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Morph App Cloud


In today's economic meltdown, it is more important than ever to reduce costs and increase efficiency within the business. If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you must be agile enough in …

In today's economic meltdown, it is more important than ever to reduce costs and increase efficiency within the business. If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you must be agile enough in order to accommodate the demands of your customers while employing cost-effective means of delivering and managing applications. And if you're running a business and you're using your own apps or third-party applications for your day-to-day business productivity, you also need to take a look at your IT spending.

Cloud computing goes a long way towards helping you reduce the costs associated with setting up and maintaining the application environment that hosts your Web applications. With the release of Morph AppCloud, Morph Labs is uniquely positioned to help you deploy, deliver, and manage highly available, secure and reliable Web applications without spending capital, without a lot of effort.

This Webinar will explore how you can use Morph AppCloud to deploy a large application, a complex setup or a collection of applications to a dedicated, scalable, and customizable environment. Whether you're looking to deploy a demo version of your Web application, a QA version for evaluation, or a production-ready application for use by your team or your customers, discover how Morph AppCloud can help you get it done. Find out how easy it is to put Morph AppCloud to work for your organization.

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  • 1. Introducing Morph AppCloud www.mor.ph
  • 2. Businesses rely on Web applications www.mor.ph
  • 3. CRM HRIM Collaboration Intranets Tools Enterprise Wikis Other Business Applications Support & Customer Care www.mor.ph
  • 4. these applications live and breathe on a Web application platform www.mor.ph
  • 5. www.mor.ph
  • 6. www.mor.ph
  • 7. www.mor.ph
  • 8. Standards-based Manageable Highly Available Backed-up Scalable Fast Fault-Tolerant Recoverable www.mor.ph
  • 9. data center space instant and power provisioning database administration HA architects requirements have changed planning cycles deployment skilled system administrators www.mor.ph
  • 10. and all of these require a lot of TIME and MONEY www.mor.ph
  • 11. and Cloud Computing opens new doors www.mor.ph
  • 12. IT capabilities are available via a few mouse clicks www.mor.ph
  • 13. open source applications enable world-class applications www.mor.ph
  • 14. Web application platforms can be outsourced for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself www.mor.ph
  • 15. enabling you to re-think your strategies www.mor.ph
  • 16. reduce system administration burden and overall IT expenses www.mor.ph
  • 17. be more agile and realize efficiencies within your organization www.mor.ph
  • 18. bring to life Web applications faster than ever before www.mor.ph
  • 19. Introducing Morph AppCloud managed service that provides an on-demand personalized platform in the cloud www.mor.ph
  • 20. Morph AppCloud Security & High 24/7 Command & Back-ups & Disaster Routing Availability Monitoring Control Replication Recovery Firewall Firewall Web Web & & Database Stack Stack Routing Routing Operating System Front Front Web App Web App DB Balancer Balancer Server Server Server managed 24/7 by Morph Labs www.mor.ph
  • 21. Morph AppCloud in Action www.mor.ph
  • 22. Morph Control Panel www.mor.ph
  • 23. Morph AppCloud really means • Free your IT department • No sys administration headaches • No software downloads • No licensing troubles • No configuration issues • No hardware to purchase • Starting on Day 1 • Applications run independently • You can scale on-demand • Entire system is monitored, managed for you • Your data is protected, secure • Morph Labs’ team is there to assist you www.mor.ph
  • 24. and because everything in Morph AppCloud is based upon open source and industry standards, you are never LOCKED-IN to the environment www.mor.ph
  • 25. Thank you www.mor.ph sales@mor.ph www.mor.ph