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Recent Presentation focusing on LEED-ND applications for Local Governments. This was followed by two presentations fromt eh city of El Paso, TX and Lakewood CO on how they are using ND. Once on the web we will post the link to them at www.c2sustainability.com

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  • Office Session 1 - Introduction Final
  • What it is. -Neighborhood Development Green Rating System -Broadly Measures Location, Urban Design, and Sustainable Infrastructure Session 1 - Introduction Final
  • http://advocacy.britannica.com/blog/advocacy/wp-content/uploads/urban-sprawl-florida.jpg We are developing land twice as fast as the population is growing Vehicle use in America has doubled since 1970, offsetting all the fuel efficiency gains Climate Change, etc. Session 1 - Introduction Final
  • Session 1 - Introduction Final If we build our buildings green – we can have a huge impact BUT, the greener our buildings the more important where we put them becomes in order to reduce transportation energy Updated 57/43 average, 70/30 efficient
  • Session 1 - Introduction Final If we build our buildings green – we can have a huge impact BUT, the greener our buildings the more important where we put them becomes in order to reduce transportation energy
  • http://advocacy.britannica.com/blog/advocacy/wp-content/uploads/urban-sprawl-florida.jpg We are developing land twice as fast as the population is growing Vehicle use in America has doubled since 1970, offsetting all the fuel efficiency gains Climate Change, etc. Session 1 - Introduction Final
  • The rating system is divided into three categories: Smart Location & Linkage, Neighborhood Pattern & Design, and Green Infrastructure & Buildings. All three have prerequisites which are required of all projects and credits which reward performance. There also are ten additional points for Innovation and Design Process (exemplary performance and innovative performance) and Regional Priority Credits.
  • * The ‘LEED Certification Mark’ is a registered trademark owned by the U.S Green Building Council and is used by permission.
  • Various Stages for various purposes, pre-approval assistance, plan certification, project certification Range from single mixed-use building to huge cities Pre-review: Letter Approved Plan: Certificate Completed Project Session 1 - Introduction Final
  • -2245 Blake, Infill between two existing buildings, proximate to LoDo , recreation and transit Session 1 - Introduction Final
  • Wide Sidewalks required (4 ft residential, 8 ft non) and encouraged (5ft res, 10 ft non) Unshuttered grounf floor retail, build to lot lines, stoops for residential projects, mixed-use, variety of house sizes and types, no blank walls, multiple entrances, 60% clear glass façade minimum 3-8 ft above grade for non-res, Building height to street width ration of 1:3, Slow street speeds (20 mph res, 25 mph non-res) Session 1 - Introduction Final
  • RiverClay Session 1 - Introduction Final
  • Session 1 - Introduction Final
  • Thank you Conor. I’ll now focus in on how LEED ND can be a tool for local governments to achieve their sustainability goals.
  • I think these four areas are the reason for municipal interest in LEED ND.
  • Sustainable development has proven economic value Part of that is community diversity Diversity in housing, commercial, transportation, and experience will: Attract business Create jobs Provide a resilient tax base Ultimately we want to create desirable places to live and diversity is an important part of that All of this is represented in LEED ND
  • LEED is a trusted system to measure and award sustainability Great tool to help facilitate community sustainability goals because so much credible info is in the system Whether you seek certification or not, using LEED ND lends credibility to your process – why reinvent the wheel Focus on how to customize LEED ND for your community
  • LEED ND is a certification system, but it’s also a well researched and documented reference manual for community sustainability Two great resources that help expand the understanding of LEED ND are the Citizens Guide and the Local Government Guide Planning departments and consultants all across the country have used LEED ND in Comp Plans, Catalyst Site Studies, Development Agreements, and Zoning or Code revisions It’s probably been used as a guideline for planning documents as much as it has been used for development projects!
  • Municipalities are critical to the success of LEED ND Greatest impact on sustainability is at planning scale Approx 33% of the points are vicinity related Land use control Transportation responsibility Building code implementation Municipalities can take a leadership in sustainability Together we can build a network of sustainability within our communities rather than a checkerboard
  • How Can Municipalities Use LEED ND Now? Educate your staff, community and developer Bring your departments together by working towards common goals Planning, Transportation, Public Works, Building Dept Palo Alto pilot project working with developers to determine what makes sense
  • You can: Assess your community for sustainability opportunities and constraints This includes: Evaluate development opportunities with the Smart Location and Linkage catagory Review zoning & code to determine compatibility with Neighborhood Pattern and Design and the Green Buildings credits Land owned by municipalities is a good opportunity to incorporate sustainability into development agreements
  • You can: Establish goals and policies relevant to your community Location Efficiency Resource Protection Multi-Modal Transportation Public Health & Social Equity Energy Efficiency & Climate Protection Water Efficiency
  • We are going to hear some more detailed examples in a minute, but I give you a couple quick ones from the LEED ND Guide for Local Governments Bellingham used LEED ND to evaluate their urban villages. This resulted in an understanding of their sustainability weaknesses, and a clear path based on the LEED ND information for what needed to be done.
  • The old Pabst brewery in Milwaukee was lacking in infrastructure and connectivity Milwaukee used LEED ND to determine the best solutions, with a focus on walkable streets In cases like this a TIF contingent on sustainable improvements may be a good idea
  • Thank you and I hope we can all help create a more sustainable community.
  • Leed nd drcog

    1. 1. LEED-ND: Sustainability Metrics Journey • Overview • Application • Examples: • El Paso, TX • Lakewood, CO • Interactive Discussion
    2. 2. LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND)Joint effort of the US Green Building Council, the Congress for New Urbanism, and the Natural Resources Defense Council
    3. 3. US Green Building Council (USGBC)
    4. 4. Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU)
    5. 5. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
    6. 6. Why LEED-ND?
    7. 7. Building v. Transportation Energy (kBTUs/SF)Average American Office BuildingBetter Building Energy Assumes ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Code Compliance Source: BuildingGreen,com http://www.buildinggreen.com/auth/article.cfm?fileName=160901a.xml
    8. 8. Urban v Suburban Energy Use Source: Jonathan Rose Companies, LLC for the EPA
    9. 9. Report: 98 Percent Of U.S. Commuters Favor PublicTransportation For Others "With traffic congestion, pollution, and oil shortages all getting worse, now is the time to shift to affordable, efficient public transportation," APTA director Howard Collier said. "Fortunately, as this report shows, Americans have finally recognized the need for everyone else to do exactly that." Source: The Onion, November 29, 2000 | Issue 36•43
    10. 10. ValuesLess Bad More GoodEnergy Health and WellnessWater Fostering communityResources Economic growthHealth Social JusticeLand Use Connection with sources andNatural Systems disposal Connection with natural landscape and agriculture Beauty, civic pride, etc.
    11. 11. LEED-ND: Quantifiable Sustainability Planning
    12. 12. Levels of Certification Certified (40-49 points) Silver (50-59 points) Gold (60-79 points) Platinum (80 + points) Total Points = 110
    13. 13. Three Stages of CertificationStage 1 : Pre-Review (optional): Intended to assist with entitlement approvalsStage 2 : Certification of Approved Plan: Certification of what has been approved to buildStage 3 : Certification of a Completed Project: As construction is complete or near complete
    14. 14. Smart Locations and Linkages (SLL) 27 Points Possible 6 Prerequisites  Location  Water  Imperiled Species  Wetlands  Ag. Land  Floodplains Major Credit Bundles – Infill Redevelopment (10 pts)Photo Credit: DenverInfill.com – Transit (7 pts)
    15. 15. Neighborhood Pattern and Design (NPD) 44 Points Possible 3 Prerequisites  Urban Design  Density  Connectivity Major Point Bundles – Urban Design (12 pts) – Density (6 pts) – Mixed-Income AND/OR Diverse Housing Types (7 pts)
    16. 16. Green Infrastructure and Building (GIB) 29 Points Possible 4 Prerequisites  Certified Green Building  Energy Efficiency  Water Efficiency  Construction Pollution Plan Major Bundles – Green Buildings (5 pts) – Stormwater Management (4pts)
    17. 17. Innovation in Design (ID) 6 Points Possible  Innovation  Exemplary Performance
    18. 18. Regional Priority (RP) 4 Points Possible (out of 6) For 80203 GIBc15 Recycled Content in Infrastructure GIBc4 Water-Efficient Landscaping NPDc2 Compact Development (>38 DUs/acre ) NPDc5 Reduced Parking Footprint NPDc8 Transportation Demand Management SLLc4 Bicycle Network and Storage
    19. 19. Why are Municipalities Interested in LEED ND? 1. Economics 2. Communication 3. Metrics 4. Impact
    20. 20. LEED ND | Economics
    21. 21. LEED ND | Economics
    22. 22. LEED ND | Economics
    23. 23. LEED ND | Communication
    24. 24. LEED ND | Metrics
    25. 25. LEED ND | Impact LEED ND Needs You!
    26. 26. LEED ND | Impact Education = Raise all Boats
    27. 27. LEED ND | Impact Enable Sustainable Development
    28. 28. LEED ND | Impact Set Goals and Make Commitments
    29. 29. LEED ND | Examples
    30. 30. LEED ND | Examples
    31. 31. LEED ND | Examples
    32. 32. LEED ND ResourcesUSGBC LEED ND Web Portal• new.usgbc.org/leed/rating-systems/neighborhoods• Download the free rating system and checklist documents• Download the free Government Guide to LEED ND at: • new.usgbc.org/resources/local-government-guide-leed-neighborhood-developmentNRDC LEED ND Web Portal• www.nrdc.org/cities/smartgrowth/leed.asp• Download the free Citizens Guide to LEED ND and a cool slideshowCNU LEED ND Web Portal• www.cnu.org/leednd
    33. 33. Thank You! C2 Sustainability Conor Merrigan | conor@c2green.com www.c2sustainability.com Cliff Lind | cliff@c2green.com