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  • 1. CO-ORDICHECK By Morven, Coralie, Maria and Isobel
  • 2. Who? Groups of people e.g. families, flat mates, work colleges What? Allows groups to share tasks When? All times of the day Where? Anywhere Why? Allows people to share timetables from their own phone to avoid confusion and forgetfulness The 5 W’s
  • 3. We are often forgetting to complete the tasks that we are assigned or forgetting to assign tasks to others. Problem
  • 4. How can you avoid forgetting to complete or assign a task to someone you are not with? Question
  • 5. Your mum told you to walk the dog but you forgot. With the app your mum was able to alert you and keep you reminded that the dog needs walking from her own phone. Key Insight Statements
  • 6. My team, Applilicious, is developing a shared timetable app to help small groups avoid forgetting tasks and jobs by creating a timetable with all members involved that allows them to alert and remind each other of things that need to be done without needing to talk to them face to face. Elevator Pitch
  • 7. There is a wide variety of apps already available that allows the user to keep track of their personal tasks: checklists allow you to remember what you need to do; timetables allow you to keep track of when things are due. In addition to this our app allows multiple users. As a group you don’t have to be with each other to alert one another of things that need to be done. Competitors
  • 8. Key Wireframes 1/3 Allow user to open specific timetable Create new timetableUser can navigate through app using tab buttons
  • 9. Key Wireframes 2/3
  • 10. Key Wireframes 3/3 List of users personal tasks from all timetables Clicking on a task brings the user to the timetable it belongs in
  • 11. Flow Chart of App