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    Roxaboxen Presentation Roxaboxen Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Roxaboxen Roxaboxen is an imaginary place in Yuma, AZ where children build a town of boxes, rocks and desert glass. Written by Alice McLerran and Illustrated by Barbara Cooney This sign marks the entrance to Roxaboxen Park in Yuma, AZ .
    • This story…
      • Takes place in the desert of Arizona
      • One of the 4 Corners
      • Home of the Grand Canyon
      Click here for more information about the Grand Canyon Find out more about Arizona!
    • Map Skills
      • Find Arizona. How far from SC?
      • What states compose the 4 Corners?
    • Biomes Information about Biomes was taken from this site . Also see Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework , page 30. Freshwater: lakes and rivers Marine: oceans and coral reefs Forest: tropical and temperate Grasslands: savanna Tundra: artic and alpine Desert: <10” rain/year There are six main biomes. Each supports different types of plants and animals. Biomes are large areas of environments that share the same general climate of temperature and rainfall.
    • What we learned about deserts
      • Cayli learned:
      • “ A cactus absorbs water and then keeps it. The cactus swells while keeping the water.”
      Kenna learned: “ The saguaro catcus can grow very tall and live 150 years.” Mabry learned: “The roadrunner will eat snakes but won’t eat a horny lizard.”
    • Plants and Animals of Arizona’s Desert Plants and Animals of SC’s Forest Compare Biomes K: Horned lizard K: Sidewinders CG: Gila Monster M: Jackrabbit and cactus CG: small cacti K: baby saguaro cactus with nurser tree CG: pinecone M: tree with holes for rabbits and birds K: tree with opossum CG: evergreen bush
    • Arizona Indians
      • The Hopi Indians live in Arizona. They live in pueblos. Pueblos are built from bricks made of dried mud and straw.
      • The oldest town, still inhabited in the US, is Old Oraibi, Arizona. The Hopi Indians still live there.
      Learn to draw pueblos : Draw Write Now, Book 3, page 24-25 More about Old Oraibi, Arizona here and here .
    • Colors of the Southwest Picture of our desert diaroma using the colors of the southwest Here are the colors that represent the beautiful earth tones of the southwest…
    • Deserts in the Bible
      • Moses
      • leading the people out of Egypt (Exodus 17:1-6)
      • Hagar and Ishmael
      • (Genesis 21:14-21)
      The Bible mentions many events set in the deserts of current day Africa and the Middle East. Can you name a few? &quot;Moses Praying&quot; (1922) by J.H. Hartley Can you think of other people in the Bible that lived in the desert?
    • Pictures from our studies Desert Scene with watercolors by Cayli Grace Mabry with nesting dolls and her Roxaboxen made from seashells