuestion by Alex: Is there a real difference between HDMI and componentcables?I have a Sony Grand Wega LCD rear projector HDTV. I have digital cable installed andam running component cables from the HD-DVR to my television. Would I notice a hugedifference if I switched from the component cables to a HDMI cable? I know that YPbPris for analog signals and YCbCr is for digital signals, but I honestly don‘t know whichcables I have.Best answer:Answer by Bob WYPbPr and YCbCr are just two different names for the same thing. Both are analogcomponent inputs.I don‘t have HDMI so I can‘t give you a definitive answer, but from what I‘ve seen frompeople‘s online comments, you will not see a big difference. And HDMI can beproblematic, because it‘s a bi-directional channel which needs an initial handshake to getthe digital protocol started. Not all HDMI-capable components are 100% compatible witheach other.I think your picture quality is limited by what you‘re getting from your cable company.It‘s somewhat possible you‘d get better PQ from an HD DVD or Blu-Ray high def DVDplayer over HDMI. But I doubt your cable signal would show much difference.Give your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }HDMI CableDECEMBER 8, 2011 [ EDI T]HDMI Cable Image by Home Cinema Pictures Question by T.S.: Does an hdmi cable really sound betterthan composite cables? I have my blu-ray player hooked up to a 5.1 capable sound bar using the old redand white composite cables, but i‘m thinking of using an hdmi cable to connect the 2, will that [...]Read the full article →$300 HDMI CableDECEMBER 7, 2011 [ EDI T]
  6. 6. 0 HDMI Cable Image by milowinningham At a NYC Circuit City. The worst cable ripoff I‘ve ever seen.Question by moolamaka32: Can I hook up my HDMI Cable to my 360 without having to hook up myyellow, red and white cables? Hi, I want to hook up my 360 to my hd tv in [...]Read the full article →Cheapo HDMI cable from TescoDECEMBER 7, 2011 [ EDI T]Cheapo HDMI cable from Tesco Image by alx_chief One of the local Tescos is selling cheap HMDIcables, why pay more? These have been marked down from nearly ten quid, seems like a good deal.Question by Lukas: What‘s the difference between HDMI Cable and Component Cables? If i have myX360 hooked up to [...]Read the full article →HDMI CableDECEMBER 6, 2011 [ EDI T]HDMI Cable Image by (^_^) wellwin Pearl Audio 2M HDMI for 0 Question by jkohli89: What cablesare needed to hook my xbox 360 to my hdmi computer monitor? I have the hdmi cable for my xbox torun to my computer monitor. The PROBLEM is that I have no sound. The only sound port [...]Read the full article →asda £10 3M hdmi cableDECEMBER 5, 2011 [ EDI T]asda £10 3M hdmi cable Image by osde8info asda £10 3M hdmi cable so asda really is £5 cheaper thansainsbury‘s Question by NoExpense: Whats the difference between different HDMI cables? I herd thereare gold plated ones that are expensive. But the other day I went to the electronics store and saw a gold[...]Read the full article →sainsbury‘s 3m hdmi cableDECEMBER 3, 2011 [ EDI T]sainsbury‘s 3m hdmi cable Image by fsse8info sainsbury‘s 3m hdmi cable Question by P: Does an HDMIcable give better quality compared to HD component cables? Does it make a big visual difference if i usean HDMI cable or an HD component cable? Or is it basically just the convenience of the HDMI cable [...]Read the full article →$45 HDMI Cable Ripoff at TargetDECEMBER 2, 2011 [ EDIT]HDMI Cable Ripoff at Target Image by twid This 8 foot HDMI cable costs .62 at, soTarget is charging nearly 10x the price that another vendor can sell at and still make a profit. Actualcable cost is probably . I like how it is locked up so that it appears more valuable. [...]Read the full article →Time for the HDMI cableDECEMBER 2, 2011 [ EDIT]Time for the HDMI cable Image by Steven Combs We connected our AppleTV using the HDMI cable.This single cable provides both video and audio and provides the best connection Question by Bholla: hdmi
  7. 7. cables?????????? we bought an HDTV and i was wondering if i needed a hdmi cable? we have io cable[...]Read the full article →HeadphoneThe right place place for headphone selection.iPhone 4 Bumper: Recessed Headphone Jackby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011iPhone 4 Bumper: Recessed Headphone JackImage by Yutaka TsutanoWith the iPhone 4 Bumper, you will have a recessed headphone jack just like the originaliPhone.I also realized that the dock connecter is also recessed. Even Apple‘s own VGA adapterwon‘t fit.Question by AWS: What gaming headphone have the best sound qualityever?I am going to buy a new gaming headphone for my pc, so i need someone to suggest mewhich brand should i buy.Best answer:Answer by C JTRITTON AX Pro Dolby Digital 5.1 True Surround Sound Headset With 8 PrecisionSpeakers – XBOX/PS3/PCThey are almost $ 200 but they are worth every dollar if you do serious gaming.Give your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Decent headphones on iPhone w/o adapter!by HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011
