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Paises de-centroamerica-1214264284301162-8

Paises de-centroamerica-1214264284301162-8






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    Paises de-centroamerica-1214264284301162-8 Paises de-centroamerica-1214264284301162-8 Presentation Transcript

    • Paises de Centro America (Mesoamerica). Por : Mayelin Martinez Cobas
    • Mexico    Mexican independent day against Spain is September, 16 of 1810. 5 de mayo they celebrate the Mexican victory against the French army in the battle of Puebla in 1862. In this country was originated hot chocolate (el chocolate caliente).
    • Mexico         Estados Unidos Mexicanos Population: 101 000 000 Capital: Mexico City Government: Federal Republic Official Language: Spanish Agriculture: Corn, beans, oilseeds, fruits…. Industry: Food and beverages, petroleum, tourism Currency: Peso Mexicano
    • La bandera de Mexico.
    • El mapa de Mexico
    • Guatemala    The highest “ hot spot” in Central America is the Volcan Tajumulco! Mayan traditions and culture are still maintained in Guatemala today. Here, people grow coffee beans.
    • Guatemala         Republic of Guatemala Population: 12000000 Capital: Guatemala City Gov’t Republic Official Language: Spanish Agriculture: coffee, sugarcane, bananas Industry: Indian crafts, tourism Currency: Quetzal
    • La bandera de Guatemala
    • El mapa de Guatemala
    • Honduras    Honduras: Bang! Boom! Score! During the World Cup of Soccer, a political war was fought . Thus, it was named the “ Honduras Soccer War” For many young people, hanging around the unpaved dusty streets of the city suburbs is often the only escape from poverty and overcrowding at home Here, people grow bananas.
    • Honduras         Republic of Honduras Population: 5,860,000 Capital: Tegucigalpa Gov’t Republic Official Language: Spanish Agriculture: Bananas, coffee Industry: Food processing, lumber Currency: Lempira
    • La bandera de Honduras
    • El mapa de Honduras
    • El Salvador    El salvador: Traditionally, adult children remain at home until marriage. Thus, a bride looking at her watch. El Salvador has the highest population density in Central America with 693 people packed into a square mile. Here, people eat cornmeal cakes called pupusas.
    • El Salvador         Republic of El Salvador Population: 5,750,000 Capital: El Salvador Gov’t: Republic Official Language: Spanish Agriculture: coffee, sugarcane Industry: Food processing Currency: Colon
    • La bandera del Salvador
    • El mapa del Salvador
    • Nicaragua     Nicaragua: Legend has it panama Canal was to be the Nicaragua Canal! Caution! Drivers don’t use turn signals. The most common signal in Nicaragua is hand waving from driver’s which has no specific meaning! Chaciutique is history! Young women used to be trown into lava to appease this goddess of fire. Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America.
    • Nicaragua         Republic of Nicaragua Population: 4,580,000 Capital: Managua Gov’t: Republic Official Language: Spanish Agriculture: coffee, cotton, sugar Industry: Food processing, lumber Currency: Cordoba
    • La bandera de Nicaragua
    • El mapa de Nicaragua
    • Costa Rica * Costa Rica: Why is this toad wearing a helmet? Costa Rica has no army, but it does have the rarest amphibian! * Costa Ricans are the richest people in Central America with a yearly income of $ 2800 a year! * Capuchin monkeys live here.
    • Costa Rica         Republic of Costa Rica Population : 3600,000 Capital San Jose Gov’t: Republic Official Language: Spanish Agriculture: coffee, banana Industry: Food processing, tourism Currency: Colon
    • La bandera de Costa Rica
    • El mapa de Costa Rica
    • Panama    Only in Panama can you see the sun rise on the Pacific Ocean and set on the Atlantic Ocean. Waterpark? No, it’s Panama ! Panama has more than 1800 miles of coast, and 1600 islands. Birds called toucans live in Panama.
    • Panama         Republic of Panama Population: 2740000 Capital: Panama City Gov’t: Republic Official Language: Spanish Agriculture: Bananas, shrimp Industry: Canal operations Currency: Balboa
    • La bandera de panama
    • El mapa de Panama.