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Career research reflection samples

  1. 1. SAMPLE REFLECTIONS: CAREER RESEARCHSample 1NAMEGraduation ProjectDATE Career Research Reflection For years I have had the goal of being a veterinarian. In order to achieve that goal, I havebeen researching the qualities of the job. One way that I have researched this job is throughelectronic research. I used the site called Bureau of Labor Statistic ( to researchmy career. By learning more about the job, I will be more informed and more prepared to enterthe work field. The veterinary field is one that is expected to grow in the next decade. Although thisfield is expanding, veterinary science is very competitive as many people will enter the field. Theveterinarian field is expected to grow 33% from 2008-2018, according the US government’sofficial statistics on the website In addition, demand for farm animal vets will beexceptionally high because rural areas which require vet assistance don’t have enoughveterinarians in close proximity. For this job, I will need more than six years of education. Thevery long schooling is due to the fact that students have to learn every animal’s body, unlike adoctor who learns just the human body. Choosing the right college is important to get aveterinarian job upon college graduation. My plan is to attend either Cornell or Ohio State whichare two schools that are extremely selective in their admissions. To get into a good college
  2. 2. program and then to advance in this career, students should have a lot of prior experience withanimals and veterinary medicine. Students also have to work really hard to keep a high GPAduring all levels of college. As a veterinarian, the average income is $79,050. This is a verysubstantial wage that could provide me with the essentials that I need to live. As long as I planahead and stay on track, I should achieve my goal of becoming a veterinarian. Completing this research was extremely useful to me. Reading about the differentqualities included in the job showed me what parts of the job would challenge me. In contrast Ialso learned the facets of the job in which I would excel. The Bureau of Labor Statistic( site helped me learn even more about my career and what it will take to get there.The more informed I am, the easier it will be to succeed in my job.Sample 2NAMEGraduation ProjectDATE Career Research Reflection Thinking you will enjoy a career field is one thing; knowing you can make a living fromthat field is another. To help confirm my career choice as a registered nurse, I did extra researchabout nursing in general. The website that I found very helpful was an official government sitecalled the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( From this website, I learned all about aregistered nurses job in general, the education needed, average wage, and much moreinformation that was important to know about Registered Nurses.
  3. 3. There are numerous facts to know about RNs. I learned that registered nurses haveseveral different responsibilities. They treat patients, educate their patients of their medicalcondition, provide emotional support to patient’s family, record patient’s medical history, assistin diagnostic testing, and teach their patients how to deal/cope with their illness. The educationthat is needed to become a RN includes a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing (BSN), anassociate degree in nursing (AND), and a diploma. The average wage for a RN is 64,690 dollarsper year. Registered nurses jobs are expected to increase twenty-two percent by 2018, which isan advantage. There are also ways for advancement. Most RNs begin as a staff nurse. The siteexplains that you can advance through experience and good performance, which often means youwill move to another setting or are promoted to higher positions with more responsibilities. Someareas that have the best demand, both job and money wise, include Alaska, California, andNevada. Some related fields that I might consider include dental hygienists, diagnostic medicalsonographs, and physician assistants. A professional organization that I might be interested injoining some day is the ANA (American Nurse Association). In conclusion, I learned several new facts from the official government website called theBureau of Labor Statistics (, about registered nurses. From my research, I now feelconfident that I have reliable information that confirmed my career choice. My next step is toresearch more and to do a project related to nursing. I am at last sure that the nursing field isideal for me.