  8. 8. Decent headphones on iPhone w/o adapter!Image by schmeebisThanks to Rob Griffiths and careful use of a utility knife, I can now use good headphoneson my iPhone without a ridiculous looking Belkin product playing electric signal brokerwith me.Question by Someone somewhere! Guess who!: How can I use a headphonewith my Sherwood receiver?I just bought a Sherwood RD-5405 because it has a digital coaxial audio input needed formy projector. I then found out this receiver has no headphone output. I am planning toconnect my front projector with a digital coaxial cable to this receiver and use theheadphone to watch movies late at night. Thanks.Best answer:Answer by Carlton your doormanWell the bad news is you can‘t. Not without going to some elaborate and expensiveexternal device. You might be able to get a headphone amplifier with a HDMI input andhook it to the HDMI output on the Sherwood. However by the time you do that you willhave spend as much as if you bought a better receiver with a digital coaxial input ANDand headphone jack. My advice is to take the Sherwood back and get a better receiver asdescribed. Quite frankly Sherwood isn‘t very good stuff anyway. You‘d be better off withMarantz, Onkyo, Yamaha or maybe even Sony.Add your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }My headphones, let me show you themDECEMBER 8, 2011 [ EDI T]My headphones, let me show you them Image by sickmouthy Let me show you my headphones!Question by Harison F: would wireless headphones work if my ipods headphone jack is broken? my ipodtouch has a broken headphone jack, it costs 150 to repair and thats a rip. can i use wireless headphonesto listen [...]Read the full article →Selfmade headphone driver – MK1DECEMBER 7, 2011 [ EDI T]Selfmade headphone driver – MK1 Image by modul This is my current full setup of portable stereo,including my just finished headphone driver (after schematics from by Greg Szekeres). Ithink there will be some improvements or changes… but now it already works very well… and looksreally neat, hu? Question by flip12272000: will [...]Read the full article →
  9. 9. headphonesDECEMBER 6, 2011 [ EDI T]headphones Image by phossil Yep, that‘s me using my pair of headphones. Want to try to guess what amI listening? The original article for this picture lives at by blacklight_poetry: What is your preferred headphone for an MP3 player? Ear buds, aroundthe neck, behind the ear, jellied buds…. I have a [...]Read the full article →Day 99 – Headphone Amp TestingDECEMBER 5, 2011 [ EDI T]Day 99 – Headphone Amp Testing Image by Phil and Pam Well whilst Jim was over we got theheadphone amp going. That is, we plugged the battery on to it. Can‘t believe it‘s been sat there for agesand it was nearly finished, and I forgot! I just need to put it in a [...]Read the full article →Headphone jack, on a ―drive-thru‖ ATM!?!DECEMBER 5, 2011 [ EDI T]Headphone jack, on a ―drive-thru‖ ATM!?! Image by Adam Melancon Looks like I‘ll have to bring mesome headphones the next time I need a to find out what they are jamming to on that thing! Question bymotormouth19tw: How to use headphone and play instrumental while trying to record rap? How to useheadphone [...]Read the full article →iPod Headphones CollectionDECEMBER 4, 2011 [ EDI T]iPod Headphones Collection Image by williamli iPod Headphones Collection Question by bd b: Wherecan i find a headphone that fits my mp4 player? I have a non-branded japanese mp4 player. It worksfine, except the headphones are utterly rubbish. I am having difficulty in finding a pair that has the samesize jack on [...]Read the full article →new headphonesDECEMBER 2, 2011 [ EDIT]new headphones Image by robby-T Due to the proprietary headphone connector on my cellphone, I wasforced to use garbage headphones if i wanted to use the MP3 playback capabilities on my cellphone. So imade up a headphone jack ghetto-rig. I can still use the hands-free functionality, on the headset- and ican use [...]Read the full article →HeadphonesDECEMBER 2, 2011 [ EDIT]Headphones Image by James F Clay Headphones Question by Oneil: What is the best headphone on themarket that arent dre beats? Well i lost my ipod four months ago and i took this job thingy that pays meat the end. So now im going to get my 1000 dollars. I wore the dr [...]Read the full article →
