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  • 1. How many types of Headsets? Headsets: Improve the quality and performance of your call centers output with Plantronics professional wireless headsets. The use of headsets potentially allows quicker speed of answer, an improved caller experience, greater efficiency and improved health and safety in the workplace. plantronics-discovery-925-gold-bluetooth-headset.aspx Wireless Headsets The majority of wireless headsets come in one of two styles: the first is worn in the ear, using only an ear bud placed inside the ear, and the second style is worn over the ear using an ear hook along with an ear bud resting inside the ear.
  • 2. plantronics-cs55-wireless-headset-for-desk-telephones.aspx Bluetooth Headsets These days, it seems that wireless Bluetooth headsets are a dime a dozen, but Plantronic’s stands apart from the pack not only due to its unique looks but also thanks to some seriously amazing noise canceling technology. Office Headsets The office headset is an essential component for a typical business phone system. It is no longer regarded as a cool gadget for techie. In fact, a headset, in general, has integrated into everyday tasks of people in all walks of life. They are important for people at work, people who uses a radio, a mobile phone, or an ordinary phone. Small businesses to large corporation around the globe found usefulness in the headsets. Computer Headsets For individuals who like to be totally immersed in their music and conversations, choose the total focus, sound reduction, dual ear version, offering Hi-Fi audio and stereo sound. For those people who prefer a lighter headset, and having one ear free to hear what’s going on around you, there is also a single ear version. Both styles employ wide band
  • 3. technology and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), along with USB enhanced digital sound, resulting in a more natural voice sound as you chat with friends or business associates. Cell Phone Headsets • Mobile Phone Headsets The Plantronics M170 mobile headset offers hands-free convenience anywhere you go. Its convertible design can be worn with a headband or an ear loop on either ear, depending on whether you want greater stability or convenient small size. The pivoting noise- canceling microphone keeps your voice crystal clear, even in noisy environments. Comfortable, durable, and lightweight, it also works with headset-ready cordless phones and has a microphone volume switch so you can be heard clearly. • Bluetooth Cellular Headsets The Plantronics Explorer 320 Bluetooth headset is not only affordable and simple to use, but it's also convenient - all your controls are incorporated into just one button. Whether you're answering or ending a call, adjusting call volume, redialing the last number, or using voice-activated dialing, you can do it all with a single touch of a single button Special Headsets • Aviation Headsets The lightweight Plantronics MS50 commercial aviation headset has been the product of choice for pilots for over 40 years. The MS50 offers a choice of headband or eyeglasses clip. Its reliability is unparalleled as it continues to serve the needs of current and future generations of pilots. • Dispatch Headsets Plantronics SHS1890-10 amplifier, push-to-talk switch, PJ-7 connector, 10-foot coil cord • Intercom Headsets StarSet 1 style headset top, complete unit. These headsets have dynamic microphones and are not
  • 4. interchangeable with H Style headset tops. As a result, the Supra QD is used to prevent wrong connections. Media Headsets offers Plantronics Wireless Headsets, Plantronics Headsets, Clarity Phones, Panasonic Phones, Bluetooth Headsets, Cordless Phones, Media Headsets, Amplified Phones, Hearing Aid, Voip Headset and Corded Phones at affordable prices in Washington, USA. Article Source: