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Advanced linkedin workshop


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סדנה פרקטית בנושא שימוש מתקדם בלינקדאין שהציג שלי סטקרל, סמנכ"ל בכיר בארביטה בכנס קהילת הגיוס 2011, כפר המכבייה (מבית HRD) …

סדנה פרקטית בנושא שימוש מתקדם בלינקדאין שהציג שלי סטקרל, סמנכ"ל בכיר בארביטה בכנס קהילת הגיוס 2011, כפר המכבייה (מבית HRD)

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. And Other Search Techniques
  • 2. EVP, Arbita, Inc. Recruiting since 1996 6 yrs. Corporate sourcing leadership 5 yrs. contingency, ran $1M+ full desk 4 years consulting with over 200 organizations Instrumental in building research teams at Motorola, Cisco, Coke (CCE), Google, Microsoft and advised over 200 companies globally Raised in Colombia, South America (English is my second language) Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Dual B.S. in International Business from RIT
  • 3.  Job Titles like  “SAP Consultant”  “Account Executive”  “Senior * Manager”  (“Software Engineer” OR Programmer) Company Names like  (“Hewlett Packard” OR HP OR  (IBM OR OR Skills, Licenses, Degrees or Certifications like  (“, RN” OR “, CNA” OR “, LPN”)  (“, CPA” OR “, CFA”)  (BSCS OR MSCS) or also try “, MBA”  (“, CCIE” OR “, CCNA”) Locations like  (Atlanta OR Marietta OR Alpharetta) ,.GA  (770 OR 678 OR 404) ,.GA  Sydney 61 Australia 3
  • 4.  Gist a person or group by feeding their blog RSS through Ex: Intel No RSS feed? Grab all the text from recent press releases and paste them into Wordle Try this with several resumes from the same department to find common themes: What happens when you feed a company’s Jobs RSS feed into Wordle? 4
  • 5.  Don’t use keyword search! Search by: • Common job titles • Specific company names Use Booleans! Filter by: • Geographic locations • Industries • Interested in “Potential employees” • Searching within your groups • People who joined recently 5
  • 6.  From keyword search you can search for: • title:”job title 1” OR “job title 2” (or use ctitle: for current only, and ptitle: for past only) company:”company 1” OR “company 2” (or use ccompany: and pcompany: instead) • school:”school name” • Also useful are radius: and industry: Ex: title:"software engineer" company:oracle school:iit Nearly unlimited field length allows complex strings Here’s a glossary of all advanced commands: • 6
  • 7.  If you do the same search repeatedly, save it for automatic ongoing results! If you need more, search who joined since last week or your last login? 7
  • 8. • These people are typically colleagues, vendors and clients.• View their profiles and see who they know, who endorses them, etc. 8
  • 9.  Found a great profile? Check out other similar profiles people have viewed! Could include people who wouldn’t have come up on your search Or people outside your 3rd degree network 9
  • 10.  See if they belong to any groups Listed below recommendations at bottom of profile Also try using the interests: commandTIP: keyword search for the groupname in quotes, for example:- “Transfer Pricing Specialists” 10
  • 11.  Always searching for the same kinds of candidates? It emails you when new matches enter your network Or after they edit their profiles and match your search Run any search then click the [ Save this search ] Edit or cancel them anytime here: For more details, visit search/#advanced_people_search Save up to 3 searches under the free account (more if you pay) 11
  • 12.  Right below their name is… • Their title • Their employer • Their City and State So you could… • Google “Company, City, State” for work numbers • Use to get home number • Google “Firstname Lastname” • Or you can use LinkedIn’s InMail 12
  • 13.  Use the site: command to find profiles: • (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) KEYWORDS - inurl:jsearch -inurl:events -inurl:"/companies/" -inurl:"/dir/" - inurl:"/jobs/" Find people by CURRENT job title • Try this first: "Current * software development engineer" (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) -inurl:jsearch -inurl:events - inurl:"/companies/" -inurl:"/dir/" -inurl:"/jobs/“ • Then this: "software development engineer * Past" (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) -inurl:jsearch -inurl:events -inurl:"/companies/" - inurl:"/dir/" -inurl:"/jobs/" 13
  • 14. Results from inside LinkedIn: 24, results externally: 224 26-Sep-11 14
  • 15.  Simply search for “contact settings" Works on any search engine Be sure to turn off site compression • On Google, insert &filter=0 into URL • On Yahoo, append &dups=1 to end of URL 15
  • 16.  Get the name of “Private” profiles with this: • Go to Inbox > Received > Invitations to accept multiple requests Find LinkedIn contacts on Facebook and “Add Friend” Include a link to your LinkedIn profile (& Facebook, Twitter) in your default email signature file of your outgoing messages! LinkedIn apps (Twitter integration, presentation uploads, blogpost feeds, etc.) here Most common mistakes recruiters make on social networks? Lazy profiles: Inconsistently applying their brand throughout the web. 16
  • 17. 1. UK 4,130,000 11. Denmark 875,0002. India 3,670,000 12. Spain 856,0003. Canada 2,500,000 13. Sweden 753,0004. Netherlands 2,400,000 14. South Africa 641,0005. France 1,940,000 15. Argentina 545,0006. Australia 1,340,000 16. Switzerland 499,0007. Italy 1,240,000 17. Poland 494,0008. Brazil 1,180,000 18. Norway 451,0009. Germany 1,050,000 19. Mexico 440,00010. Belgium 945,000 20. Israel 427,000 Note: above reflect “public” profiles not total LinkedIn population 17
  • 18. • People are more likely to accept a group invite than a personal networking connection• You can send a message to everyone in your group, even if they are not your direct connections• Good group content can drive viral marketing• Team project! Share the workload, and if someone leaves, they can’t take the network with them• Focused and adjusted on-the-fly, they responding to your communitys needs and offer them immense value• Gain your audiences trust and attention if you offer valuable insights or information they dont get elsewhere• What else? (top 10 reasons) 18