  10. 10. iPhoneThe right place for iPhone audio tools.OSX apps I currently use (January 2010)by HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011OSX apps I currently use (January 2010)Image by dougbelshawI use some of these a lot more than others…Demo of Smaart Tools, an in-app purchase available within AudioTools. Smaart Toolsruns on iPhone speaker, iPod touch, and iPad.Video Rating: 5 / 5{ Comments on this entry are closed }25 of 365: Voices of Clean Air Kansasby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 9, 201125 of 365: Voices of Clean Air KansasImage by tswicegoodI won‘t have too many photos of computer screens, but this one is pretty cool. Over theweekend I helped a new client, Clean Air Kansas get a feature loaded up on theirsite: Voices of Clean Air Kansas.As the text says, they have thousands of recordings talking from Kansas citizens speakingin favor of a state-wide ban on smoking. This tool allows people to listen to those voices,just by hitting the page. Each refresh gets a new recording. The really neat tie-in is theFacebook Share feature. It embeds the audio directly into Facebook using their audiosharing iRig Recorder is a powerful and flexible audio recording app foryour iOS device that is convenient and easy to use. You can have a professional recordingtool there at your fingertips anytime, anywhere along with intuitive and practical editingfunctions and various export options to fit your audio needs wherever your mobile lifetakes you. iRig Recorder is the perfect companion to iRig Mic. Take iRig Mic and iRig
  11. 11. Recorder anywhere to capture podcasts, interviews, concerts… any sound out in the fieldor right there at home. Then use iRig Recorder‘s intuitive editing tools to cut, crop or loopyour audio and its powerful effects processors to optimize tone for speech or music, cleanup background noise, brighten your voice for clarity and presence, smooth your voice inharsh or overly bright recordings or change the speed of your tracks without affectingtheir pitch.{ Comments on this entry are closed }25 of 365: Voices of Clean Air KansasDECEMBER 9, 2011 [ EDI T]25 of 365: Voices of Clean Air Kansas Image by tswicegood I won‘t have too many photos of computerscreens, but this one is pretty cool. Over the weekend I helped a new client, Clean Air Kansas get afeature loaded up on their site: Voices of Clean Air Kansas. As the text says, they [...]Read the full article →RYOBI TEK4DECEMBER 8, 2011 [ EDI T]RYOBI TEK4 Image by flyzor Ryobi Introduces the Tek4 Portable Power Source powered by the Tek4 4VLithium-Ion battery technology. This tool offers a number of advanced features such as: WeatherResistant for the rough environments, compatible with multiple electronics for versatility and is packedwith multiple adaptors for cell phones, blackberry‘s, iPods and iPhones. [...]Read the full article →My ToolsDECEMBER 7, 2011 [ EDI T]My Tools Image by bjohnson First look at Monle, a 4 track digital audio editor for the iPhone and iPodtouch. Video Rating: 4 / 5Read the full article →Social Media OutpostsDECEMBER 6, 2011 [ EDI T]Social Media Outposts Image by the tartanpodcast Today I‘m working at a client‘s premises where I‘vegot a workstation set up with my Apple Cinema Display. It‘s all a bit laborious today as I need to gothrough all of their social media content and make sure it‘s in all the outposts it should be. [...]Read the full article →Hipstamatic iPhone photos of Afghanistan by Damon Winter in New YorkTimes HIP_312243252.278671DECEMBER 5, 2011 [ EDI T]Hipstamatic iPhone photos of Afghanistan by Damon Winter in New York TimesHIP_312243252.278671 Image by Steve Rhodes The registration of the photos was bad on the insidepages of this copy of the NY Times – they look better… The story
  12. 12. Some reactions, an image of the front page,and another Hipstamatic [...]Read the full article →Hipstamatic iPhone photos of Afghanistan by Damon Winter in New YorkTimes HIP_312243377.099475DECEMBER 5, 2011 [ EDI T]Hipstamatic iPhone photos of Afghanistan by Damon Winter in New York TimesHIP_312243377.099475 Image by Steve Rhodes The registration of the photos was bad on the insidepages of this copy of the NY Times – they look better… The Some reactions, an image of the front page,and another Hipstamatic [...]Read the full article →iPhone OS 3.0!DECEMBER 2, 2011 [ EDIT]iPhone OS 3.0! Image by ıʇʇǝʌ‫ן‬ɐɔ ɥsoɾ Another Apple announcement, another Flickr blog. Here goes…First off, it looks good. Developers obviously have gotten the most benefits, but what do you expect froman SDK intro, you know? I will not mention the various developer APIs, as most of you probably aren‘tinterested. I will, [...]Read the full article →Hipstamatic iPhone photos of Afghanistan by Damon Winter in New YorkTimes HIP_312243282.189517DECEMBER 1, 2011 [ EDIT ]Hipstamatic iPhone photos of Afghanistan by Damon Winter in New York TimesHIP_312243282.189517 Image by Steve Rhodes… The story Some reactions, an image ofthe front page, and another Hipstamatic image of the photos… These are the iPhone photos in the NY Times magazine that are Associated Press photographer David [...]Read the full article →
