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  • 1. Mortgage Services Designed to Support You and Your Clients
  • 2. A Changing Marketplace
    • Buyers know that they have mortgage options.
    • Shopping for the best mortgage and terms has become a common practice. For a home buyer this can be a timely and an inconvenient process.
    • Today’s buyers are also diverse:
      • First time buyers have different needs from property investors.
      • Niche markets such as new immigrant buyers require special attention.
  • 3. A Changing Mortgage Broker Channel
    • This channel is growing rapidly in Canada.
    • Mortgage consumers have embraced a model that offers choice, convenience, value, mortgage product, and independent professional advice.
    • In 2007, mortgage brokers originated 33% of all home purchase transactions and growing.
    • We estimate mortgage brokers originated $65 billion of residential mortgages in Canada in 2007.
  • 4. Aligning Yourself with a Mortgage Professional
    • With more and more complexity in our collective markets …
    • … there is clearly value in aligning yourself with a mortgage professional who delivers expert service to your clients.
    • A professional who understands your needs and the needs of your clients.
  • 5. Partner With One of Canada’s Largest Mortgage Brokerage Firms
    • Established in 2000, Invis is one of Canada’s largest mortgage brokerage firms.
    • Over 800 Mortgage Consultants from coast-to-coast.
    • The most knowledgeable, ethical and expert mortgage professionals in the mortgage industry.
    • Over 6.9 billion in mortgages arranged in 2007.
  • 6. Options & Stronger Negotiating Power
    • Access to over 50 lenders, including stand-alone mortgage lenders
      • Due to our size, Invis has greater leverage in negotiating the best mortgage products and rates, potentially saving your clients thousands of dollars.
      • Preferential treatment with lenders through dedicated underwriting.
      • Access to hundreds of mortgage products, some only available through mortgage professionals, and in some cases exclusive to Invis mortgage consultants.
    • We have expert knowledge of innovative products, lenders, and guidelines.
      • Better likelihood of getting an approval, and at a higher amount, with no surprises at the close of the mortgage transaction.
  • 7. Yes, we’re big… But what does that mean to you & your clients?
  • 8. Ongoing Professional Service at No Cost
    • There is no cost to you or your clients for my services. The selected lender pays Invis to source the mortgage.* (*O.A.C.)
    • Occasionally, difficult deals will require a fee, which is always disclosed upfront.
    • Ongoing client servicing is free of charge ie; requests for information pertaining to the mortgage, scenarios involving switches, pay-downs, etc. are available throughout the term of the mortgage.
  • 9. More Options
    • Access to over 50 primary lenders – with whom we have strong relationships.
    • Access to hundreds of mortgage products
      • some only available through a mortgage consultant.
    • We have expert knowledge of innovative products, lenders, and guidelines.
    • Preferential treatment with lenders through dedicated underwriting
    • Better likelihood of getting an approval.
  • 10. National Negotiating Power
    • Greater leverage in negotiating extremely competitive mortgage products, terms and rates.
    • Your clients benefit from highly competitive rates
      • can save potentially thousands over the life of their mortgage.
    • Greater likelihood of approval of a higher mortgage amount.
  • 11.
    • Independent mortgage professionals.
    • Professional advice that is impartial and unbiased
      • we always keep the best interests of our clients in mind.
    • Your clients will get the best mortgage for their needs – helping make them repeat clients for both of us.
    Unbiased, Expert Mortgage Advice
  • 12. Save Time & Money
    • We save clients valuable time and possibly thousands of dollars by taking one application and shopping the market and negotiating with lenders on their behalf –
    • …… it simply makes sense .
  • 13. Services Tailored for Realtors – What do we do differently?
    • We Don’t Let Deals Fall Through the Cracks
    • We get the financing arranged to increase your closing ratios by:
      • Pre-approving clients
      • Minimizing financing clauses
      • Putting together innovative solutions based on experience
      • Most importantly, we communicate status of deal throughout process
  • 14. Whatever Financing Is Needed, We Can Provide It
    • First, second and third mortgages.
    • Residential and commercial mortgages.
    • Financing for rental properties.
    • Vacation Homes
    • New Immigrants
  • 15. Financing Challenging and Complex Deals
    • We can help you with clients who:
      • are self employed
      • are recent immigrants
      • have challenged credit
    • We offer counsel on credit and mortgage qualifications.
  • 16. Case Study
    • The Situation:
    • Client earning $60,000 per year, has $30,000 for down payment.
    • Would like to buy home for $275,000.
    • Financial institution says they can only afford a $260,000 home, due to CMHC/GE guidelines.
    • However, client is looking at homes with unauthorized suite that would give extra $600 per month. Financial institution will not recognize this income.
    • Client cannot find what they want, so have decided not to buy.
  • 17. Case Study
    • The Solution
    • Sometimes financial institutions decline files based on their lending policies, not those of insurers.
    • Even though many lenders will not allow unauthorized suite income, GE will.
    • In this scenario, the suite income of $600 per month would increase the amount of financing to $300,000.
    • Client is able to get the house he/she wants .
  • 18. Helping You Sell Your Home: We Actively Participate in Your Success
    • New realtor training if operating as a team
    • Product and Rate Updates
    • Homebuyer seminars, ie. We will co-host a home buyers seminar
    • Show Home support, ie. We will come to your Open house
    • Realtor kits, ie. Brochures, property feature sheets, mortgage comparisons
    • Other market programs
      • Vacation homes
      • Investment property
  • 19. At Your Service We are committed to helping you grow your business.
  • 20. Thank You… Questions