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eBay PayPal Media Network Overview 2013

eBay PayPal Media Network Overview 2013






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    eBay PayPal Media Network Overview 2013 eBay PayPal Media Network Overview 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • Media Network
    • Who we are
    • Our 3 core pillars Connect with 90MM US Shoppers! Reach Connect with over 100MM US shoppers via mobile and online Connect the right offer to the right consumer! Relevancy Connect the right message to the right consumer Drive customers to purchase. ! Redemption Drive shoppers to purchase and close the loop at point-of-sale
    • The purchase funnel has become a purchase pretzel An effective strategy engages consumers across all touch points, throughout their daily lives
    • Our assets eBay PayPal Media Network powers advertising and offers World’s largest online marketplace PayPal PPMN       GSI Powers online storefronts Pay any time anywhere, any way Magento eCommerce software bringing retailer inventories online Bill Me Later Provides lines of credit to for major retailers Milo Real time store inventory Red Laser consumers Barcode and QR code reader – scan and comparison shop “eBay's acquisitions fit together to create a killer shopping machine for the online and offline future of shopping.” – Fast Company
    • The intelligent digital wallet With 14 years of pioneering experience, PayPal is trusted by over 123M active customers who spend $315M daily. •  Simple, secure money management in a single solution •  All funding sources saved in the wallet (credit, debit, etc…) •  Deferred payment and credit options •  Ability to store loyalty and rewards cards •  All coupons and offers saved in one place •  Cloud-based wallet that connects to any device, closing the loop across all channels •  Accesses over $4B in daily PayPal account balances
    • The emerging marketplace
    • $86.86 B $61.06 B 70.3% Retail sales by device $68.29 B $46.44 B 68.0% Smartphones and tablets drive increasing retail sales volumes and play a critical role in the path to purchase $52.17 B $34.33 B 65.8% Tablet $38.40 B $24.00 B 62.5% Smartphone $24.66 B $13.86 B 56.2% $13.68 B $5.45 B 40.0% $7.50 B 55.0% 2011 Source: eMarketer, January 2013 $9.86 B 40.0% 2012 $13.44 B 35.0% 2013 $16.69 B 32.0% $20.49 B 30.0% $24.32 B 28.0% Other mobile devices ? 2014 2015 2016
    • Top shopping behaviors by device Smartphone Tablet Desktop/Laptop Locate a store Look up product information Check out Look up/ compare pricing Look up/ compare pricing Look up product information Look up product information Check user ratings/reviews Look up coupons/ promotions Source: Latitude, December 2012
    • US smartphone penetration growth Smartphones are quickly becoming the dominant device in consumers’ lives – the constant companion that delivers information, social network connection, payment functionality, and entertainment. % of mobile phone users 74.1% % of total population 68.8% 62.5% 55.5% 47.7% 20.2% 62.6M users 29.7% 93.1M users Source: eMarketer, April 2012 36.6% 115.8M users 43.1% 137.5M users 48.9% 157.7M users 54.2% 176.3M users 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 26.9% 39.2% 58.5% 192.4M users
    • Be where your customers are Ad spend per media Time spent per media 43% 40% 29% 16% 11% 6% TV print 23% 22% 9% 1% web radio mobile Despite only 1% of ad spend attributed to mobile, 23% of consumer time spent is on mobile. Consider reallocating budget from other media to be where your customers are! Source: VSS, Mary Meeker (KPCB), comScore, Alexa, Flurry Analytics
    • Give consumers what they want Which of the following would you like to see brands deliver to your mobile device? source: Mobile Marketer, 2012 44% 27% Deals & coupons Free tools (e.g. shopping lists, reminders) 27% Interest-based info (e.g. recipes, sports scores) 25% Location-based info (e.g. store locations, promotions) 18% Latest product news 15% Fun features (e.g. branded game, song downloads)
    • Proximity boosts performance The most likely response to location aware retailer communication on a smartphone: Mobile ad performance has a direct correlation to proximity: Visit the store (soon) CTRs increase by 26-48% for ads served within 5 miles of the establishment* •  Visit the website •  72% higher interaction rate for geotargeted vs. nationally targeted campaigns** Make a purchase Visit the store (that day) *YP study, 2012 **Range Online Media Source: Latitude, December 2012 – owners of all three devices  