  13. 13. IPodThe right place for iPod Audio tools.June 2006 Desktop Rigby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011June 2006 Desktop RigImage by John BiehlerIkea Jerker desk bearing the weight of a geek‘s toys and toolsQuestion by eyesofsadness_101: HOw do i transfer my songs?OK ive tried to transfer my songs to my laptop this way:‖Plug your iPod speaker or iPhone into your computer.From the Desktop, go to My Computer and find the iPod (usually designated by a driveletter. i e. E: or F:)Open the damn thing.Go to Tools > Folder Options > View (the tab) > scroll to Show Hidden Files and Foldersand click it.Click OK.Go back to your iPod folder/drive, there you will find a new folder called iPod_ControlOpen it.The Music folder in it will have a bunch of folders named F00, F01 and so on. THEYHAVE YOUR MP3s AND VIDEOS. Look through the folders to find your stuff.You can also use the Search utility in Windows and search for a particular audio file onyour iPod. Just make sure you specify to search in Hidden Files or Folders‖But my ipod comes up as a photo device instead of an ipod! Ive also downloaded somesoftware that didnt really do much for my.HELP!Best answer:Answer by PorlYou can use an ipod to computer transfer program to help.I personally use CucusoftiPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer.It helps me to transfer mysongs/videos/photos/playlists etc from ipod to my computer directly and safely.It workswell for me,you can give it a try.
  14. 14. Free download it at: even has step-by-step guide on the whole process.Hope it helps.You can use to search moreAdd your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }What‘s in my bag HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011What‟s in my bag #2..Image by william.nSo…now that I don‘t have the red bag down there on the right I thought I should postanother one of these photos. (Although at the time of this image I was still using the redmessenger bag..)This is a collection of the stuff I was carrying around at times. As a result I bought a newbackpack. The single strap messengers are really nice, however they do not offer the levelof support for your body to be healthy when you carry around a large amount of heavythings.Enter the backpack. I‘ll be getting a good image of that at some point.(Also as a note. I do not necessarily carry all of this all of the time and I try to move stuffout when I can.)Question by Rebecca S: Any Grammar Errors In This?Below is my assignment I wrote. I have an instructor very strict about grammar.I need toget my grade back up. Any errors anyone sees?—————————————————————————————————The technological tools offered by Axia College provide resourceful information to theaverage student. Students of Axia College are able to use these tools during any period ofthe day. These tools help the students to better understand the lessons in their courses.An example of two tools are the digital stories and audio appendixes. These tools allowstudents to feel connected to the classroom. Digital stories also help the visual learners,while the audio appendixes help the audio learners. Another tool Axia college provides
  15. 15. are tutorials. Tutorials help students to achieve excellence with their schooling byinteraction. I feel Axia College has created a fair and equal learning environment for allstudents by adding these assessments to their online college.The ability to download appendixes in audio format helps to improve my educationalexperience. As an auditory learner I am able to gain more from the audio format, then Iwould be able to by just reading the appendixes. Audio format could also be moreconvenient to other classmates who have items such as an iPod or a mp3 player. Thiswould allow those students to take the appendixes with them wherever they needed to go.I am thankful for the ability to listen to the audio appendixes provided by Axia College.Wow! Thank you all for all the great help! I appreciate it a lot!Just so people also know, this is meant to be in first person. The assignment said so.Best answer:Answer by RichardFirst paragraph, third sentence. ―to better understand‘ is passive. This is not necessarilyan error but is grammatically incorrect. I am not sure how strict your teacher is aboutthings like this.First paragraph, fourth sentence. It should read ―An example of two tools is…‖ not are.Second paragraph, second sentence. Add a comma after the word learner.Second paragraph, third sentence. change ―a mp3″ to ―an mp3″.Give your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }IMG 2513 editDECEMBER 8, 2011 [ EDI T]IMG 2513 edit Image by Rubin 110 Two items I‘m missing are a hand full of audio cables that arecurrently on loan at NIMBY, and a pair of clean socks I keep with me all the time. I have been known tokeep a pack of nuts with me, or a few Clif bars. [...]Read the full article →Stickam: multi-dimensional communication toolDECEMBER 7, 2011 [ EDI T]Stickam: multi-dimensional communication tool Image by ~C4Chaos it‘s fun stuff… and you can use itto pimp yo‘ rabbit hole. Question by Chintan: What is a good audio recording program? I have an audioto audio jack and there is this song online which I can‘t find anywhere else to buy or download. Butapparently [...]Read the full article →
