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Camera angles slide

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  • 1. Shot list for Final Footage By Morrighan And Courtney
  • 2. Although Courtney and I had a plan in our heads about the angles we wanted, and had created a short list- We left room for creative inspiration. And the following slides show the final shots we used through our filming, illustrated with pictures.
  • 3. Close-up, pan right.
  • 4. Mid, tilt down, subject in center third.
  • 5. Tilt down to mid birds eye.
  • 6. Mid shot. Subject in center third.
  • 7. Pan up and actor stands- to a extreme low angle, mid shot.
  • 8. Mid shot actor in center third.
  • 9. Match on action- Mid, actor in right third.
  • 10. Extreme canted Close up on all pictures.
  • 11. Close up birds eye.
  • 12. Low angle- Looking up actor. Close up
  • 13. Close up birds eye.
  • 14. Side track.
  • 15. Continue side track.
  • 16. Finish side track.
  • 17. Mid establishing shot.
  • 18. Close up, zooming to extreme close up.
  • 19. Extreme close up
  • 20. Close up establishing shot, model in left third.
  • 21. Static tracking of model.
  • 22. Long shot, as model walks towards camera.
  • 23. Match on action, sideways, long shot.
  • 24. Side mid shot as actress walks out of shot.
  • 25. Long shot, as actress walks out of shot. Actress right third.
  • 26. Extreme close up
  • 27. Low angle, extreme close up.
  • 28. Tilt up to long shot, focus pull to actor.
  • 29. Mid shot, side angle.
  • 30. Over the shoulder mid shot. Actor left third.
  • 31. Mid/long shot. Actor walks in and out of shot.
  • 32. Mid shot. Focus is pulled to the right third.
  • 33. Mid over the shoulder shot, focus on center third.
  • 34. Mid shot, at angle. Focus right third.
  • 35. Over the shoulder, close up.