CloudZow Affiliate Opportunity


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Unlimited Cloud Backup Solution. Free Trial after only $5 per month. Looking for good resellers.

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CloudZow Affiliate Opportunity

  1. 1. What do they have in common?They saw an idea…Capitalized on technology… …and made fortunes.
  2. 2. “The first wave” hardware desktops, mainframes, laptops, printers. monitors, etc.
  3. 3. “The second wave” software
  4. 4. “The third wave” internet
  5. 5. What is NEXT?• New Technology!• New Opportunity!• New Millionaires?
  6. 6. “The fourth wave” cloud computingA technology SHIFT that allows personal computers tomaximize their power by using the Internet in a brand new way.
  7. 7. The potential300 Million Personal Computers in USA1.5 Billion Personal ComputersWorldwide
  8. 8. welcome to CloudZow! The newest, most advanced, premier automated online backup service in the world. And the ONLY one that pays YOU for sharing it… with your friends, your family, your co-workers, even perfect strangers.
  9. 9. Computers fail Hard drives crashLaptops are stolen Accidents happenYou are just one badday away from losingALL of your importantdocuments, files, videosand photos, and even…YOUR PRECIOUSMEMORIES!
  10. 10. Backup! External drives are subject to failure. Experts recommend that you backup everyday! The only SMART way to backup is to the Cloud.
  11. 11. How do you capitalize on thisfourth wave of technology?SIMPLE!YOU GIVE IT AWAY!• 15 day Free Trial• State of the Art Service• 80% of people NEED it now• You make money when they buy!
  12. 12. You can start giving it away TODAY! NO sign up fee website fees monthly fees renewal fees It’s 100% FREE to become a CloudZow Marketing Affiliate.
  13. 13. You’ll get your ownCloudZowwebsites to promote! Links to your favorite social media websites!
  14. 14. It’s Easy!you Expose, we Close! • THEY download and install the free trial… • They start backing up their important files and documents and protecting their precious memories forever… • WE begin the process of converting them to a paid customer.
  15. 15. HOW MUCH is CloudZow • The FULL CloudZow backup service is only $5 per month. • And that includes UNLIMITED storage space. • Who WOULDN’T want this awesome, dependable, secure service for only $5 a month? • It’s what we like to call in marketing…a NO BRAINER. $5 per month per computer
  16. 16. Who is CloudZow? Corporate Headquarters in Plano, TX More than 50 years of business experience Bob Wood - President Robert Carpenter - COO Marketing Executive Successful EntrepreneurMicrosoft Senior Technologist Operational Efficiency Expert
  17. 17. Why relationship marketing?instead of paying Madison avenue… we pay people like you!
  18. 18. R e s id u a l In c o m e • BECAUSE this is a service… • BECAUSE it works silently in the background… • BECAUSE this is a product that people… …KEEP PAYING FOR. • THAT means residual income for you… …month after month after month.
  19. 19. C lo u d Z o w !C o m p e n s a t io n P la n • Retail Commissions70% • Monthly Bonuses • Leadership Bonuses • Matching Bonuses Qualify for All Bonuseswith only 8 retail or personal computers
  20. 20. CloudZow! Compensation PlanMonthly Bonuses Level Bonus Earn a monthly residual income on 1 10% all sales in your entire organization on 7 levels of bonus qualified 2 5% affiliates in your organization 3 5% with dynamic compression. 4 5% 5 5% Affiliates are paid on an unlimited 6 5% number of legs in width! 7 5%
  21. 21. C lo u d Z o w ! C o m p e n s a t io n P la nL e a d e r s h ipB onus e s Monthly 10 % M a n a g e r B o n u s On each person’s sales on your Manager team! Monthly 5 % D i r e c t o r B o n u s On each person’s sales on your Director team! Monthly 5 % E x e c u t i v e B o n u s On each person’s sales on your Executive team!
  22. 22. CloudZow! Compensation PlanMatching BonusesReceive 10 - 25% matching bonus on all leadership bonusespaid to your personally enrolled affiliates.This rewards you for enrolling and developing leaders Your Title Affiliate Manager Director ExecutiveMatching Bonus 10% 15% 20% 25%
  23. 23. CloudZow! Compensation PlanTitle Advancement Ma na D ir e c Exe c u ger to r t iv e A A MG MG MG MG DI DIR DIR DIR F F R R R R R + + + $240 mo. $1,200 mo. $6,000 mo.Group Sales Volume Group Sales Volume Group Sales Volume
  24. 24. CloudZow! Compensation Plan3-Wide Earning Example (monthly) Level Enrollees Affiliate Manager Director Executive 1 3 $12 $24 $30 $36 2 9 $30 $78 $102 $126 3 27 $84 $240 $318 $396 Part-time Income 4 81 $246 $726 $966 $1,206 5 243 $732 $2,184 $2,910 $3,636 Full-time Income 6 729 $2,190 $6,558 $8,742 $10,926 7 2,190 $6,564 $19,680 $26,238 $32,796 8 6,561 $45,924 $65,604 $85,284 Dream Income 9 10+ 19,683 … $124,656 … $183,702 … $242,748 The projections are examples only and do not represent your actual earnings.Your earnings are based on your personal performance, which varies for each Affiliate.
  25. 25. We provide you with all the marketing and business tools at no additional charge.• lead capture pages• opportunity videos• on demand webinars• conference calls• lead manager• sales manager• team mentoring• product training FREE!• user tutorials• support videos• full technical support
  26. 26. THAT’S IT!• A 100 Billion dollar global marketplace…• A virtual product that doesnt have to be shipped or warehoused…• A service less than 1 out of 5 people currently use… …but they all need.• That’s paid for every month… …generating monthly residual income for you.• A company that pays up to 70% bonuses…• AND IT’S FREE to join.
  28. 28. These illustrations are for educational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income.Success in this business requires hard work, dedication andgood sales skills. The average participant in this business earns between $500 and $2,000. Some earn less while some earn much more. Logos used in this presentation are the property of their respective companies and do not imply any endorsement.