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개발자 수익 100% 보장하는 앱 익스체인지의 비밀


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[데브멘토tv]강사: 헨리코 세일즈포스닷컴 APAC 시니어 엔지니어_세일즈포스닷컴 활용 가이드 시연 2부 최종 …

[데브멘토tv]강사: 헨리코 세일즈포스닷컴 APAC 시니어 엔지니어_세일즈포스닷컴 활용 가이드 시연 2부 최종

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  • 1. What Do CIOs Want in a Platform? COST SPEED Source: 8/09 Harris Interactive Study of 160 respondents with a role in the decision-making process for new business apps
  • 2. Why are CIOs adopting TCO Advantage: Half the Cost No up-front capital expenditure No upgrade or maintenance costs Savings increase with the number of apps built Speed Advantage: Five Times Faster Faster to develop Faster to deploy Faster to change “Yes, you read that right: 80% reduction in development effort with” - Independent 2008 research study comparing to Java development IDC White Paper sponsored by “ Cloud Platform Drives Huge Time to Market and Cost Savings”, Doc # 219965, September, 2009
  • 3. Why is So Much Faster?Pre-built, tested, integrated components drive developer productivity A B D C Database Web Workflow Forms & Page Reporting & Services API Engine Layout Editor Analytics Access Control End User Multi- & Audits Administration Multi-Device Multi-Language Currency Clicks Code 80% 20% Java / .NET 20% 80%
  • 4. With, Every App is a Cloud2 App App Feeds Feeds Invoice paid for Matrix Shipping #5439-01. 18 minutes ago Comment Order shipped for customer invoice #4355. 28 minutes ago Comment Project completed for December Launch plan. 1 hour ago Comment
  • 5. Customers Are Building Apps Faster Than Ever IT Governance and Change Control Claims Management Less than 6 weeks Less than 10 weeks Consumer Exchange Recruiting and Training Less than 3 weeks Less than 6 months Product Management Sample Management Less than 10 Weeks Less than 4 months Cinema Asset Franchise and Training Management Management Less than 8 Weeks Less than 6 months
  • 6. Typical Concerns About Cloud Computing  Is it secure?  Is it fast and highly available?  Can I customize it?  Can I integrate it?  How do I manage change?
  • 7. ISO 27001 Real-Time Security ISO 27001 Certified SecurityThe World’s Most Trusted Security that Improves in Real-Time with Testing by Every Customer Application Security • ISO 27001 • SSL encryption • Identity confirmation • SAS 70 Type II; SysTrust certified Network Security • IP restrictions • Fault tolerant, multi-layered firewall • Intrusion detection • 3rd party assessments Facility Security • 24 x 365 security • Biometric readers • Silent alarms • CCTV • Motion detection
  • 8. Granular Real-Time Security Model Unlimited Real-Time Customization Flexible Data Sharing with Point-and-Click Rules Field, Object and Record-Level Control Sharing Across All Apps Custom Rules Across Roles & Profiles Integrated with API, Reporting & Search
  • 9. Proven Reliability Proven Reliability 99.9% System Uptime >99.9% Reliability
  • 10. Proven, Real-Time Scalability Proven, Real-Time Scalability Fast Deployment and Real-Time Scalability Proven by the Largest Enterprises ~65,000 ~25,800 ~20,000 Subscribers Subscribers Subscribers
  • 11. Real-Time Query Optimizer Real-Time Query Optimizer Fast Data Access with Massive ScaleWeb clients Query Optimization Engine API calls Massive Scalability Across <300 ms Multiple Dimensions: Your Company Your Security Your Role Your Sharing Rules Your Metadata Your Search
  • 12. Trusted Performance and Reliability Quarterly Transactions (billions) Page ResponseTimes (ms) Performance has Continually Improved even as customer workloads drastically increase
  • 13. Real-Time, Transparent System Status Real-Time Transparent System StatusConfidence, Transparency, and TrustLive System StatusSecurity Best PracticesHistorical Performance
  • 14. Unlimited Real-Time Customization Unlimited Real-Time Customization Easy, Real-Time Customization for Managing All Your Data Unlimited Custom Objects & Fields Build any Table Add any Field Automatic Audit History Tracking Automatic Performance Tuning 18,800,000+ Customer Customizations 680,000+ Custom Objects (Tables)
