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Morgan Rees Published Works

Book: Marketing Action Plans

Published author involving numerous marketing articles in trade magazines:

Harvard Law School: The Record - “Network Access is a Question of Privilege”

Security Management Today magazine (Nov Part 1) - “A Word to the Web wise…”

Security Management Today magazine (Dec Part 2) - “Borderless Security Takes shape”

Computer Reseller News - “Viewpoint-Access”

Sales and Marketing Strategies & News - “Philips

Electronics Uses the World as its Stage”

Exhibitor Management Magazine - “Think Big” (Cover story) Consolidation Solution

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Morgan Rees Published Works

  1. 1. MORGAN D. REES408.394.7337 | San Jose, CA PUBLISHED WORKS:Morgan Rees is an expert business strategist and marketing professional with international and domesticexperience at numerous publicly traded companies involving such renowned brands as Philips Electronics,Norelco, Marantz, Magnavox, Citrix Online, Netgear and Honeywell. His experience spans global marketingresponsibilities with full profit/loss accountability, global brand development, channel, public relations, e-commerce and marketing campaigns involving broadcast, print, online/offline advertising, direct/email programs,public relations, executive level seminars and high visibility retail promotions.Morgan gained agency experience early in career; some of his clients included admired brands such as Toyota,Swim’n Sport, Red Lobster and General Motors. Morgan has built world-class marketing programs involvingSaaS, consumer electronics, computing, technology, ecommerce, retail, agency and B2C/B2B.A faculty member of Florida International University and the author of numerous marketing-related articles in trademagazines. Additionally, Morgan has brought his expertise to book form as he shares his marketing and brandingwisdom in a new title, Marketing Action Plans. Morgan is available for private and corporate client-based businessadvisory service including marketing and brand strategies, online as well as offline, guidance, lectures, etc.Podcasts: A Word to the Webwise: [ 5:08 ] Network Privilege: [ 3:40 ] Borderless Security Takes Shape: [ 3:22 ] TVNext [ 9:48 ] Transportation Innovation Workshop: [ 4:32 ] National Association of Broadcasters [ 5:24 ] Game Developers Conference: [ 4:37 ] Comcast [ 4:28 ] Better Place: [ 4:05 ] author involving numerous marketing articles in trade magazines:Harvard Law School: The Record - “Network Access is a Question of Privilege”Security Management Today magazine (Nov Part 1) - “A Word to the Web wise…”Security Management Today magazine (Dec Part 2) - “Borderless Security Takes shape”Computer Reseller News - “Viewpoint-Access”Sales and Marketing Strategies & News - “Philips Electronics Uses the World as its Stage”Exhibitor Management Magazine - “Think Big” (Cover story) Consolidation SolutionAt your convenience, please contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss how I can make a lasting contribution toyour company.SincerelyMorgan D. Rees | Marketing; Online & OfflineSOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCEWebsite: YouTube: Picasa: Vimeo: SlideShare:
  2. 2. Marketing Action Plans Jumpstarts Marketing Departments New Book Provides Downloadable Plans, Campaigns, Templates and FormsSILICON VALLEY, CA. – Silicon Valley marketing veteran, Morgan Rees, announces Marketing Action Plans: Outlines, Templatesand Guidance to Gain a Unique Competitive Edge, a new book that gives marketing executives and entrepreneurs the tools tojumpstart their marketing plans.In Marketing Action Plans, Rees shares his more than 15+ years business-to-business, consumer marketing and business strategyexperience with publicly traded companies including Philips Electronics (Magnavox, Marantz, Norelco), Citrix Online, Netgear andHoneywell.The book is designed to be a daily resource for entrepreneurs, those new to marketing as well as marketing pros whether they supporta small business or an international enterprise. According to Rees, Marketing Action Plans is the kind of book that execs will keepwithin reach, a veritable survival guide to today’s marketing environment. It walks readers through real world planning for marketingcampaigns, product and company positioning, public relations, branding and product rollouts.“Today’s marketing teams are constantly under pressure to deliver innovative, results-driving plans and meet nearly impossibledeadlines,” said Rees. “This is impossible to do from scratch; however, with Marketing Action Plans, you can use the templates anddocuments included to develop more than half of the plan. Then it’s simply an exercise to insert your company’s features and benefit.With the framework laid out for you, there is time to work on the creative aspects of your plan and still meet your tight deadlines.”With decades of experience in developing marketing plans, Rees can attest to the value of a thorough process and using check-offforms. “These kinds of tools dramatically sped up my team so we could provide our management with groundbreaking and effectiveplans for tradeshows, product launches and so much more.” According to Rees, the book helps teams develop the tools and bestpractices necessary to synchronize both in-house and external marketing teams.Finally, readers now have access to an easy downloadable library of plans, campaigns, outlines, templates, guidance and forms fromthe book at• Brand Strategy and Launch Plan: (Forty-page document) • Marketing Communications Sign-Off: (One page)• Collateral Status at a Glance Template: (Three-pages) • Marketing Materials Order Form for Sales: (Two pages)• Executive Positioning Questionnaire Template (One page) • Planning a Website: (Twenty eight page guide)• Frequent “Users Club” campaign template: (Six-pages) • Public Relations Plan Template: (Eleven pages)• Inside Sales Process (Twenty pages) • Quality Assurance: (Six page document)• Investor Relations Process Flow: (One page) • Volume Incentive Program Agreement: (One page form)• Market Requirements Document: (Four pages) • And moreMarketing Action Plans is now available on eBook (ISBN: 9781450237345) at Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble,, Google Books, Scribd, KoBo Books and other online retailers (ISBNs: Paperback: 9781450237338 and Hardcover:9781450237352). With a United States Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) 2010908502 you can also get the bookfrom more than 5,000 U.S. libraries. For more information, visit www.MarketingActionPlans.comEnjoy your MAP to success.Website: http://www.MarketingActionPlans.comYouTube: Noble: Books:
  3. 3. Network access is a question of privilege Morgan ReesSecurity used to be just about locking the door to hackers and throwing away thekey, but no longer. A grey area has emerged which has more to do with the contentyou are granting access to than whether your user is a friend or foe. Controllingweb access is fast becoming an important component of any successful securitystrategy. There are good margin opportunities for systems integratorsthat can help businesses develop and enforce corporate Internet policies. Employees, partners, vendors andcontractors all need access to an organization’s information, and not allof them are chained to the corporate desk. Many need remote admission.Networking environments are becoming more open and enterprise applicationsare being shifted to the web as businesses open their architecture. With almost daily news of hackerspenetrating large companies systems, enterprises must recognize theconnections between workflow, self-service management and authorization/authentication.Authorization and access control products help a business understand who is using its resources and who itscustomers are. Identification and authorization procedures enable partners and suppliers to participate in electroniccollaboration and help companies target customers more efficiently. Access control lists (ACLs) are the dominantmethod of securing the use of the Internet. Administrators can set common rules, such as blocking all employeesfrom entry to particular sites or applications, and also enforce Internet policies for specific users or profile groups.They are easy to configure and quick to deploy. Some newer web trafficManagers can support thousands of ACLs without affecting their servers performance.Controlling access is not productive unless you have a way of recording whats happening. If you log the audit trails,they can prove beyond reasonable doubt that misconduct has occurred. Captured traffic is audited, logged andidentified, and can be played back in court. Enterprises can also enforce electronic surveillance policies to protectintellectual property and reduce corporate liability.Who you are and whether or not you are allowed specific access privileges is going to be one of the most importanttechnology questions. The challenge will be to create secure inclusion.§ Morgan Rees is a vice-president of marketing
  4. 4. A word to the Web wise... Theres a global trend towards applications. A key issue to bear users who dont want to be in mind with such a proxy is that it chained to their desks or IT must be able to address the departments, but who need to issues of authentication, access corporate applications authorisation and accounting for wherever they may be working. each Web request that it Morgan Rees The populist solution is one that processes. involves taking advantage of the fact that the applications use the Individual Web applications tend ubiquitous HTTP protocol. Alas, to design their ownSecure IT this method isnt always reliable, particularly when you consider the difference between corporate authentication, authorisation and accounting (AAA) systems for the purpose of tracking and networks and the Internet. managing users. While this may be necessary, it does present a Corporate networks tend to problem to both users and With applications separate the world into two parts: administrators. Since each the inside (corporate) and the application presents its own view moving to the World outside (Internet) that are kept of user management, users must Wide Web at breakneck apart by firewalls. Generally, learn the nuances