eBay GSI Commerce Operations 2011


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eBay GSI Commerce Operations 2011

  1. 1. proprietary & confidential Parcel Shippers Association Presentation August 16, 2011 GSI COMMERCE
  2. 2. Operations Absolutes in eCommerce Craig Hayes Vice President of Fulfillment Transportation
  3. 3. proprietary & confidential 3 eBay Inc. offers the world’s largest suite of assets to enable eCommerce Mobile application development End to end eCommerce, fulfillment and interactive marketing solutions for large retailers A faster, safer way to pay and get paid online Convenient and secure way to pay over the web or the phone Online comparison shopping & distributed commerce Provides personalized, local advertising deals Powers mobile local shopping search Mobile barcode pricing comparison technology Mobile payments through direct carrier billing The world’s largest online marketplace
  4. 4. proprietary & confidential 4 4 - - GSI’s Network Benefits - Shared Client Base
  5. 5. proprietary & confidential 5 GSI’s global footprint Fulfillment Centers Louisville, KY Shepherdsville, KY Richwood, KY Martinsville, VA Pacoima, CA Mississauga, Canada Manchester, UK Data Centers Secaucus, NJ Ashburn, VA Barcelona, Spain Manchester, UK Customer Service Centers Eau Claire, WI Brunswick, GA Melbourne, FL Manchester, UK Marketing Services King of Prussia, PA (TrueAction) NYC, NY (TrueAction) Campbell, CA (Silverlign) Wilkes-Barre, PA (Pepperjam) Boston, MA (e-Dialog HQ) Seattle, WA (e-Dialog) London, UK (e-Dialog) Singapore (e-Dialog) Central Islip, NY (MBS) Tempe, AZ (FetchBack) Headquarters and Technology King of Prussia, PA (US) Barcelona, Spain (Int’l) Regional Offices San Jose, CA Los Angeles, CA Boynton Beach, FL Manchester, UK Tokyo, Japan 3 Million sq ft in the US and Canada
  6. 6. Operations Absolutes
  7. 7. proprietary & confidential 7 Speed 0 1 2 3 2 Companies 3 Companies 3 Companies 3 Companies AVG TnT Ship Origin First Freight Hub Sort Local Freight Hub Sort GSI TnT AVG is 2.4
  8. 8. proprietary & confidential 8 Customer Experience Improvement Units Returned / Packages Returned Validation at Receiving Root Cause Corrective Action Continuous Improvement Customer Return Wrong SKU Wrong QTY Right SKU Wrong Color Sizing Conflict GSI AVG is .10%
  9. 9. proprietary & confidential 9 Customer Choice • Future Network Product Availability Fastest Delivery Lowest Cost Split Logic Capacity Other Same Day 1 Day 2 Day Standard Ground In Store Pickup Local Pickup Customer Places Order Order Routing Optimization Engine Customer Retail Store Local Pickup Drop Ship Fulfillment
  10. 10. proprietary & confidential 10 Operations Absolutes • Speed… • Continuous Improvement… • Choices… Regional, Zone Skipping, Optimizing fast moving material CLQ, Right SKU, Wrong Experience Resolution 1, 2 day TnT, Local Pickup, Same Day Delivery