Google Innovation 2012


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Google Innovation 2012

  1. 1. Innovation @ GoogleGoogle Confidential and ProprietaryQ4 - 2012
  2. 2. QuestionsQuestions•What drives innovation?•How does Google foster innovation?•How can the right tools embed innovation into company culture?•How can I bring these tools to my organization?How can I bring these tools to my organization?Google Confidential and Proprietary
  3. 3. What drives Innovation ?Google Confidential and Proprietary
  4. 4. Key skills for InnovationKey skills for InnovationGoogle Confidential and ProprietaryGoogle helps its people leverage these skills
  5. 5. Key barriers for InnovationKey barriers for InnovationSource: Talent Strategies for Innovation, The Economist Intelligence Unit,9/2009Talent and collaboration are key to innovation,Google Confidential and Proprietaryy ,but hard to execute
  6. 6. Technology andC i tiConsumerizationGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  7. 7. Persone ed aziende sono sempre più connesse4 6b più di 1 7bpiù di 4.6butenti mobile(67% dellapiù di 1.7bpersone nel mondocon accesso internet(25% d llpiù di 14% deicellulari venduti nel(popolazione)(25% dellapopolazione)mondo nel 2009 sonosmart phones
  8. 8. Internet è al centro delle nostre vite di tutti i giorniiù di 800più di 3.6bricerche lanciateogni giorno nel mondopiù di 1bdi video streams suYouTube ogni giornopiù di 800mdi persone visitanoogni giorno siti diYouTube ogni giornosocial networking
  9. 9. Business trendsL l I di id lLocale IngombroIndividualeGlobale VelocitàCollaborativoGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  10. 10. Lavorare nel futuro è...UfficioIndividuale UfficioDovunqueIndividualeCollaborativo9 - 5In ogniPCOgnid iGoogle Confidential and Proprietarymomento device
  11. 11. Evoluzione del lavoro: it un abilitatore?IntroduzionedellIT burocraticoNascita dellavoratoreindividuale"Empowerment"dei team produttiviFormalHi hInformal AdviceN t kInformal SocialHierarchy Network NetworkDifferenziazioneattraverso la forzadel processoDifferenziazioneattraverso ilcontrollod lli f iDifferenziazioneattraverso velocità,agilità e innovazioneGoogle Confidential and ProprietarydellinformazioneInformal Networks: The Company Behind the Chart, Krackhardt & Hanson
  12. 12. How does Google FosterI ti ?Innovation ?Google Confidential and Proprietary
  13. 13. PRINCIPLESofINNOVATIONof O O1Ideas & Insightsh 2Connect & Sharethi 3Speed & Simplicitytt1everywhere 2everything 3matterGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  14. 14. Googles PhilosophyInternal tools fuelsthis cycleGoogle s PhilosophyGoogle Confidential and ProprietaryTop talent drives innovation which attracts top talent
  15. 15. How Does Google Foster Innovation?How Does Google Foster Innovation?20% time for• Q&A sessions with execs. and PM20% time forside projects• Internal access to info, strategy• TGIF every week"If you give people freedom,y g p p ,they will amaze you"VP People Operations, GoogleGourmet Food Vibrant workspacesGoogle Confidential and ProprietaryAn environment geared for innovation is necessary but not enough
  16. 16. Learn QuicklyLearn QuicklyPublish early, perfect over time•Create a draft and share; work with others to refine•Shift from the “individual author” model“Dogfooding”•Products are tested internallyFail FastProducts are tested internally•Constant experimentation and feedback•Good ideas spread virally; bad ideas die off•“A healthy disrespect for the impossible”Fail GracefullyFail Gracefully•Change the “single owner” mindset•Continuous revision history provides safety netGoogle Confidential and ProprietaryGoogle’s tools embed these principles into day-to-day work
  17. 17. Supporting the creative processSupporting the creative processLaunch and IterateGoogle Confidential and ProprietaryIteration is key to the creative process
  18. 18. Powered by cloudySoftware ibrido on-premiseinnovazione/sviluppo:* a gradini, non accelerato* tempi: ogni 2-4 anni* principalmente per la sede limiti per la mobilitàInnovazione Cloud:* i il ti * principalmente per la sede, limiti per la mobilità* costi di licenza e per gli upgrade* progressi rilevanti* settimanalmente* automatico* ampio supporto alla mobilità* f t li d* nessun fee o costo per gli upgradeGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  19. 19. Examples of major projectsExamples of major projectsGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  20. 20. How can the right tools embedi ti i thinnovation in the companyculture ?Google Confidential and Proprietary
  21. 21. How Does Google Foster Innovation?How Does Google Foster Innovation?OS/Devices PlatformCore tools built around the key drivers for innovationGoogle Confidential and Proprietaryysimplicity / relevance / openness
  22. 22. CreativityGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  23. 23. VALUABLEVALUABLEEXAMPLES30%30%reduction (8 weeks) inbudgeting processGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  24. 24. VALUABLEVALUABLEEXAMPLES13001300inputs from 63sites from 50simultaneous usersGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  25. 25. VALUABLEVALUABLEEXAMPLES1/101/10of resources and1/4 of time to developappsGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  26. 26. Idea "Crowdsourcing"Idea CrowdsourcingGoogle Confidential and ProprietaryIdeas lead to more ideas and the best ones bubble to the top
  27. 27. CollaborationGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  28. 28. Iteration is Painful with Traditional ToolsIteration is Painful with Traditional ToolsGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  29. 29. Facilitate Rapid IterationFacilitate Rapid IterationJesseSallyVersion“Now”RachelCaseyGoogle Confidential and ProprietaryGoogle’s tools are built for constant, rapid iteration
