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2012 Spring research Proposal

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Research design proposal

  1. 1. Jacob Morgan10th Honors World LitLester and HamiltonSpring 2012 Research Paper Topic The topic I have chosen is In What ways are they trying to treat PTSD, and is it Possibleto cure. I hope to find Methods to treat PTSD, how they help, and if it is possible to cure one ofPTSD. What I Know About This Topic At This Point and Why I Am Interested I do not know very much about this topic. I do know that the army thinks it is curable,and that they use technology such as smartphone apps and computer games to help treat it. I havelearned what PTSD is, a mental disorder, how much it costs the army to treat people, and whatveterans with mental disorders do. I know that that many veterans with PTSD are insecure andare easily startled. This is because they recall their experience in the war anytime somethingreminds them of it. I am interested in this topic because I think it is really cool that they are usingtechnology like smartphones to treat veterans with PTSD. I think it is really neat that they canget help whenever they need it just by pulling out their smartphone. What I want to Learn I wish to learn about all of the different types of treatment for PTSD, and which oneswork. I want to learn exactly what the smartphone apps do to treat PTSD. For example, I wouldlike to download PTSD coach (An app that treats PTSD,) and try and figure out how this mighthelp someone with PTSD. Another thing I would like to learn is if PTSD is curable, and if it isnot curable, at what point does the army consider someone cured, or ready to go back to war. For
  2. 2. example, they send soldiers back to Afghanistan all the time who have been diagnosed withPTSD and “cured.” Yet, some go crazy while they are over there and do things like kill innocentpeople and fellow soldiers. Initial List of Questions I Have About My Topic1. Do portable apps to treat PTSD make veterans more likely to use them?2. Why are other countries downloading apps developed by our government to treat PTSD?3. What Causes the Insecurity in Veterans With PTSD?4. Why do some veterans’ Families believe that they are faking their PTSD for money?5. Why are white males in the army more likely to commit suicide?6. Why do patients with Mental Disorders have an increased likeness to commit suicide?7. If the government wants businesses to hire veterans, why does the government not just hirethem?8. Why not hire a temp for deployed veterans instead of firing them?9. Why does the NDI Classify a suicide by a disease book?10. Why can some SUD treatment take only seven days, while some can take ninety days? My Primary Research Questions1.What treatments are available for veterans with PTSD, and do any of them possibly “cure”veterans with PTSD?2. How do smartphone apps treat people with PTSD?3. When does the army consider someone to be cured of PTSD? Research Plans I feel as though news articles are the best way to get information about this topic.Another way I am considering to get information is to download the apps used to treat PTSD and
  3. 3. using them. I plan on using and Netvibes to organize my research and sharing it withothers. I will be using easybib to do the citations for this project Content Creation Tools I will be using Prezi and Possibly movie maker to make my project. Final Learning Project I will be doing a Digital text for this project. I think that this way would convey myinformation best because it can make heavy use of emphasis on words. It will also allow me tohave a visible flow between ideas. I plan on using multiple mindmaps to keep track and managemy information on this topic. Preliminary Bibliography Ilgen, Mark A., Kenneth R. Conner, Kathryn M. Roeder, Frederic C. Blow, Karen Austin, and Marcia Valenstein. "Patterns of Treatment Utilization Before Suicide Among Male Veterans With Substance Use Disorders." American Journal of Public Health 102 (2012): S88-92. Academic Search Complete. Web. 28 Mar. 2012. <http://proxygsu- direct=true&db=a9h&AN=71927427&site=ehost-live>. Jones, Tim, and Jason Grotto. "Costs Soar for Vets PTSD." Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL). 13 Apr 2010: 4. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 28 Mar 2012. Kaplan, Mark S., Bentson H. Mcfarland, Nathalie Huguet, and Marcia
  4. 4. Valenstein. "Suicide Risk and Precipitating Circumstances Among Young,Middle-Aged, and Older Male Veterans." American Journal of Public Health 102(2012): S131-137. Academic Search Complete. Web. 26 Mar. 2012. <>.Pigeon, Wilfred R., Peter C. Britton, Mark A. Ilgen, Ben Chapman, andKenneth R. Conner. "Sleep Disturbance Preceding Suicide AmongVeterans." American Journal of Public Health 102 (2012): S93-97.Academic Search Complete. Web. 26 Mar. 2012. <>.Press, Pauline Jelinek, Associated. "Veterans Use Smartphone Apps toFight PTSD." USA Today. Gannett, 26 July 2011. Web. 27 Mar. 2012. <>.WATSON, JULIE. "Army: PTSD Treatable; Some Diagnosed Return to War."Editorial. The Seattles Times 23 Mar. 2012. The Seattle Times. The SeattleTimes, 23 Mar. 2012. Web. 27 Mar. 2012. <>.