EDU 518 Course Policies:       Class Participation       Students in an online course must maintain an active and regular ...
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Wu 518 course policies


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Wu 518 course policies

  1. 1. EDU 518 Course Policies: Class Participation Students in an online course must maintain an active and regular presence in the virtual classroom to create a sense of student community just as a student must physically attend class in a traditional environment. Using technology to monitor student access time and progress is an online instructor’s prerogative and will be used when needed to assess if a student is at academic risk. Online instructional methods require a greater reliance upon the student as a peer-to-peer collaborator and tutor. Student-to-student interaction will be assessed as the important aspect of the learning that it is and will be part of the class participation grade. Students should realize that online courses are just as rigorous as traditionally structured classrooms and may require more self-discipline on the part of the learner. More detailed information will be found in the Introduction Unit of the course. Late Assignments All assignments are due on the date/time indicated within this syllabus unless prior arrangements have been made directly with the course instructor. Assignments must be submitted in the format specified by the instructor and must be posted how/when/where required as by the assignment. A variety of posting types and places will be used to provide students with a wide range of experiences. All assignments must be submitted before a final grade will be issued for the class. There will be a 10% loss of assignment points for each calendar day that an assignment is submitted late. Exceptions to due dates will not be made for technological failure except under extreme circumstances. More detailed information will be found in the Introduction Unit of the course. Grade of Incomplete A request for a grade of incomplete will be considered only in the case of extenuating circumstances such as serious illness or death in family. The student must submit a request form; the Incomplete Policy as outlined in the University Academic Catalog will be followed. Academic Integrity Students are expected to comply with the University Academic integrity Policy as outlined in the University Academic Catalog. Students who violate any section of the policy may be awarded a course grade of F. Assignments submitted that are in violation of the academic integrity policy will not be accepted, and a grade of zero will be assigned for the assignment. Any violation of academic integrity will be reported by the course instructor to the Director of Graduate Education Programs. The notification will become a part of the student’s academic file. Grading and Academic Progression Students in the Graduate Education Programs will be dismissed from their program if any of the following occur:  The student receives more than one grade of C or lower  The student is unable to achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher after completing the next six credits following notification of an academic progress warning  The student is unable to successfully complete a course with a grade of B or higher after repeating the course one time Students with Disabilities Any student with a disability that might impact their performance in the course should contact the Disabilities Coordinator in the University Human Relations Office (724.852.3210) immediately so that arrangements for reasonable accommodations can be made. In addition the student should notify the course instructor of the nature of the disability and the need for accommodations no later than the end of the first week of classes.