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How to choose the best anti aging cream for your skin type and budget
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How to choose the best anti aging cream for your skin type and budget


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Our skin is in constant contact with our external environment and forms a barrier that protects us from microorganisms, heat, cold and UV radiation. In order for our skin to remain smooth and …

Our skin is in constant contact with our external environment and forms a barrier that protects us from microorganisms, heat, cold and UV radiation. In order for our skin to remain smooth and flexible, it needs moisture and the structural proteins elastin and collagen.

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  • Try Sun Putty. It is a natural sunscreen that has many skin-nurturing and hydrating ingredients, many of which help with hyperpigmentation and fine lines....good stuff...
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  • 1. How To Choose The Best Anti-aging Cream for Your SkinType and Budget ?
  • 2. Our skin is in constant contact with ourexternal environment and forms a barrierthat protects us from microorganisms,heat, cold and UV radiation. In order forour skin to remain smooth and flexible, itneeds moisture and the structuralproteins elastin and collagen.
  • 3. As we age, the moisture, collagen andelastin content of our skin decreases. Inparticular our facial skin and hands,which are exposed to the elements themost, will show more signs of aging: finelines and wrinkles, age spots, sundamage and other blemishes.
  • 4.  For many of us, in order to lookyounger, invasive surgical procedures aresimply not an option due to medical andfinancial reasons. And if you decide youwould like to have younger looking skin,how do you decide which anti-agingcream is best for you?
  • 5. Anti wrinkle creams have becomeextremely popular recently and promiseto reduce wrinkles, fine lines, age spots,and other aging effects such as skindamage caused by too much sunexposure.Anti aging creams are formulated with anarray of all natural ingredients, such asherbal extracts, antioxidants and othernatural substances that are found in skin.
  • 6. Anti-wrinkle cream ingredients eitherhave a theoretical or proven effect on theelimination of wrinkles. However, withthe large number of anti aging productsto choose from, how do customerschoose an anti aging cream that is rightfor their skin?
  • 7. While skin moisturization itself canalready lead to fewer wrinkles, here are anumber of ingredients that are thoughtto reduce the appearance of fine linesand wrinkles and also help the skin keepits elasticity and tone:
  • 8. Ceramides have potent regeneratingand moisturizing properties. Ceramidesreduce skin irritations and helps torestore the skins barrier function.Chronic stress can jeopardize the skinsbarrier function, which can lead to thedevelopment of skin conditions such asrosacea.
  • 9.  Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid is alarge polymer consisting of sugars,abundant in connective, epithelial andneuronal tissue. It is one of the majorcomponents of the extra-cellular matrix,where it promotes cell proliferation andmigration. Hyaluronic acid has powerfulmoisturizing and moisture retentionabilities.
  • 10. Antioxidant ingredients such as foundin acai, pomegranate and blueberryextracts, protect the skin from damagecaused by free radicals. Excessive sunexposure can also result in free radicalformation in the skin, which is proven tobe the number one cause of prematureskin aging.
  • 11. Peptides such as Haloxyl were thoughtto have a beneficial effect on theelimination of pigmented by-products ofhemoglobin breakdown. Breakdownproducts of hemoglobin tend toaccumulate in the skin around the eyes,resulting in dark circles under the eye. Shea butter, an extract from the fruitof the shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa) isan excellent moisturizer and emollient.Shea butter absorbs readily into the skinwithout being overly greasy.
  • 12. Collagen is a structural protein found inskin that gives the skin its youthfulappearance and flexibility. With age, theamount of collagen in the skin decreases,which results in more wrinkles and lines.Hydrolyzed collagen is a controlledenzymatic breakdown product ofcollagen-derived protein and is rich in theamino acid hydroxyproline.
  • 13. Anti-Wrinkle Cream ingredients that havebeen shown to have a positive effect oneliminating lines and wrinkles, aresunscreens that block UVA and UVBradiation as well as vitamin A (Retinol).Prescription strength retinol cream has beenshown to increase collagen in the skinresulting in fewer wrinkles. Whether over-the-counter retinol can do the same, is atpresent, not clear. Over-the-Counter retinolis less likely to cause skin redness, peelingor irritation as prescription strength retinoldoes.
  • 14. While a carefully chosen anti-wrinklecream can be beneficial for the reductionof facial wrinkles and fine lines, it isequally important to nourish the skinfrom the inside out. This means eating ahealthy diet containing rich nutrients andvitamins and minerals.
  • 15. Smoking also has a detrimental effect onskin and can result in premature aging ofthe skin, in particular of the face. Regularaerobic exercise is a must for anyonewho would like to slow the aging process.Studies have shown that regular exerciseis beneficial to the appearance of ourskin, as well as to the prevention of theloss of muscle strength and bone density.
  • 16. In addition to using an anti aging cream,the following skin care routines can helpyour face look younger: treating the facewith alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids (fromfruit or plants) will help with the removalof dead skin cells and stimulate theproduction of new skin cells.
  • 17. Combining gentle skin exfoliation withmoisturization and protecting the skinfrom UV radiation will result in a skinwith better complexion and fewerwrinkles and lines. Lastly, drink enough water each day: Itis recommended to drink 5-8 glasses ofwater each day.
  • 18. This will help the body eliminate toxinsand waste products and it will helpkeeping the skin hydrated. Dehydrationresults in dryness of the skin and willmake wrinkles more visible.Find the best wrinkle cream here: