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This presentation describes professional networking and provides ideas for online tools for such networking.

This presentation describes professional networking and provides ideas for online tools for such networking.

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  • 1. What is a Professional Learning Network (PLN)?
    • Professionals and resources within and far beyond the walls of the workplace used for the purpose of collaboration and communication.
  • 2.
    • What professionals and resources comprise your PLN?
    Analyze Your PLN
  • 3.
    • Use this site to create a simple 2-stage web of your PLN.
      • In the center of your web, type your name.
      • Include two main topics: your current PLN and your future PLN.
    Analyze Your PLN  this out ! *That was !
  • 4. Why Expand Your PLN?
    • Although developing a well-structured PLN can be time-consuming, as a networked professional you can:
      • personally tailor your educational needs.
      • learn when you need to learn on your own time.
      • instantaneously obtain knowledge.
      • gain access to limitless resources and professionals.
      • translate information gained into effective classroom teaching.
  • 5. These Easy Tools Can Help Expand Your PLN
    • Blogs
    • Netvibes
    • Microblogs (Twitter)
    • Diigo
    • Classroom 2.0
  • 6. What Are Educational Blogs?
    • Posts composed by professionals in order to share educational content.
  • 7. What Is Netvibes?
    • A one-stop shop enabling blog followers to collect and organize their favorite blogs at one location.
    • Eliminates the time-wasted visiting several blog pages.
    • Continuously feeds new blog posts into your account.
  • 8.
      • Each blog on your Netvibes page can be personally tailored to your content area.
      • Content is updated and funneled into your page daily.
      • You can follow and organize all of your educational blogs IN ONE PLACE!
      • Writing blog to follow on Netvibes:
        • “ Author Patricia McKissak’s Writers Workshop Blog”
    Netvibes In Action  this out ! That was !
  • 9. What Is a Microblog (Twitter) and how can it be used professionally?
    • A tool used for instant, short communication blurbs (aka “tweets”).
    • Find educational professionals to follow with whom to bounce ideas.
    • iPhone’s “Tweetie2” app allows tweeting with ease.
    • BTW, u may need 2 lrn the lingo!
  • 10.
      • Search for users within your content area.
      • Numerous language arts and general educators can be found.
      • Interesting Education tweets to follow:
        • EarlyReader
        • micheleborba
        • TipsForWriters
        • Educationweek
        • AskMrPlayground
        • preschoolers
        • simpleK12
        • Classroom2.0
    Microblogs (Twitter) In Action  this out ! That was !
  • 11. What Is Diigo?
    • An in depth social-bookmarking tool.
    • To enhance your PLN, focus on information sharing.
  • 12.
      • Like Netvibes, you can follow and organize all of your educational blogs IN ONE PLACE!
      • You can easily locate groups and people with similar interests.
        • Use “tags” (keywords) such as “writing,” “storytelling,” “English,” or “Language Arts” to focus your search.
      • Many groups and people have a language arts focus.
        • Teaching and Learning with web2.0
        • Project Based Learning
    Diigo In Action  this out ! That was !
  • 13. What Is Classroom 2.0?
    • A worldwide forum for educational professionals to ask questions and share ideas.
  • 14.
      • Once an account is opened, an infinite amount of educational content and links are provided.
      • A true one-stop shop for educators
      • Topics to follow on Classroom2.0:
        • Webinars – Topics, schedules and links are provided.
        • Youtube – Links to a wide variety of tutorials and educational videos.
        • iTouch – Detailed information regarding the benefits of the iTouch in the classroom is available.
    Classroom 2.0 In Action  this out ! That was !
  • 15. What’s Your Game Plan?
    • Consider exploring one of the previous tools and adding it to your current PLN!
      • Blogs/Netvibes
      • Microblogs/Twitter
      • Diigo
      • Classroom2.0
    • Expand your PLN today, and reap the educational benefits tomorrow!
    *The Easy button logo is a trademark of Staples. That was !