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Published in Health & Medicine , Technology
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  • 1. Pronunciation Spelling
  • 2. b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, y, z a, e, i, o, u Letters Sounds Vowels Consonants
  • 3. How should we pronounce a written word? How should we spell a sound stream?
  • 4. Phoneme (sounds, phonemic symbols) Syllable Stress Intonation Tone Tone-unit Rhythm Linking Elision Assimilation … Phoneme (alphabet, digraphs, letter blends, compound structures) Affixes Grammatical Category Syllabication Stress …
  • 5. Short Schwa Long Diphthongs Thriphthongs? Vowels Consonants
  • 6. Syllables Strong Weak Schwa Syllabic consonants
  • 7. Weak syllables Vowel tends to be shorter! 1. ə/i/u + NO coda – end of the word; 2. ə + coda - in word-final position; 3. ə/i/u + NO coda – inside a word; 4. i + NO coda – the following syllable begins with a consonant;
  • 8. Strong syllables Never have schwa! 1. Long vowel/diphthong/triphthong 2. Any vowel + coda
  • 9. Stress placement 1. Affixes? 2. Grammatical category? 3. Syllables? 4. Phonological structure of the syllables?
  • 10. Noun Verb, adj., prep., adv. 2-syllable words 1. ‘[1st S] [2nd S] (short vowel) 2. [1st S] ‘[2nd S] (long vowel/diphthong) 1. ‘[1st S] [2nd S] (weak) 2. [1st S] ‘[2nd S] (strong)
  • 11. Noun, adj. Verb 3-syllable words 1. ‘[1st S] [2nd S] (weak) [3rd S] (weak/- əʊ) 2. [1st S] ‘[2nd S] (strong) [3rd S] (weak/- əʊ) 3. ‘[1st S] [2nd S] [3rd S] (strong) 1. ‘[1st S] [2nd S] (weak) [3rd S] (weak) 2. [1st S] ‘[2nd S] (strong) [3rd S] (weak) 3. [1st S] [2nd S] ‘[3rd S] (strong)
  • 12. Complex words 1. Basic word form + affix 2. Compound words
  • 13. Suffixes carrying primary stress themselves
  • 14. Suffixes that do no affect stress placement
  • 15. Suffixes that influence stress in the stem
  • 16. Compound words 1. Written as one word; 2. Separated by a hyphen; 3. Separated by a space.
  • 17. Compound nouns
  • 18. Compounds in which the first element is a number in some form Compounds functioning as adverbs
  • 19. Compounds which function as verbs and have an adverbial first element Compounds with an adj. first element and the –ed morpheme at the end
  • 20. Variable stress Word-class pairs