  16. 16. what‘s in your bag – 2007DECEMBER 6, 2011 [ EDI T]what‘s in your bag – 2007 Image by MJ/TR (´・ω・) Thank you for using ! Question by »»♠♥♠♥♠♥»»: Song suggestions for my ipod..? i desperately need some new music,so do you have any song suggestions? i like rock, metal, techno/dance, punk, classical, symphony typemusic… bands i like: Evanescence, Paramore, AFI, Blaqk Audio, [...]Read the full article →SwicherDECEMBER 5, 2011 [ EDI T]Swicher Image by José Ramón de Lothlórien Question by She‘s London Born: VLC converter? Pleasehelp convert video for Ipod? I downloaded a movie from frostwire. Then, I downloaded the VLC mediaplayer. This media player plays the movie perfectly. Now, I‘m trying to figure out how I can use this VLCmedia player to [...]Read the full article →Trabajando??DECEMBER 5, 2011 [ EDI T]Trabajando?? Image by José Ramón de Lothlórien Question by bedtrime: audioconversion?????HELP!!? ok….i have tons of music from sony connect and im buying a ipod soon. i needlinks or places i can find a audio conversion tool to convert lik 50 songs to mp3 cuz i was told AAC couldbe impossible!! not to [...]Read the full article →ComunicaciónDECEMBER 4, 2011 [ EDI T]Comunicación Image by José Ramón de Lothlórien Question by Austin: How do I remove PioneerDEH_P4500 MP audio device? I‘m trying to connect the DEH_P4500 MP to my ipod. So,I got a cablewhich needs to be connected to the back of that device. Can you suggest me the best way to get thataudio [...]Read the full article →Digi 002DECEMBER 2, 2011 [ EDIT]Digi 002 Image by José Ramón de Lothlórien Question by Me: How do you extract an audio track from aDVD so you can make it into MP3s? I have a concert DVD and want to pull the audio off and makeindividual MP3s of the songs to load on my Ipod or burn to [...]Read the full article →Lente MacDECEMBER 1, 2011 [ EDIT ]Lente Mac Image by José Ramón de Lothlórien Que quede claro que no me gusta la Mac, pero estabaaburriedo en mi lugarRead the full article →
  17. 17. Audio KitThe right place for audio KitTaye Drum Kitby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011Taye Drum KitImage by Rob StempleThe drum kit that we brought of the Cape May Jazz Fest. In Carney‘s other room.Question by Christian H: i live in Manhattan new york where can i go to buya car audio installation kit?iam looking for the kit that comes in a box with speaker wire sub woofer wire amp cablesthe fuseBest answer:Answer by me mango online..www.woofersct.comwww.onlinecarstereo.comAdd your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }‗Casting Kit Laptopby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 9, 2011„Casting Kit LaptopImage by OWLSwebThe Dell Latitude purchased for the ‗Casting Kit. Nice 17" display!Question by Andrew J: Will any amp wiring kit work with a car audio systemif it comes with “everything”?I have 2 12″ polk audio subwoofers with a Dual Electronics 600 watt ampBest answer:
  18. 18. Answer by inktownlegendyes and noit needs to be the correct size (gauge)it may come with all of the wiring (for after market radio), like power and ground wires,the remote wire, and your RCA cables. It should come with an in-line fuse holder and fusesometimes you need extra wire connectors, cable ties, and you may need a ―line outputconverter‖ if your radio does not have RCA preamp outputsKnow better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Podcasting KitDECEMBER 8, 2011Podcasting Kit Image by jagelado Así se monta Comunicando, con paciencia y una caña Question byyagerbomb: If I add more resistors and LEDs to this VU audio meter kit can I increase the number ofvolume ―bars‖ ? So there‘s a vu meter instructional thing at . Let‘s say I get all the [...]Read the full article →Hi-Audio JumperDECEMBER 7, 2011Hi-Audio Jumper Image by mpechner You can see the switch, which exposed the internal hi audiojumper. I will be using radios that do need it and others that don‘t. Question by Joseph: Audio in dashkit help for 2001 GMC Sierra? I‘m thinking about buying a A/V Receiver called AVH-P4200DVD (Whichhas a 7in‖ [...]Read the full article →Seeedstudio capacitor meter kitDECEMBER 6, 2011Seeedstudio capacitor meter kit Image by tronixstuff Test run of the Seeedstudio Capacitor Meter kit.The first capacitor is a 4.7uF electrolytic, the second is a 1.5pF ceramic. This clip is video only, no audio.Read the full article →Pioneer DJ KIT Players and recorder for HireDECEMBER 6, 2011Pioneer DJ KIT Players and recorder for Hire Image by AV Hire London Rent Pioneer DJ KIT Playersand recorder from £150 per day or £450 per week. Pioneer DJ KIT – CDJ1000 MkIII CD decks (pair)and one Pioneer DJM600 4-channel performance mixer. More details about this and other AV productsfor hire at [...]Read the full article →Model of portable audio kitDECEMBER 5, 2011Model of portable audio kit Image by antgirl Question by Mike: Is there away to install a new car audiodeck without a kit? I have an ‘03 Nissan Sentra and i just bought my JVC KD-HDR20 Deck, MyKenwood Class D Mono Amp, and my 10″ Alpine Type R Sub, and a box, and [...]
