Info lady calcutta conference


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Info lady calcutta conference

  1. 1. INFO LADYAn innovative solution by D.Net, Bangladesh Md. Forhad Uddin Email:
  2. 2. D.Net is a R&D institution for integrating technology in solving social problemsImplementing research and action programmes in the areas, whereinformation and knowledge can contribute to poverty alleviation, economic growth and peace
  3. 3. Info LadyFamily Based Entrepreneurship Model for Rural Educated Women using ICTs
  4. 4. Women have been chosen as Info Lady they have better access to the households aswell as to those people who are unable to come out from their home.
  5. 5. Family Members assist Info Lady to her regular workfacilitate the maximum access and utilizationof resources and enhance income of Info Lady
  6. 6. Info Lady is equipped with a netbook is loaded withlocal language livelihood content, internet modem, digital camera, printer, mobile phone ……
  7. 7. Info Lady is equipped with weight measurementmachine, blood pressure machine, pregnancyrelated test kits, sugar test kit etc.
  8. 8. Info Lady offer s a bunch of services tothe rural citizens at their door steps.
  9. 9. Telecenter (Pallitathya Kendra HUB) serve as their base station for training, guidance , business development,networking with grassroots service providers…..
  10. 10. Every MorningInfo Lady looks into her daily work plan,picks up the necessary equipments and sets out on her tour to the groups and individuals at different villages riding a bicycle.
  11. 11. She joins to the learning sessions with the pre arranged occupation based groups.She discusses the reproductive health care, agriculture,government services, rights to information and income enhancement activities using content database.
  12. 12. She also connects the rural citizens inreceiving services from the government and private institutions She helps the rural citizens to claim their rights who is eligible
  13. 13. Having set group members mind at ease, Info Lady is on her way to the next learning session
  14. 14. She also visits households and connectsthe rural citizens with their relatives in aboard using skypes or phones.
  15. 15. She sells products and services to the group members and individuals as well as buy products from them . Producers and consumers get fair price
  16. 16. She allocates a time for the children to show learning CDs with them.
  17. 17. This is a typical day in the life of Info Lady,a concept that has rapidly gained popularity in country and abroad.
  18. 18. For rest of the day in the week, she will do a round of pre-assigned villages. In a day she attains in 2 learningsessions and visits 25-30 households.
  19. 19. Info Lady earns USD 100 to 300 in a month ; can save a portion from the earning for future security .She has to invest USD 1500-2000 initially
  20. 20. This modelimproves access to livelihood information, facilitates empowerment, creates confidence of underprivileged groups in the society andhas huge employment generation potential for the rural educated women.
  21. 21. Currently : 43 Info Ladies are working in Bangladesh What next:Around 40 thousand ICT based women entrepreneur development Across the country, Bangladesh
  22. 22. Thank You