    • Mobile: location matters
    • Delivering location at scale Location is in our DNA…. 100% location-aware inventory 100+ million US consumers* 375+ Premium Publishers Target millions points of interest *Source: Nielsen, 2013 who we are | marketplace | mobile | online | wallet | partner
    • Trusted by premier advertisers 120,000 campaigns running daily for brands such as: who we are | marketplace | mobile | online | wallet | partner
    • The ideal mobile experience Drive banner to buyer with a multitude of targeting capabilities: •  Location (lat/long) •  Time of day •  Feed triggers •  Device, OS, •  Audience (via our partnership with Place IQ) Landing pages can include location dynamic content, click to call, click to map, countdown clocks, save-to-calendar & share to social
    • Technology powers performance Proprietary ad server Best in class geo-fence technology Placematch algorithm Dynamic content feeds Optimizes relevancy, serving the right ad in the right place at the right time
    • Actionable Insights Gain an understanding of campaign performance by proximity and audience segment and answer questions like •  How does distance from location impact CTR? •  How does time of day or day of week affect how your audience engages with your message? •  What other audience segments would have responded well? 750k Average CTR 550k .80% .60% 350k .40% .20% 150k 12 AM 11:59 PM Sun 12 AM 11:59 PM Mon-Fri 12 AM 11:59 PM Sat Impressions per hour CTR
    • Mobile use cases
    • Geo-fencing Engage your customers where and when it matters most: •  •  Storefronts Competitor locations •  Events (grand openings, sponsorship activation, etc…) Relevant POIs New product announcements •  • 
    • Situational targeting PPMN’s Roaming GeoFence triggers campaigns to start and stop based on local conditions, including weather, sports scores, flight status, and more. Campaign creative dynamically updates to reflect the consumer’s individual local conditions.
    • Case Study: Roaming geo-fence OBJECTIVE Increase purchases of Halls Cough Drops SOLUTION Geo-fence pharmacy and retail locations in “high flu index” areas using a CDC data feed. (A/B test included national and localized Roaming geo-fence campaigns) RESULTS 62.5% Higher CTR in campaign using a roaming geo-fence 3.5% Lift in purchase intent
    • Coupons and circulars Expand the distribution of coupons and circulars.
    • Shopper Grocery Store Audience targeting GeoAudience powered by PlaceIQ leverages audience profiles to target mobile ad campaigns in a privacy friendly way. Audiences are created from data compiled using photos, event listings, purchases, mobile search, social and social content, place of interest data, auto ownership, and household demographic data. Target campaigns to over 40 audience profiles, including: Shopper Household •  Business Travelers Shopper Family Errands •  SUV Owners •  Affluent Lifestyles •  QSR Diners •  Medical Specialists •  Young Professionals Shopper Monday, 5:35 pm
    • Case Study: Omni-channel commerce Best Buy geo-fenced mobile ad campaign leveraged Milo for real-time local inventory display on the landing page and PayPal Mobile Express Checkout for “Buy Now” functionality 1% of all users that saw the ad clicked on it Banner Select a product 3% purchased a product for in-store pickup Log into PayPal Buy & pick up in store
    • Create an experience with rich media
    • Embrace the interactive power of the tablet Capture consumers in browsing mode and promote “couch commerce” 42% of US tablet owners have used their tablet to find a store location* 41% have used their tablets to research products and compare prices* 35% have used their tablet to find coupons or deals* Source: eMarketer, March 2012
    • Efficiently extend reach with RTB •  Efficient media buying at scale •  Blend with premium and guaranteed placements •  Access to PPMN and exchange inventory •  Target by •  Zip-Code, DMA •  IAB content category •  Day-part and day of week •  Device type – smartphone and tablet inventory available •  Operating system •  Carrier
    • Thank You! Sarah Hodkinson Head of Sales Strategy 617-571-2023 shodkinson@paypal.com Follow me on Twitter @sarahjhodkinson