  19. 19. Read the full article →Over 1kg of kitDECEMBER 4, 2011Over 1kg of kit Image by tronixstuff Silicon Chip Magazine (02/1999) Audio Signal Generator kit fromthe 20th century – brand new, hiding in the bargain bin at Altronics – ! Stay tuned for progress over thenext week. Question by Ken M: I need a remote audio kit for video production? My school would [...]Read the full article →The Jack Audio Connection KitDECEMBER 2, 2011The Jack Audio Connection Kit Image by lazzarello Question by Jerardo: Where can I find a car poweraudio amp schematic and kit so I can make it myself? I am an electronics student and I want to make acar audio power amplifier myself because I heard that the labor cost too high and [...]Read the full article →Rokit studio speakersDECEMBER 2, 2011Rokit studio speakers Image by Evens Hill One of my Rokit speaker. i use for video editing. A greatupgrade since u use to have logitech speakers ; ) Question by 907 Dude: WHERE CAN I GET AN AUDIORECORDING KIT? I want to set up a small audio/voice recording studio in my house. I [...]Read the full article →
  20. 20. Audio SystemsThe right audio systemsconnecting with giant pandasby MEI R RI VLI N on DECEMBER 11, 2011connecting with giant pandasImage by woodleywonderworksAt the new Fujifilm Giant Panda Habitat, two new yards feature several enrichingfeatures for both animal and visitor enjoyment and add more than 12,000 square feet tothe pandas‘ outdoor exhibit. Additions to the indoor exhibit include a new room with arocky outcrop and waterfall, another den, and more visitor viewing space andinformational exhibits.from Smithsonian Web…Experience Asia Trail with an online and audio tour from Fujilfilm.The creation of this state-of-the-art research facility and habitat is made possible in partby Fujifilm, who donated .8 million to the Zoo‘s giant panda program, the single largestsponsorship ever provided to the Zoo.Many sustainable design strategies, such as planted “green†roofs to reducestormwater runoff, were incorporated into the new habitat. Other elements include asolar hot water system; natural tree-resin bound paving material, instead of petroleum-based asphalt, on the visitor paths; recycled rubber; sustainably harvested ipe wood,which is naturally resistant to pests and rot; and dried bamboo, because it is rapidlyrenewable resource and does not deplete the environment when harvested. more AsiaTrail green elementsOutdoor ExhibitThe pandas‘ state-of-the-art Fujifilm Giant Panda Habitat is designed to mimic thepandas‘ natural habitat of rocky, lush terrain in China. Each element has a purpose—fromhelping the pandas stay cool in hot weather to giving them a place to hide when they needprivacy. There are rock and tree structures perfect for climbing; grottoes, pools, and
  21. 21. streams for keeping cool; and shrubs and trees, including weeping willows, corktrees, andmaples, and several species of bamboo.Water-cooled grotto has cold-water pipes in the walls that provide a cool respite.Low trees and shrubs provide shade and cover.Fog grove creates a misty retreat from the heat.Pools and streams offer refreshing dips on hot days.Rocks and fallen trees allow for climbing and exercise.Visitors can enjoy two levels from which to view the pandas, several areas where they maybe just inches away from the bears, separated only by glass, and the new Clint FieldsConservation Plaza, where they can learn more about efforts to save pandas and theirhabitat through the stories of real people here and in China. At the Plaza‘s DecisionStations, people can get a sense of the complexity of conservation choices by watchingvideos about wildlife-people dilemmas and deciding which actions to take. Other featuresat the Plaza include a topographic map of the mountains of central China and exhibitsabout alternative economic activities to reduce habitat destruction. Portraits of villagers,scientists, park rangers, and others, with the real tools of their conservation work, will behighlighted. Multimedia displays of photos, video, and audio will give visitors a sense ofplace, introducing them to the sights and sounds of China‘s wilds.As seen in by adrian R: can a virus make a fake desktop and directory anduser?i think i have liser.exe but i looked it up and its virut or something…….i keep killing thefake processes with taskmgr and i searched for recently modified files, i keep findingtemp files and one exe file called msa that plays an audio ad using an invisible internetexplorer……well yesterday i went all out and got rid of the infections several times andkept rebooting, at first it changed the registry so i cant use exe files but i went around itwith ―open with‖ then it got smart and didnt let me do that with any antivirus ,systemtools,and msi or exe installers of antivirus progs… on my last reboot i think it madea virtual machine,my desktop is green now and missing many icons and files but if i do asearch it says its still there under user……so how can it log me into fake user1,2,or 3 also ican no longer boot safe mode…..and the virut or win32blahblah removers from diff siteswont work,and the symantec one needs to be run in safe mode……also i did use manyantiviruses and reg cleaners, and on the last boot it asked to activate windowsand i did manage to get unlocker and current ports, and there is activity in port 80and i did manage to get unlocker and current ports, and there is activity in port 80Best answer:
