Mortar: Hadoop-as-a-Service + Open Source Framework | AWS re: Invent public …

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Presentation from AWS re: Invent, where Mortar announced it's public availability on stage. …

Presentation from AWS re: Invent, where Mortar announced it's public availability on stage.

Mortar facilitates Hadoop data development in two parts: an open source data development framework (like Rails for Hadoop) and a PaaS (like Heroku for Hadoop). The open source framework allows for sharing/repeating/maintaining code history, automated testing, and one-button deploy. The PaaS provides high availability execution, full job history, and helps users identify problems.

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  • 1. Open-source softwaredevelopment frameworks
  • 2. Open-source software dev frameworks (and many more...)
  • 3. Every platform needsopen-source,code-based dev frameworks• Avoid repeat work• Remain 100% customizable• Escape vendor lock-in
  • 4. But for data? Nothing.
  • 5. Data work today• Proprietary / GUI / No framework• Not reusable• Little collaboration• Too many errors, too slow to fix
  • 6. an open source dev framework for data
  • 7. “Mortar takes something complexand makes it simple and intuitive.” —Jon Coveney, Twitter
  • 8. What big data system should I use? Hadoop, HPCC, Disco, Storm…What Hadoop distro should I use?How much will this cost? Should I do it some other way?How long is this going to take to learn? Should I do it some other way?How many machines should I buy?Can I run in the cloud?How should I interact with it? Pig, Hive, Cascading, Scalding, Cascalog WeeksCan I use libraries I need?How do I install everything?How can my team share code?How can I reuse code?Is my workload typical?How can I safely deploy?How do I know if what Ive written is correct?Are there any libraries I could start with?Can I connect to my key-value store?Can I do machine learning in Hadoop?Is it secure?What if I need help?
  • 9. More Weeks
  • 10. Even More Weeks
  • 11. —Alan Gates, Hortonworks co-founder OPEN SOURCED PIG“Our focus in designing Pig has always been tomake Hadoop easy...Mortars approach is right on—they extend ourquick start and ease of use focuses with pre-built Hadoop clusters, clear examples, codeorganization templates, and github for socialsharing of the code.”
  • 12. Can Mortar help you?Mortar is for analyzing lots of data in AWS.
  • 13. Who is Mortar for?Mortar serves companies of all sizes from anyindustry.
  • 14. —Dwight Merriman FOUNDER OF 10GEN (MAKER OF MONGODB), DOUBLECLICK (ACQ. GOOGLE), SHOPWIKI, BUSINESS INSIDER, GILT GROUPE“...Mortar fits right in with our vision of thefuture...With this exciting launch, MongoDB users cannow also seamlessly use Mortar.”
  • 15. By and for engineers and data scientists
  • 16. > gem install mortar
  • 17. > mortar new my_project
  • 18. > git clone your_project
  • 19. > mortar run your_project
  • 20. Pig is easy to learn(and we’ve made it easier)
  • 21. Illustrate is awesome• Find your mistakes• Understand code before collaborating• Automated tests: a way to test every condition
  • 22. Hadoop & Python are powerful data science tools
  • 23. ...but they haven’t worked together before.
  • 24. Now you can use Hadoop & real Python on Mortar
  • 25. What you just saw• Installed Mortar• Made a new project• Cloned a project• Ran the project• Illustrated project• Use Python and other libraries on Hadoop
  • 26. 2 options for using Mortar:- Git Projects: modularity, testability, code sharing, local dev, and revision control.- Web Projects: zero install, in the browser
  • 27. One-hour challenge• Use your browser• Minutes to connect data• Productive in one hour
  • 28. How does Mortar fit with otherAs a good citizen, Mortar has a rich API
  • 29. How about speed?Full speed, directly on Hadoop
  • 30. Mortar revolutionizesyour data pipeline.• Easy start• Keeps you productive• Collaborate with data• No lock-in• Easy to budget
  • 31. Tiers• Free | Service use unlimited | 10 node-hours• Pay as you Go | $0.89/node-hour | support• Enterprise | $3,000/month | $0.69/node-hour | live support
  • 32. / @mortardata