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모바일 AR 개요 및 Scan Search 사례 2부
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모바일 AR 개요 및 Scan Search 사례 2부


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동영상과 함께 데브멘토에서 보실 수 있습니다.

동영상과 함께 데브멘토에서 보실 수 있습니다.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 동영상과 함께 보세요...^^
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  • 1. Reality-Virtuality Continuum Paul Milgram, H. Takemura, A. Utsumi, F. Kishino (1994). "Augmented Reality: A class of displays on the reality-virtuality continuum"
  • 2. You can AUGMENT Reality by Virtuality. We call it “Augmented Reality”
  • 3. Denno Figure “ARis”
  • 4. 狹義의 AR: a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery. by Wikipedia
  • 5. 狹義의 AR: • It combines real and virtual • It is interactive in real time • It is registered in 3D by Ronald Azuma, Hughes Research Lab. R. Azuma, “A survey of augmented reality”, Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 1997, pp. 355–385.
  • 6. 廣義의 AR: 현실세계와 읶갂의 신체를 어떠한 임의의 기술로 증강, 확장함 By Jun Rekimoto, Tokyo Univ.
  • 7. 廣義의 AR ≒ Ubiquitous Computing ≒ Context Awareness ≒ Web Squared (Web2.0 x World = W²)
  • 8. What is Mobile Augmented Reality?
  • 9. Augmented Reality on-the-go. By mobile devices.
  • 10. … like this special device,
  • 11. … and YOUR phone.
  • 12. History of MAR: 1968 Ivan Sutherland creates the first augmented reality system, “A Head-Mounted Three Dimensional Display” I. Sutherland, “A Head-Mounted Three Dimensional Display”, Proceedings of Fall Joint Computer Conference, 1968, pp. 757-764.
  • 13. History of MAR: 1992 Tom Caudell and David Mizell coin the term "augmented reality” T. P. Caudell, and D. W. Mizell, “Augmented Reality: An Application of Heads-Up Display Technology to Manual Manufacturing Processes”, Proceedings of 1992 IEEE Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, 1992, pp 659-669.
  • 14. History of MAR: 1995 Jun Rekimoto and Katashi Nagao create the ”NaviCam” J. Rekimoto and K. Nagao, “The World through the Computer: Computer Augmented Interaction with Real World Environments”, Proceedings of the 8th annual ACM symposium on User interface and software technology (UIST '95),1995, pp. 29-36.
  • 15. History of MAR: 1997 Steve Feiner et al. present “the Touring Machine”, the first MAR system. S. Feiner, B. MacIntyre, T. Höllerer and A. Webster, “A touring machine: Prototyping 3D mobile augmented reality systems for exploring the urban environment”, Proceedings of First IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC '97), 1997, pp 74–81. Cambridge, MA.
  • 16. History of MAR: 1999 Hirokazu Kato and Mark Billinghurst Present “ARToolKit” H. Kato and M. Billinghurst, Marker tracking and HMD calibration for a video-based augmented reality conferencing system, Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE and ACM International Workshop on Augmented Reality (IWAR 99), 1999, pp. 85-94.
  • 17. History of MAR: 2002 Michael Kalkusch et al. present a MAR system to guide a user through an unfamiliar building to a destination room. M. Kalkusch, T. Lidy, M. Knapp, G. Reitmayr, H. Kaufmann and D. Schmalstieg, “Structured Visual Markers for Indoor Pathfinding”, Proceedings of the First IEEE International Workshop on ARToolKit (ART02), 2002.
  • 18. History of MAR: 2006 Reitmayr et al. presents a model-based hybrid tracking system for outdoor MAR. G. Reitmayr and T. Drummond, “Going Out: Robust Model-based Tracking for Outdoor Augmented Reality”, Proceedings of 5th IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 2006), 2006, pp. 109-118.
  • 19. History of MAR: 2008 Mobilizy, Inc. launches ”Wikitude”
  • 20. “2009 is a breakout year for Augmented Reality in the minds of many consumers. Much of the media and consumer attention is on mobile AR.” - ISMAR’09 Homepage
  • 21. Why?
  • 22. NUMBER ONE. Because it is worth to use. It is intuitive. It is humane.
  • 23. The easiest way to search what you want to know.
  • 24. MEMEX - Vannevar Bush from The Atlantic Monthly article As We May Think, 1945
  • 25. -
  • 26. -
  • 27. -
  • 28. The classic way to search
  • 29. Seeing something
  • 30. Seeing something Making a query text
  • 31. Seeing something Making a query text Searching
  • 32. Seeing something Making a query text Searching A text list of results
  • 33. Mobile Search is NOT the same as Web Search.
  • 34. Hard to input keywords.
  • 35. More practical and contextual queries.
  • 36. Hard to browse listed web links.
  • 37. The novel way to search
  • 38. Seeing something
  • 39. Seeing something Searching
  • 40. Seeing something Searching A visual results mixed with the real world
  • 41. Query by Text  Query by Context
  • 42. When, Where, Who, What.
  • 43. NUMBER TWO. Now you can easily get the contexts from your phone. When, Where, Who, What.
  • 44. The smartphone explosion By Jay Wright, Qualcomm at ISMAR’09
  • 45. iPhone 3GS and all Android Phones Have GPS and digital compass with APIs.
  • 46. Computer vision technology is now starting to be commercialized.