MA Conference for Women: Social Media Tools


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MA Conference for Women: Social Media Tools

  1. 1. Morra Aarons-Mele @morraam Staying CurrentThe Technical Tools You Need and the Ones You Don’t
  2. 2. Assess Your Needs Money EmailAddresses Media Consumers Elites Brand eCommerce Awareness Advocacy
  3. 3. What You’re Up Against• Each day, US adults absorb: – 34 GB data over 11.8 hours (USCD) – 65% of online adults use social media (Pew) – Adults using the internet as primary news source up 17% between 2009-2010 (Pew) – 1 in 4 adults accessed most of their 2010 campaign news online (Pew) – 3-fold increase from 2002
  4. 4. Social Media is not a Silver Bullet• Social media isn’t a SOLUTION, it’s a tool that can be deployed strategically in support of a larger organizational or campaign goal.• A brilliant social media strategy cannot compensate for a campaign or organization that lacks a strong, memorable brand.• Social networks are the interactive visibility tool of the digital age• Thousands of followers or “likes” dont directly translate action• Social networks are only one tool at your disposal
  5. 5. Essential Tools• Your essential tools will depend on your blog’s goal – Image-driven? – Vlogging? – Written word? – eCommerce?• You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) do everything
  6. 6. Baseline: WebsiteYour website houses your contentContent’s purpose:• Who I am (delivering on the brand promise)• How/where you can join me• What I’m doing and why it’s important• Who pays the bills/Contact/Customer ServiceMost people won’t come back to your site voluntarily…you need to goout and get them
  7. 7. Use Your Channels for MessagingGetting to know you• Search engine visibility• Presence on major platforms and networks• Supplement w/ ads if appropriateBuilding the Relationship• Twitter (especially to engage media and influencers)• Email list• Know what your competitors/colleagues are doing• InfluencersNiche marketing, not mass• Use channels to tailor your message and make it relevant• Build relationships
  8. 8. Different Channels Reach Different People• Know who you want to reach• Engage with the social channels that will most benefit you• Don’t create social profiles simply for the sake of having them – Quality > Quantity!
  9. 9. Twitter: Connect directly with influencers
  10. 10. Facebook: Connect directly with consumers
  11. 11. LinkedIn: Connect with colleagues
  12. 12. Instagram: Connect visually
  13. 13. Pinterest: Connect visually
  14. 14. Your Blog: Tailoring the Message• Share unique information with assets (e.g., video, photos)• Be yourself!• 600-800 words• Great headlines, tags, categ ories help SEO• Link & blog roll
  15. 15. What’s working best?
  16. 16. Don’t get discouraged• You need to learn what your audience responds to – This may take some time!• Don’t be afraid to throw lots of stuff at the wall and see what sticks• Adjust your strategy accordingly