  30. 30. Meglio AssiemeIl futuroIl passatoGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  31. 31. Lavorare sullo stesso doc contemporaneamenteGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  32. 32. Meglio assieme - Connessi, face-to-faceGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  33. 33. Bottom-Up ApproachBottom-Up ApproachGroups / Google+•T lf i “ th fl ” d id•Teams self-organize “on the fly” around ideas•Open forum for conversation and debateSites•Anyone can become a content producer internally•Publicize and drive traffic as neededPublicize and drive traffic as neededRich content•Organize Videos and Pictures in DriveOrganize Videos and Pictures in Drive•Create and share rich content, mostly “peer-to-peer”Google Confidential and ProprietarySocial tools lead to grassroots, community-driven efforts
  34. 34. Cross-boundariesGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  35. 35. Meglio assieme - Condivisione dentro e fuori laziendaGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  36. 36. FlexibilityGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  37. 37. Any device, Anytime, AnywhereGoogle Confidential and ProprietaryTrue flexibility allows your talent to thrive
  38. 38. Ovunque - i tuoi file sempre con teIl passato Il futuroGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  39. 39. Ovunque - le tue email ti seguonoGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  40. 40. Anywhere you go - View and edit your docs on the goGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  41. 41. SimplicityGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  42. 42. Social Integration EverywhereSocial Integration EverywhereEnterprise social network in Silo just dont work !Any-Time Any-DeviceStore Share & M ltimediaCommunicate and Planning Store ,Share & MultimediaSocial PublishSearchAny-PlaceAny-TeamGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  43. 43. Abilitato dal web - Implementa nuove apps con un clickGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  44. 44. How can I bring theset l t i ti ?tools to my organization?Google Confidential and Proprietary
  45. 45. •Consumer tools have far outpaced workplace tools•Why can’t I use technology I have in my personal lifefor my work life?•What if we had Web 2.0 technology inside our organization?•Savvy employees are demanding these tools and forcing changeSavvy employees are demanding these tools and forcing change•Called “The Consumerization of IT” or “Enterprise 2.0”Google Confidential and Proprietary
  46. 46. Google Enterprise PlatformGoogle Enterprise PlatformGoogle Confidential and Proprietary
  47. 47. Work as you Live: Google AppsWork as you Live: Google AppsGmailCommunicate the way you want with email, chat and video calls.DriveDriveCollaborating as easy as creating, accessible from anywhere.VaultVaultArchiving, retention and eDiscovery for Google Apps.CalendarCalendarOrganize your life effortlessly with tools like smart scheduler.Google+Google Confidential and ProprietaryGoogle+Connect people and ideas in your company.
  48. 48. Make your company Social: G+ EnterpriseMake your company Social: G EnterpriseProfilesYour identity across Google AppsYour identity across Google AppsCirclesShare the right things with the right peopleShare the right things with the right peopleStreamDi d h l t t tDiscover and share relevant contentHangoutsHold an online video meeting from your laptop or mobileEnterprise ControlsKeep content private within your companyGoogle Confidential and Proprietaryy y
  49. 49. SummarySummaryTalent drives innovation•Creativity, collaboration and iteration are key•Difficult to execute effective talent strategies for innovationGoogle has operationalized innovation•Tools built around the key aspects of innovation•Culture of innovation attracts top talent which reinforces cultureNew tools for today’s challenges•Real-time collaboration•Social aspects are core1 in 3 young professionalsprioritize choice of devices,apps and social toolsb lEmployees will demand the tools•Google Apps is the emerging standard for new talentSocial aspects are core above salary.Source: CISCO, 2011Google Confidential and ProprietaryGoogle Apps is the emerging standard for new talent•Consumer Web concepts are coming to the Enterprise
  50. 50. Caso: 1 ASS4 Medio FriuliUn percorso di innovazione iniziato nel 2009“ ”Caso: 1 ASS4 Medio FriuliLesigenza primaria nasce dalla necessità di coordinare in maniera rapida ed efficace lecomunicazioni sul protocollo di cura a fronte dellemergenza medica influenzale del 2009•Resistenza al cambiamento degli utenti gestita con successo•Piena accettazione e soddisfazione negli utenti•Attivati processi di condivisione "spontanea" ed efficentamento dellastruttura (condivisione calendari, configurazione mobile, utilizzo di Sites eDocument)•Monitoraggio utentiLa curva delgg•Riduzione dei costi•Scalabilità e nuovo piano di estensione dei serviziRifiuto RabbiaNegoziazione“Io uso, ma nonriuscirò a fare ilmio lavororegolarmente”Accettazione“Forse non ècosì male”Felicità“In effetti è megliodi prima–finalmentecapisco i beneficiRispostacambiamento“Non lofaremo mai”“ nonfunzionerà!”Depressione“Cambiamento incorso ed io non possofarci nulla”capisco i beneficidel cambiamento!”emozionaleTempo
  51. 51. Cosa dicono di noiEmployees believe they collaborate 2.7 times more easilyas a result of Google Apps.Google Confidential and Proprietary
  52. 52. Cosa dicono di noiAfter 6 months, this grows to a sense of collaborating6.1 times more easily then on the previous system.Google Confidential and Proprietary
  53. 53. Cosa dicono di noi55% of employees feel more productive, 41% feel they get more usefulfeedback from managers and 28% feel more innovative.Google Confidential and Proprietary
  54. 54. Cosa dicono di noiDuring the transition, Employees collaborate 4.9 times more thanpreviously, rising to 16.1 times after 6 months.Net Changeg+29%+26%+8%+21%+7%+6%Google Confidential and Proprietary
  55. 55. Thank You!Questions?Questions?Google Confidential and Proprietary