  • 19.  Have a 100% complete profile. Fill summary and specialties section with words/phrases describing your expertise Get a vanity URL – your name if possible & make sure your profile is “public” Your past work history should go back 10 years. Explain what you did at each company. Fill out the summary section, add substance; consider it your “elevator pitch”. Write/get Recommendations & ask/answer questions on LinkedIn Answers Continually build on your connections Comment on the LinkedIn blog and link back to your LinkedIn profile Don’t forget the additional information section – When adding websites, click on the “other” section. You can name your website and that will act as anchor text for the link. 19
  • 20.  Target your audience by: • Company Size • Job Function • Industry • Seniority • Geography Pay by clicks or impressions with starting budget as low as $50 (details) Example: ad seen only by Accountants at Manager or Director level, with companies larger than 1,000 employees and in the Atlanta area 20
  • 21.  Use AND, OR and – when searching Search by company name and job title Search by “Joined since last login” for freshness Select “Relationships + Recommendations” in search forms Sort By field and connect with top results to broaden your network Click "Save this Search" atop results page to get ongoing notification of new matches Recommenders are frequently managers and peers Include your LinkedIn profile in your emails! You can guess about how long someone’s been on LinkedIn by looking at their “Key” • Example: Shally Steckerls profile is from mid 2004 and his number is 155,699 21
  • 22.  Look for documents named “resume” • Using intitle: looks for words coded into the HTML “title” field, frequently the “name” of the file  intitle:resume director software site:il Or saved in locations called “resume” • Using inurl: looks for words in the names of folders or addresses where the file is located  inurl:resume director software site:il 22
  • 23.  Beyond just resumes, also try words like: • bio, profile, about, us, our • team, staff, people, alumni • roster, list, directory, members, attendees, board • speakers, panel, agenda, officers, minutes • Example: Haifa Intel (intitle:alumni OR intitle:people OR intitle:staff OR intitle:about OR intitle:bio OR intitle:profile OR intitle:team OR intitle:our OR inurl:about OR inurl:bio OR inurl:profile OR inurl:our OR inurl:team OR inurl:alumni OR inurl:people OR inurl:staff) 23
  • 24. Searching with site: looks through the entire site: • • director • ~CV 24
  • 25.  Most Search Engines can find documents written in: MS Word (doc), Adobe (pdf), Rich Text (rtf), Plain text (txt), PowerPoint (ppt), Excel (xls), and others Use filetype: to find only that kind of document • Resumes are frequently written in Word and Adobe (filetype:doc OR filetype:pdf) • Useful information can be found in Excel and PowerPoint (filetype:xls OR filetype:ppt) • Try including domains, common field column headers for name lists (Name, Title, Company, Phone, Email), etc., into your strings:  filetype:xls *  filetype:xls (Alumni OR Attendee) Teva Pharmaceuticals 25
  • 26.  Search the world’s largest discussion forums for your target people, organizations, teams, events, products, etc. Generate RSS feeds and aggregate data from: • Google Groups (highly customizable) • Yahoo! Groups • Big Boards (huge list of online discussion groups) • BoardReader and Board Tracker (both great search and RSS feeds) What happens if you Wordle any of the above RSS feeds? Images, files and other documents can be found using filetype: searches but sometimes they are converted before being shared online. Look for them in document repositories like Docstock, Scribd, SlideShare, Toodoc, and others. Search the big four on Bing, just add your keywords 26
  • 27.  Natural Phrases • "developed * applications” •|worked.for|at|on|with (company OR job title OR jargon) • "I|Im work|worked|working for|at|on|with" COMPANY • COMPANY ("my team" OR "our team") • worked "contact me“ • "is|was an * at COMPANY" and “I was|am an * at COMPANY” Other Patterns • "mailto: *” • author 27
  • 28.  Peer regression reveals people who influenced or were influenced by your target entities Finding other names in image/PDF captions • “Lucien Bronicki" ("l. to r." OR "l to r" OR "left to right" OR "r. to l." OR "r to l" OR "right to left" OR "back row:" OR "clockwise from") • Try names of events, groups or companies The 3+ name method works on people (like attracts like): • "shally steckerl" “dave mendoza" “morit rozen” References on blogs & social networks: • Google blogsearch for “and firstname lastname” 28
  • 29.  Image search cleans SEO spam • Results are only web pages containing images with names or tags that match your search, thus eliminating much of the garbage. Try this Google Images example! • Text used to classify images are: snippet of text before or after the image, anchor text on any link pointing to the image, “alt” text of the image, image url Zuula Images searches, try the “faces” mode  • Google, Bing, Exalead, Pixsy, Flickr, Photobucket, SmugMug, Picasa TinEye reverse image search finds people based on certifications, product logos, company logos, application logos and icons, peoples photos, building or location photos, etc. (hint: use images found above) 29
  • 30.  People being interviewed by bloggers or the local news can easily spill the beans and give juicy details • Ex: "is an iphone developer" Search transcripts of video via: • • • • • an online search service for news and current events recognizes people, companies, topics, places and keywords; understands how they relate to each other in the news flow, and puts them in context 30
  • 31.  Tons more free learning at The Sourcer’s Desk Follow @Shally and @Arbitainc on Twitter Join Arbita on LinkedIn and Facebook Email us your questions!