  22. 22. Answer by EMTchickYes! On my Dell laptop, some program changed my desktop from a pic of my dog to amessage in broken english telling me my computer was infected with spyware and thatmy family hates me. No joke.Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }University of Maryland Introduces iPads as Part ofMobility Initiativeby MEI R RI VLI N on DECEMBER 11, 2011University of Maryland Introduces iPads as Part of Mobility InitiativeImage by University of Maryland Press ReleasesCOLLEGE PARK, Md – As further demonstration of the university‘s strong commitmentto new educational technologies and innovation across diverse media, all 75 studentsenrolled in the University of Maryland‘s newly-launched Digital Cultures and Creativity(DCC) living and learning program within the Honors College were given an Apple iPadat the start of the fall semester (above – Terp Freshman Victoria Lai receives her newiPad from OIT‘s Michael Hooker).This device will be fully integrated into the program‘s curriculum, where it will serve asthe basis for content delivery and instruction. Students will also have the opportunity tolearn to develop their own applications for the iPad. The devices were handed out in lateAugust when students move onto campus. This latest action is part of the university‘sMobility Initiative, a pilot program studying whether mobile technology enhances thestudent education experience."DCC is thrilled to be joining the university‘s innovative Mobility Initiative," said Dr.Matthew Kirschenbaum, Associate Professor of English and Director of Digital Culturesand Creativity. Kirschenbaum adds, "Many of DCC‘s students are digital natives who willcome to campus already having programmed their own applications, made their ownelectronic music and art, or designed their own interactive media. They will use theiriPads in the context of a curriculum that immerses them in the surprisingly long andcomplex history of thought behind today‘s new media devices. They will learn to developnew content for the platform, as well as use it to consume rich media integral to theireducation."
  23. 23. DCC‘s faculty includes Associate Professor of Computer Science and former director ofthe University of Maryland‘s Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory Ben Bederson,who has already developed applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.For nearly two years, the University of Maryland has been studying whetherincorporating mobile technology enhances the student educational experience.Sponsored by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost,the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and the Office of Information Technology, theMobility Initiative began in fall 2008. During its two years of existence, 280 freshmen inthe Banneker/Key Scholarship and Maryland Incentive Awards programs have beengiven either an iPhone or iPod touch to test inside and outside of class.In addition to the 75 DCC students who received an Apple iPad in the fall, approximately160 new freshmen in the Banneker/Key Scholarship and Maryland Incentive Awardsprograms were given either an iPhone or iPod touch devices – bringing the number ofstudent pilot participants to approximately 515.During the initiative‘s first year, more than 130 student participants used the mobiledevices to substitute for student response devices (also known as clickers) in class, toaccess the mobile versions of the university‘s portal and learning management system,and to participate in varied special activities, such as research scavenger hunts.For its second year, the pilot study expanded to include additional students, professors,and learning opportunities. New efforts were undertaken to support faculty in theirefforts to incorporate mobile learning into their courses, including offering a set of iPodtouch devices that can be loaned out to students in a course to support specific learningactivities.Additionally, an Office of Information Technology (OIT) and Center for TeachingExcellence (CTE) partnership gives participants in the CTE‘s Summer Institute forNew(er) Technologies the opportunity to explore integrating mobile learning activitiesinto their courses with support from OIT."Four fall courses and five spring courses have been part of these efforts," said Ellen YuBorkowski, Director of Academic Support in the Office of Information Technology. "Someof the mobile learning activities in these courses include recording assessments of highschool PE teachers, recording use of media as part of an international research study,
  24. 24. collecting and distributing interpretations of poetry, and using the devices‘ recording andplayback features in support of learning foreign languages. OIT and the CTE plan tocontinue this partnership into the Mobility Initiative‘s third year," Borkowski said.Additionally, for the spring 2010 semester, a new upper-level computer science offeringwas introduced to the university‘s curriculum. The new course, "CMSC498I: SelectedTopics in Computer Science: Programming the iPhone," covers topics such as iPhonedevelopment tools and fundamentals; user interface design; media considerations relatedto gaming, audio, and video; and usability and quality assessment. As part of the course,students are developing new mobile applications for the iPhone, specifically focusing onones that can be deployed and used across the university as part of Maryland‘s overallefforts to support mobile devices on campus.Digital Cultures and Creativity is sponsored by the College of Arts and Humanities, withco-sponsorship from the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, theDepartment of Computer Science, and the College of Information Studies. Learn moreabout DCC at initiative of the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean forUndergraduate Studies, the Center for Teaching Excellence is the campus‘ central partnerfor improving undergraduate education. Learn more about CTE at Office of Information Technology plans, develops, supports, and maintainscomputing, networking, and telecommunications services for the University of Maryland.Learn more about OIT at more information contact:Phyllis Dickerson Johnson 301-405-4491phyllis@umd.eduQuestion by Matt White: Omfg, how do I delete this virus?Recently(about 2 hours ago) I was surfing facebook,someone sent me a private messagesaying ―heres a surprise to you‖ it had a blogspot website link.. I opened it and itdownloaded a photo.exe file, I was stupid enough to open it, avast detected it and deletedit, i deleted it manually aswell, then 5 minutes later, it crashes my audio systemsflashplayer,task manager,msn/xfire,everything, all i have is internet and avast. I can runsafemode with everything,but when I tried to delete it in safemode, and switched toadministrator, still the same virus.
