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In this powerpoint, I have 2 Ancient Civilizations. One Fictional, the other real!

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  1. 1. Ancient Civilization Project This is a Ancient Civilization Project. BY: MICHAEL CHEN
  2. 2. Ancient Greece Ancient Greece is a country of beauty and war. The Athenians were artistic, poetic and believed in creating things, thus being the beautiful side. However, the Spartans were entirely military, sending boys to military camp at the age of 7, becoming the side of war. The two often fought but they also united to keep other countries out of Greece.
  3. 3. Cnashcolo The People of Cnashcolo soar limitlessly through the sky. The city is hidden in the clouds, the place where mortals cannot go. They have video games, high technology and of course, Books. Most of their time is spent soaring through the sky. They play the sports that we have and a few others that use the gift of flying.
  4. 4. Flag Of Greece
  5. 5. Flag Of Cnash(not very good) It was drawn by a ten year old.
  6. 6. The Alphabet The word “Alphabet” came from the two first letters of the Greek Alphabet, Alpha and Beta.
  7. 7. The Cnash Alphabet  That is ABCDEFGFIGKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ in Cnash Language.  That's their favourite saying.
  8. 8. Greek Art Because of the ravages of history, only a minor assortment of ancient Greek art has survived - most frequently in the form of sculpture and architecture and minor arts, including coin design, pottery and gem engraving. Greece also has a rich history of contemporary art from the revolution onwards.
  9. 9. Cnash Art The people of the Air use many methods of painting. Their favourites are sculpture and still-life painting. There is a style that you put a slab of stone in the air and see what the wind cuts into it. Some have made exotic shapes with this kind of art.
  10. 10. Greek Education The Greek citys each had a different way of education. The Athens trained their boy's for art and math, everything that the boy might need. Only boys were allowed to go to school. The Spartans had military camps set up all over the place. At the young age of 7, the boy was sent there. Spartan boys
  11. 11. Cnash Education The people of the Air educated their Children in all ways. The were trained in art, music, mathematics, poetry, reading, history, Phys ed. and War. The most important to them is art and math. They also think sports are essential too.
  12. 12. Greek Gods There are 12 Greek gods. There were originally 6 males and 6 female “Major Gods” But Hestia gave up her position for Dionysus. It un-balanced the council and the was an uproar. Now there were 7 major male gods and 5 major female ones.
  13. 13. Cnashcolo Gods They have almost no Gods. There are 2 major Gods of the Cnashcolo culture. The Male is named Panako and the Female Nakokan. The 2 Rule together but are sworn to do the best for the Cnashcolo culture. Panako comands the air and electricity, otherwise known as Lightning. Nakokan Commands earth, water and vegetation.
  14. 14. Greek Myths The Greeks have many myths to explain the unknown the unknown. For example, Theseus and the Minotaur, Perseus and the Gorgon, And Heracles, better known as Hercules. My Favourite is the twelve labours of Heracles, were Heracles goes on a quest to do the 12 labours assigned to him.
  15. 15. Cnash Myths They have no Myths. Or so we think. Further study required. This page is dead. Please proceed in the Power point. Maybe in a few millennia will change that. So come back then! ><> <>< ><>
  16. 16. Pictures of Greece
  17. 17. Cnash Photos. I'm seriously sorry. There is NO pictures of Cnash. Nothing is found, since it is in the clouds...except one.
  18. 18. Other stuff on Greece <ul><ul><li>There are several books and stuff on ancient Greece. There are fictional stories, recalling of myths, and several others. My favourite stories on ancient Greece are The Percy Jackson and the Olympian. </li></ul></ul>
  19. 19. Cnash Other stuff Nothing on this. So Sorry. We will notify you as soon as possible when the next news on Cnashcolo is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. 20. THE END!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for watching!!