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Google Big Data 2013
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Google Big Data 2013


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Big Data, Fast Insights BigQuery overview Anish Malhotra Head of Sales Engineering, Asia
  • 2. Established technology trends Cloud By 2016, 50% of global 1,000 companies will have stored customer sensitive data in the public cloud. Source: Gartner, 2012 Mobile 96% of the US population has a mobile phone, 40% now own a smartphone. Source: Google, 2012 Social 1 in 3 young professionals prioritize choice of devices, apps and social tools above salary. Source: CISCO, 2011
  • 3. Gartner Nexus of Forces Information combine to create a new era of computing and new Social four forces that they believe will Cloud A Gartner concept describing the opportunities for business. Mobile Enterprise
  • 4. Google = Strategic Partner Information Search Appliance Cloud Storage Google has all the key pieces to be the centre of IT change moving forward. YouTube Our culture is open and agile and Social Driving force behind the next generation of IT change. Drive Google+ Compute Engine Maps allows for rapid technology development that is market App Engine Cloud Google Apps Latitude Chrome OS driven. Android Mobile Chrome Enterprise
  • 5. Google confidential | Do not distribute
  • 6. Build - The Google Cloud Platform Build Compute Store Google App Engine Google Compute Engine Google Cloud Storage Google BigQuery Powerful, scalable application development and execution environment. Full Linux virtual machines running on Google's infrastructure. Store, access, and manage your data. Analyze terabytes of data in seconds. Google Cloud SQL & NoSQL Analyze
  • 7. Enterprise class Scalability Availability Serve any number of users Data replicated in multiple data centers 99.9% Reliability Premium Support 99.9% SLA Paid support from Google engineers
  • 8. 5M Businesses Google confidential | Do not distribute
  • 9. Value of Transformation Culture Corporate Transformation, Coaching, Virtual Teams Collaboration, Innovation, Engagement, Speed, Flexibility, Talent Retention Business Functional Training, Change Management, Adapt Processes Process Agility, Productivity Gains, Mobility, Knowledge Discovery Data Migration, Deployment, Integration Lower TCO, lower CapEx, Technology Refresh, Feature Upgrades Technology
  • 10. BigData Next Frontier for Innovation, competition and Productivity BigData - Capturing its value "60% potential increase in retailers operating possible with BigData" margins "$600 billion potential annual consumer surplus from using location data globally" "$300 billion potential annual value to US health care .... more than double the total annual healthcare spending for Greece". Source: McKinsey and Company
  • 11. BigData is Strategic: Potential for Big Value creation Who is incharge of BigData Topic? Given 'C' level visibility, organizations understand strategic nature of BigData
  • 12. Treasure Trove of Data: Every Process, Every Interaction IDC: 40% CAGR in digital information Twitter: Now over 50M tweets per day NCBI GenBank: Protein sequences double every 18 months 34,722 tweets/min … with new data sources and data types Devices phones, vehicles, set-top boxes, power meters, RFID, GPS Statistics open government / public transparency Social interactions, behaviors, user generated content Enterprise web analytics, customer database marketing, business operations
  • 13. BigData Challenges Ahead BUT......
  • 14. BigData Challenges Ahead 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will fail to effectively exploit big data for competitive advantage through 2015. Predicts 2012: Four Forces Combine to Transform the IT Landscape
  • 15. BigData reality today Information growing faster than ability to leverage it Most organizations can't capture all generated data Many organizations not equipped for big data Traditional BI doesn't scale to big data Few solutions accessible to most organizations Data is a core business asset Data is a competitive advantage
  • 16. BigData Key Challenges
  • 17. Google BigData Innovations 2002 2004 GFS MapReduce 2006 BigTable 2008 2010 2012 Dremel Colossus Google BigQuery Google Cloud Storage NoSQL
  • 18. Google BigQuery
  • 19. BigData Analytics Cloud Platform BigQuery: a fully-managed data analytics service in the cloud. Unlimited storage. Interactive analysis on multi-terabyte datasets. Adwords DCLK Analytics Other BI Tools Google Spreadsheets Scalable Storage SQL API Corporate data 3rd party data Store all your data in the cloud App Engine App Co-Workers Analyze interactively Mash it up Securely Share/ distribute the results
  • 20. Store and analyze data: It's scalable, high performing and hassle-free Unparalleled scale and performance "We explored several data analytics solutions. Nothing comes remotely close to the sheer power of Google BigQuery. It made large-scale data collection and crunching possible with little effort, which has translated to a significant business advantage." - Pradeep Kumar, Technical Architect Redbus Business Intelligence Dashboards “Google BigQuery Service makes it possible to examine millions of records in seconds. Speed is an essential part of our application, and BigQuery Service gives us that.” – Richard Verhoeff, Founder, Crystalloids Innovations Google Innovation Advantage “Google’s infrastructure gives us incredible data processing capabilities with little effort on our part. BigQuery lets us perform analyses on the fly and receive answers in seconds. We know that as our customer base grows, the system will scale with us.” —Thyago Liberalli, Chief Technology Officer, Boo-box
  • 21. BigQuery: Ever Expanding Ecosystem of Partners
  • 22. Takeaways for business For the line-of-business The more you can ask, the smarter your questions become Data mashups can unlock new business insights Democratizing data analysis can improve decision making For IT Store all the data, analyze & join it later Hybrid works - ramp up with a mix of cloud & on-prem Use the web to set data free - build apps on data More on BigQuery https.// More on Google services
  • 23. Thank You