  25. 25. It also downloaded a thing on my PC called ―System Tools 2011″ which is obviously a fakevirus scanner, I don‘t know how to delete it.. can anyone help me pleaseBest answer:Answer by dϵviηϵ ♏oϻϵиt σƒ Tяuтнomfg makes me lolGive your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Good Morning!DECEMBER 10, 2011Good Morning! Image by elycefeliz 30 Days of Gratitude: Day 8 – I am grateful for hot coffee in themorning. Is your TV on or off? Is your microwave oven and coffeemaker using electricity even when youaren‘t using those appliances? Did you know that mobile phone chargers are using electricity even whenthey‘re [...]Read the full article →Aviary – Creation on the flyDECEMBER 10, 2011Aviary – Creation on the fly Image by Narisa The entire Office and Adobe Suite done in AIR? Sweet!Nice site and icon design too. ―With Aviary, the New York based team is aiming at the rather ambitiousgoal of not only creating a marketplace for multimedia artwork, but a suite of robust collaborative online[...]Read the full article →Aviary – Creation on the flyDECEMBER 9, 2011Aviary – Creation on the fly Image by Narisa The entire Office and Adobe Suite done in AIR? Sweet!Nice site and icon design too. ―With Aviary, the New York based team is aiming at the rather ambitiousgoal of not only creating a marketplace for multimedia artwork, but a suite of robust collaborative online[...]Read the full article →Aviary – Creation on the flyDECEMBER 9, 2011Aviary – Creation on the fly Image by Narisa The entire Office and Adobe Suite done in AIR? Sweet!Nice site and icon design too. ―With Aviary, the New York based team is aiming at the rather ambitiousgoal of not only creating a marketplace for multimedia artwork, but a suite of robust collaborative online[...]Read the full article →Aviary – Creation on the flyDECEMBER 8, 2011Aviary – Creation on the fly Image by Narisa The entire Office and Adobe Suite done in AIR? Sweet!Nice site and icon design too. ―With Aviary, the New York based team is aiming at the rather ambitious
  26. 26. goal of not only creating a marketplace for multimedia artwork, but a suite of robust collaborative online[...]Read the full article →Cool Toys pics of the day: OpenCastDECEMBER 8, 2011Cool Toys pics of the day: OpenCast Image by rosefirerising Open Cast In their words: "Matterhorn is an open source project working within theOpencast Community to develop an end-to-end, open source platform that supports the scheduling,capture, managing, encoding and delivery of educational audio and video content." "The Opencastcommunity is a [...]Read the full article →Hunting the Energy VampiresDECEMBER 7, 2011Hunting the Energy Vampires Image by elycefeliz 79/100 Possibilities~ 100 Possibilities Project set ―Ifyour home is typical, you live with 20 vampires.‖ A "phantom load" is any appliance or electronic gizmothat uses energy even when turned off. Some people call them "vampire appliances" or "energyvampires." Phantom energy is drained by items including [...]Read the full article →canon eos rebel t2i 550dDECEMBER 7, 2011canon eos rebel t2i 550d Image by hopeless128 LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., February 8, 2010 – Canon U.S.A.,Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today introduced the new flagship model for the Company‘s highlypopular Rebel DSLR line: the Canon EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR camera. Today‘s photo enthusiast islooking for a camera that will [...]Read the full article →