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Goal setting example 1
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Goal setting example 1


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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  • 1. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX10/28/11GPX Setting Career Goalsgoal (gōl)n.1. The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed; an objective. See Synonyms at intention.2. Sportsa. The finish line of a race.b. A specified structure or zone into or over which players endeavor to advance a ball or puck.c. The score awarded for such an act.(Definition courtesy of As you can see, the word “goal” has many different meanings, but still share the sameidea. In sports, the “goal” is usually the final part of a task done in order to win a game. Whilein other terms, a “goal” can mean an endpoint, or objective to stride towards. Both definitionsare similar in that you succeed in the end. For me, setting up important career goals will help mefind a career that I love and can excel at. My goal is to earn a doctorate in a field of science, preferably psychology. Completingthis task will take a very long time, so patience and dedication is essential. The work doesn’tstart in college; it starts right now in high school. Maintaining a high GPA as well as earninghigh SAT scores will make the foundation for my journey in reaching this goal. Achieving thesetwo milestones will allow me to be accepted into great schools, which will help me achieve myend goal with a more solid education backing me up. At the school, I will study my field ofinterest. Afterwards, I will continue my schooling in order to achieve the doctorate. Obtainingthe doctorate will allow me to get better jobs, higher paying jobs, and more enjoyable ones aswell. As I have been known for doing in the past, I commonly get excited about something for a
  • 2. short period of time, and then I suddenly lose interest and move on to something else. Not doingthis will be key to staying on track and achieving that doctorate in psychology. I believe that my passion for learning, especially of the way people think, will carry meon to reaching my goal. Even if it will take me all my life to achieve this, it is something Iguarantee that I won’t stop striving for. Whether or not your goal is at the edge of a field or atthe top of a field, of study, reach for and beyond it.