of each system speed, the need for corporations dont reveal all of and, in turn, administrators have providing a secure their internal servers to the to learn how to configure the outside world for security authorisation policies of each mechanism for access is reasons. This is different to the Web application. This can becoming increasingly Internet... when a Web-based become tedious and error prone important. However, the application interacts with a user, for all parties. problems of providing it then sends a number of embedded URLs for navigation Security without borders secure access are purposes. By using a secure Web traffic changing. In the first of a manager, its possible to two-part article, we Having been developed under centralise AAA into one place suggest that a complete the assumption that the with one system. Web application will always work applications can benefit from re-evaluation of how inside the protection of the these authentication systems by Internet security can corporate network, many such using a security token thats work for the enterprise is applications embed URLs that passed with every request from long overdue. would never work on the Internet. the proxy to the application. By Therein lies the problem (ie Web using the token, Web applications applications need to be corrected dont need to authenticate again. in order to function effectively on SSL also provides an end-to-end the Internet and corporate solution, enabling borderless networks alike). URLs: inside out security through an encryption and outside in Web Resource mechanism. SSL keeps traffic Mapping can be used to unify the encrypted all the way to the URLs generated by Web application, and not just to the applications, making access far edge of the corporate network. more secure for remote workers. Indeed, SSL support is ubiquitous When carried out securely across all operating systems and through a Web traffic manager, Web browsers, making the IT the conversion will happen security managers life much transparently and doesnt need easier. any intervention by administrators of the Web-based application. Web proxies can also help with § Morgan Rees is a vice- the problem of remote working, president of marketing presenting as they do a single point of entry to all Web
  5. 5. Borderless security takes shape If used in conjunction with a proxy- revoke client-side certificates based Web traffic manager, SSL without having to take electronic (Secure Socket Layer) can be tokens back. accelerated to provide lightning-fast Morgan Rees access to Web applications. Another important feature is SSL However, care must be taken such acceleration. Given the incredible that the connection between the amount of mathematics required proxy and the Web application is to perform even simpleSecure IT either physically secure or uses SSL as well. cryptographic operations that are needed for the SSL protocol, its important that hardware For the IT director or security acceleration be available such that manager deciding what secure the proxy can focus on its primary Web traffic manager to pick, its task - that of secure Web traffic crucial to remember SSL on the management.Last month, we explained inside support. SSL on the insidewhy the need to provide a allows IT administrators to Support for SSL is needed across configure their proxies so that SSL all networks. While not allsecure mechanism for connections between the proxy and networks have to guaranteeaccess to the Internet is the Web applications are encrypted support for heavyweight securityhighly important. Having as well. protocols, all networks must backsuggested that in-house up Web access. After all, without "If used in conjunction with a proxy- any form of Web access theyre ofmanagers must rethink their based Web traffic manager, Secure limited (if any) use to anyone.approach to IT security, here Socket Layer can be accelerated tohe evaluates client-side provide lightning-fast access to Therefore, using SSL incertificates and certificate Web applications. However, care conjunction with HTTP makes must always be taken such that the sure that, wherever your systemrevocation lists. connection between the proxy and users are, they will be able to the chosen Web application is reach your Web applications. either physically secure or makes effective use of SSL as well" § Morgan Rees is a vice- If the Web application server is on a president of marketing distant network, there are no issues with potential hackers sniffing the packets between the proxy and the server (particularly after so much effort has been expended in getting the traffic from the client to the proxy in a secure manner). Client-side certificates Other features to keep in mind when it comes to Internet security and secure access are client-side certificates and certificate revocation lists. These features allow administrators to give electronic tokens to their users so that, without the token, the user cannot even arrive at a log-in prompt. Certificate revocation lists, meanwhile, allow administrators to
  6. 6. (Cover Story - Exhibitor Magazine) Rees’ Consolidation Solution CHALLENGE: Branding and controlling budget for multi-divisional company TOOL: Consolidate divisions to cut dollars and increase brand identity KEY PLAYER: Morgan Rees, Vice President of Global Brand Management A 42-billion-dollar company with 18 well known divisions such as Consumer Electronics’, Philips Medical, Norelco, Magnavox and Marantz. Philips spends millions of dollars each year on its trade show program. Managing a program of this scale create two significant challenges for vice president of global brands management Morgan Rees. First, Philips lacked brand consistency among divisions. Individual groups managed their own programs separately – including booth design. And for a global company like Philips, which attends hundreds of shows per years, branding is critical. Second, as a direct result of the above, Philips was wasting exhibit properties – and money. Since each division’s program was managed independently, one division potentially owned a double deck structure that was used once or twice per year. Meanwhile, other divisions would be buying and storing the same type of structures. Consolidating the process. Rees decided consolidation was key to streamlining his program. The first item on the addenda was minimizing the number of exhibit builders Philips contracted with company-wide. “Among 17 exhibit houses, we had about 220,000 cubic feet of inventory,” says Rees. “The duplicity is ludicrous. How many Philips logos do you need?” After much research, Rees narrowed the pool to two exhibit houses, Sparks Exhibits and environments and Contempo Design.
  7. 7. Consolidation Solution (Continued)In partnership with these companies, Rees worked to craft one face for Philips. To do so,he developed modular corporate properties that are branded for Philips as a whole. Theplan: Maintain the inventory of structures that could be used repeatedly by all Philipsdivisions.Rees introduced his inventory with the introductory with the 21,000-square-foot ComdexFall properties, which included monolithic representations of the Tag Jamal and EiffelTower - pieces smaller divisions could never afford on their own. At the same time, heincorporated smaller, Abex-system pieces with consistent brand inventory,” he says. “Thepieces are not branded on one division – they’re recognizable as Philips as a whole.”Much thought went into the planning of his new program. Pieces were designed to be usedin booths ranging in size from 10-by-10 feet up. “We have product displays units that canbe the table top to be bigger; we have product display units that can be to it. A four-footsurface can grow to six or eight feet. And it’s all components.”The beauty of this strategy, says Michael Tomkin, president, Sparks Exhibits andEnvironment, is Philips’ ability to use a piece 30 times instead of three. “They canleverage their properties to save money,” he says.Extranet inventory. To make the process efficient and easily accessible by all Philips’divisions, Sparks created a secure extranet on its Web site, including digital photos ofPhilips graphics and exhibit inventory. “Any division can tap into this inventory, “saysRees. “And any Philips trade show manager can create configurations and floor plans forupcoming shows.The arrangement has worked beautifully. I’ll be on the phone from California withsomeone from Atlanta and The Netherlands, and we’re accessing engineering drawingsand graphics,” says Rees. “We’re orchestrated and designed entire shows online,including Comdex – and that included 18 divisions.”The system is also making Rees the hero of CFO’s everywhere – and that’s just the earlyresults. Companies can save 20 percent to thirty percent of their overall trade show budget(through this program), “says Tomkin confidently. Rees is equality convinced. His “costsaving guesstimate” is two million to three million dollars by the end of this year.All in all, it’s been a hugely successful way to mange one face, one message,” says Rees.“And at the same time, the corporation saves a fortune.”
  8. 8. Philips Electronics Uses the World as Its StageCompanies often approach trade in order to bring a consistent structure in Philips U.S.A.sshow exhibit design in one of two brand message to the show history. But more importantways. Most view the exhibit as a floor, regardless of the show or than the finished size, theshell to house the sales force Philips division in attendance. exhibit accomplished twoduring the long days of an The catalyst was the need to amazing things. First, it tookindustry event. However, a small build exhibits for both Philips brand recognition tobut growing number of COMDEX and CES, two first place in a ranking ofcorporations recognize that a trade enormous electronics shows. 2,400 exhibits, and it did so atshow exhibit can be much more Rather than design two a 30-percent cost savings.than a space filler. It can embody separate, equally costly Sparks designed andthe spirit and philosophies of a exhibits, the company took a constructed a floor plan thatcompany and its brand by offering decidedly worldwide allowed components from thea three-dimensional experience perspective and called on complete exhibit-measuringthat a client or prospect will never Sparks Exhibits & 198 feet by 107 feet-to beforget. Environments. selected from inventory and Philips Electronics is such a "We went to Sparks for two used in an exhibit as small ascompany. Philips is one of the key reasons," says Morgan 20 feet by 20 feet.worlds largest electronics Rees, Vice President of Global "Each element within thecompanies, with sales of more Brand Management for Philips. exhibit was designed to bethan $40 billion and more than "First, their ability to bring used in a number of ways-250,000 employees. Its a global theming to a trade show was what served to show aleader in the color television, really important. They deliver workplace product line in onelighting, home telephony and the same level of creativity show might showcase a home-electric shaver markets. While they bring to their theme park products line in another," saysPhilips is a recognized technology clients-such as Universal-to our Rees. "This provides greatleader in its markets, the company corporate trade show setting in versatility and cost savings,is focused on building the Philips a strategic and targeted way. especially for Philips productbrand. Having studied the impact Second, they had proven their divisions that normally couldof past exhibits, the company leadership in understanding not afford this level ofrealized that its exhibit had little to global brands by helping exhibitory. This has allowedno brand recognition. With companies such as Bell our divisions to show a morePhilips numerous departments Atlantic and Adidas to sophisticated display and pulland divisions handling shows consolidate their three- ahead of the competition atindividually, the company didnt dimensional presentations smaller regional trade showpresent a strategic and consistent under single-theme, brand- events."global trade show image. In consistent umbrellas." Through this approach toaddition, the costs to prepare for strategic planning, Philipsand attend shows each year were Making History delivered a consistent brandbecoming mind-boggling. The exhibit that grew out of message with exhibit Philips set out to consolidate all Philips consolidation directive properties that were highlyof its tradeshow marketing efforts was the largest trade show functional and adaptable for
  9. 9. each divisions diverse trade show team was more of a theatrical techniques usually found inrequirements. "This approach set than a trade show exhibit. theater productions. The effectmaximized our investment in the The final exhibit featured awe- was completely immersive,exhibit," says Rees. "We literally inspiring three-dimensional giving visitors the feeling theysaved hundreds of thousands of scale models, hanging and were in a far-off place.dollars and increased brand dimensional flats, a 60-foot To give visitors an up-closeawareness by presenting a single main stage and even fog. look at Philips product lines,face to the customer, and the the exhibit was divided intoCOMDEX experience and its four areas, emphasizing thesubsequent showings are use of Philips products forresponsible for that return." home, work, away and technology. Each area had itsA Landmark Event own mini-stage for product- Faced with the challenge of specific presentations. One-presenting the branding theme, on-one demonstrations wereConnecting Your World, Philips held at each of the 23 productand Sparks worked closely from demo units. "Many companies Scale models of fivethe beginning, holding display equipment in the international landmarks werebrainstorming sessions to review exhibit the way their built to emphasize theconcepts. Philips decision makers corporation is organized-by Connecting Your World theme,in the Netherlands, New York, division," says Rees. "Yet including the Golden GateCalifornia and Atlanta customers want to view Bridge, Eiffel Tower, Tajsimultaneously viewed the products the way they are Mahal, Roman Coliseum andextranet to review designs and ultimately used by the end- Sydney Opera House. Theirteleconferenced with the Sparks user, in real world lifestyle inclusion was significantteam. With a corporate U.S. application environments. We because the actual structuresoffice, a worldwide office in the worked hard to bring that are illuminated with PhilipsNetherlands and 12 Philips realism to the exhibit by Lighting products. The teamdivisions, the Sparks proprietary putting home products in a also built a model representingextranet was a critical living room setting, for Motown to highlight Philipscollaboration tool to ring all example, regardless of what sponsorship of "Motownrelevant Philips parties together. division made the products. Live!," which airs on Saturday The team agreed that one of We felt it would be a better mornings.Philips greatest strengths is its context for facilitating actualworldwide presence, as the sales, and it was."company does business in morethan 60 countries. Using this A Theatrical Experiencepremise as a starting point, Rees Product displays anddeveloped a strategic direction-the demonstration spaces wereidea of using international given top priority during thelandmarks. The landmarks would development of the structure.creatively showcase Philips The main stage-a 60-foot ovalConnecting Your World theme structure with seven trapwith the added benefit that the Fifteen structural contour doors-was used to presentteam would select landmarks that flats were created to represent Philips global brandingare lit by Philips products. Then, architectural styles, such as a message through a Broadway-in a collaborative effort, Rees and Japanese pagoda, a Dutch-style style production. The stagethe Sparks team brainstormed and garden gate and familiar area was set in the back of thebuilt on the strategy together. landmarks including the Statue exhibit, strategically drawing of Liberty-complete with lit people through the exhibit andA Show-Stopping Sight torch and crown-Big Ben and past all of Philips product If the concept of using the Leaning Tower of Pisa. offerings, yet it was highlyinternational landmarks was the Completing the scene were visible, as it featured a 49-seed, Sparks design team made it 200-foot canvas curtains cube Philips video wall as itsbloom. With creativity and depicting generic skyline backdrop, as well as dramaticenthusiasm running at full tilt, scenes. All were created using lighting.what resulted from Sparks design traditional scenic painting
  10. 10. "In addition to trade shows, our Rees. "There was no doubt we The exhibit attracted mediafirm does quite a bit of business had captured our audience by attention as well. Thetheater work, which is considered providing them with an company conducted more thanby most marketers to be a real exceptional experience." 500 press interviews in thespecialty," says Clement Smith, exhibit at COMDEX, up fromsenior account executive for The Bottom Line approximately 100. Just asSparks. "We were able to draw Sparks designed and important, Philips has reducedfrom our experiences in this area produced the entire theatrical event expenditures by 30which made accomplishing experience in less than six percent while gaining in namePhilips goals much simpler." weeks by utilizing five of its recognition. U.S. facilities simultaneously. By planning each detail and Partnering with Sparks also considering the future show helped Philips to cut costs in schedules of Philips product the production of the exhibit divisions, not only were Rees and on the show floor. For and Sparks able to produce an instance, using a stage that exhibit that stopped the show Sparks had in stock in its San at COMDEX 98, but one that Francisco facility saved Philips lives on in various versatile approximately $50,000 over configurations. For the cost of a custom-built stage. COMDEX, the large stage Once visitors were drawn into At the COMDEX presentation was utilized for building thethe Philips Branding theater area, of the exhibit, the space Philips brand image, and atthey were treated to a presentation contained 20 conference rooms CES it was repurposed tocomplete with singing, dancing, rented from Sparks extensive communicate Philipsand a floating presenter on a inventory at a cost of leadership in high-definitiontheatrical crane and flying dancers approximately $160,000. The televisions.on cables. "Our goal was to cost to purchase the samedevelop an impactful way to system would have been nearlycommunicate what Philips is all $800,000 and the end resultabout by illustrating our motto, wouldnt have been as flexible.Lets Make Things Better. We felt Other strategic factors camethat we could use the exhibit and into play. During thethe theatre presentation to show COMDEX load-in, Sparksthat Philips makes things that arranged to have Philipsbetter peoples day-to-day lives," products shipped to an off-sitesays Rees. "We dont make storage facility and then At COMDEX, Philipstechnology for the sake of delivered to the exhibit en Technologies used the Eiffeltechnology; we make things to masse. Had Philips brought the Tower exhibitory tobetter our lives. And the exhibit products into the hall as they communicate its leadership inexperience both reflects and arrived, they would have been speech recognition, flatenhances our marketing. assessed a per-piece charge. By display systems, bringing the shipments in all at semiconductors and CD- once, Sparks saved Philips tens Rewritable/DVD components. of thousands of dollars in At CES, the Eiffel Tower drayage costs. served a completely different The success of Philips new purpose for Philips Home unified approach is in the Cinema Solutions such as numbers. The company had HDTV, video projectors, seven independent exhibits and DVD and Flat TV. seven inconsistent brand Components from the messages at COMDEX. exhibit have been used by "At the end of the last day of the Subsequently, it posted a very numerous Philips divisions atshow, I walked the show floor and low recognition factor. Philips different shows and events.the rest of the hall was like a ghost presented one face to itstown. Everyone was in our exhibit customers and ranked highly incatching the last performance, and exhibit recognition out of 2,400many were qualified leads," says exhibitors.
  11. 11. Philips Electronics Uses the World as Its Stage