Family Communication Collage

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  • 1. Family Communication Collage Morgan Brownlee April 8, 2012
  • 2. Family Type The family I am about to describe is the family of my fiancée. She wasraised by her mother, lived with her older half-brother and occasionallyvisited her father, step-mother and two younger half-brothers. She also considered her older half-brother’s family to be her own.
  • 3. The Family My fiancée and IThe older half- brother, Tory The mother, Anna Margaret’s father + step-motherTory’s father and step mother The younger half-brothers
  • 4. Family Roles Tory served as a mentor for his older sister Margaret, learned fromAnna, provided nurturance her mother at an earlyand emotional support to age that education wasboth of her children. She very important.worked hard to manage thefamily and providedindividual development.
  • 5. Family Communication In my fiancées family, they have a pattern similar to the family communication network which is an established pattern for connecting and communicating with members of the family. Most of themcommunicate through face to face interactions and/or sit down meals. But a majority of their communication is over the phone.
  • 6. Family ConflictHumor plays a large role in the way the family communicates with each other. Eachfamily member uses it to their advantage; especially when dealing with conflict. Ifthere is some type of conflict with any member, they get it out in the open, resolve the issue and laugh about it later.
  • 7. Family TypologyMy fiancées family is low-conformity and high conversation which makes them a pluralistic typology. They have open-communication style and emotionally support each other.
  • 8. Family Rituals Each year, the family gathers for Christmas, Thanksgiving and otherholidays. Baking Christmas cookies is the mother’s favorite tradition.
  • 9. Family Decision-Making YES! NO!Since my fiancée was raised in a single-parent home, the mother, Anna was the primary decision maker. Although the mother made the final call, there was a lot of talking and negotiating back and forth which made decision-making fair and balanced.
  • 10. Definition of Family I asked my fiancée about her definition of family, she said : “Although my family has many odds/ends, we work together quite nice and we love each other. We have fun no matter what the situation calls for and we always know when to laugh!!!”