  • 15. Programmable User Interface Programmable User Interface Maximize User Productivity with the Right UI Create Any User Interface Use Code to Create Any Page Use Clicks to Create New Forms Componentized Interface Create Interfaces for Mobile Devices 312,000+ Custom User Interfaces
  • 16. Programmable Cloud Logic Programmable Cloud Logic Fast Application Development without the Cost of Infrastructure Programmatic Business Logic Complex Transactional Logic Stored Procedures Triggers 81,000,000+ Lines of Apex Code Data Validation
  • 17. Real-Time Workflow Approvals Engine Real-Time Workflow & Approvals Automated Business Rules through Point-and-Click Workflow Real-Time Workflow Time-Based Triggers Approvals Formula-based Outbound Messaging 309,000+ Custom Workflow Rules
  • 18. Real-Time Analytics Real-Time Analytics Real-Time Visibility with Easy to Create Reports Customizable by Business Users Real-Time Reporting Integrated Analytics Across All Apps Security Controls Mobile Access Email Dashboard Delivery
  • 19. Real-Time Mobile DeploymentHave us show you how Salesforce uses Mobile Write Once Run Everywhere Avoid the hassle of developing apps Real-Time app deployment across multiple devices Available for all major device platforms Run your mobile and desktop apps on Works seamlessly online or offline one platform
  • 20. Real-time Upgrades 5 Minute Upgrade Painless, No Hassle Upgrades30 Major ReleasesEvery Customization &Integration AutomaticallyUpgradedAlways have the LatestInnovations & Technology
  • 21. 800+ Applications & Services 800+ Integrated Applications Your Choice of 800+ Partner Applications & Services Trusted Native Apps Reviewed by View, Try, Install Best-in-class CRM & Non-CRM Apps Services Offered System Integrators & Consultants Application Developers 800+ Apps Training 200+ Native Apps 150+ Services
  • 22. Cloud Integration: No Need for Rip/Replace Mash-ups from Native Integration Developer Native ERP Web and Desktop Partner Toolkits Connectors AppExchange Connectors Ecosystem
  • 23. Metadata: How Multi-Tenant Services Deliver aUnique Experience to Every Customer 87,200+ Customers 18 Million + 300+ M Customizations Metadata Integration Calls / Day Salesforce ISV Apps Custom Apps Apps 850+ 150k+ 30+ major upgrades Customizations, Integrations and apps run on the latest release automatically
  • 24. Demonstration
  • 25. Clouds Put IT Spending Back in Balance Conventional IT model front-loads capital spending on infrastructure – Debt service and depreciation charges persist despite business contractions – Future capacity must either be bought in advance, or added later at higher cost with substantial business disruption The cloud enables preparation for upturn – New systems can be built and tested with negligible up-front investment – Resulting systems can be rapidly scaled to respond to improving conditions – "It has been our repeated experience that business uncertainty is inevitably accompanied by opportunity“ (Jack Welch, Letter to GE Shareholders, 1997)
  • 26. Clouds Put IT Spending Back in Balance Don’t think of the cloud as technology • Virtualization • Metadata customization • Multi-tenancy • 4G wireless • SOA – These are enablers, not guarantors Think of the cloud as a commitment – Negligible up-front capital – Alignment of cost with value – Maximal stakeholder engagement
  • 27. Best Practices and Pitfalls • Adopting the Cloud does not mean starting over • Retain what’s working: innovate and add value at Web speed • Don’t settle for the least unsatisfactory solution: treat the Cloud as a supermarket of services • Preserving familiar pain is not a measure of success • Moving existing complexity into the Cloud avoids short-term pain • Mastering new developer models is a high-return investment • Don’t apologize for doing what made sense two years ago • Bandwidth has grown • Customizability has grown • Costs of doing things the old way are skyrocketing • Don’t mistake the consumer Web for the enterprise cloud • Expect high availability; robust security; deep customizability • Demand clear commitments on data ownership and protection
  • 28. Henry Kho Sales Engineering, ASEAN / KR /