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Sample book project summary

  1. 1. Sample Book Project Summary Submitted by Stacey Spencer Class of 2013The Bookmans WakeJohn DunningScribnerNew York1995Number of Page: 351Characters Clydell Slater, Millie, Cliff Janeway, Eleanor Rigby, Charles and Jonelle Jeffordses, Pruitt, Amy,Crystal, Mr. Rigby, Moon, Otto, TrishaChapter SummariesChapter 1: Cliff is busy working in his office when Millie, his secretary, tells him an old friend has arrived.Clydell Slater, a washed out cop gone PI walks into Cliffs back office and begins to tell Cliff about a job heneeds help with. Cliff has already decided to turn him down when Slater mentions a rare book. Cliff is theowner of a book store, and has a love for rare books, not to sell, just for the chase of catching rare written art.After some work from Slater, Cliff is convinced to take the job tracking down a rare copy of Edger Allen PoesThe Raven. The catch is, a thief stole the book; Cliff is put in charge of picking her up, making a citizen’s arrestand identifying the book as authentic.Chapter 2: Slater schedules Cliffs transportation to pick up Eleanor and recover the book. There is somespeculation on what year the specific book was published. If Slater is right about the year, the book is worth alot more then original thought.Chapter 3: Cliff looks into the book and printer a little more to see if he missed anything.He finds that the original press house was burned down and that stopped production. He then explains whatmakes books so valuable and how different versions can be told apart.Chapter 4: Cliff flies to Seattle and meets with one of Slaters friends before going to find Eleanor. His name isPruitt. Cliff and Pruitt dont get along but Cliff had a job to do, so after a small argument they get down tofinding the thief. Cliff goes into the bar they followed Eleanor to and tries to plot his arrest. He decided to giveher a flat tire while she was busy and then come to her rescue.Chapter 5: Cliff fixes her tire, gives her spare a flat and offers to drive her where ever shes going. Afterthinking about it, she agrees and he drives her home. They talk during the ride and he finds out that her dadworked with the Grayson brothers, the ones that published the book she stole. Her dad still prints books.Chapter 6: Cliff drove her home; she seems hesitant to go home. Eleanor says she has done some things she isntproud of. She has him come in with her. Her family was extremely happy to see her and thanks Cliff by askinghim to stay the night. He ends up sleeping above the original printing press.Chapter 7: Cliff explored the printing shop. He found hundreds of letters used to print books. He wonderedaround marveling at everything left in the shop.Chapter 8: He has dinner with the family and really starts to like them. He starts thinking about how much hewould like living with them and maybe exploring the printing press more.ETC -- chapters continue